Spice Things Up In The New Year With Boner’s Hot Sauce

Spice Up Your 2019 With Boner's Hot SauceCheap Is The New Classy

I just love when people have the nerve to start their own businesses – especially when it’s someone that I know. My friend Robert did just that with his line of hot sauces. Boner’s Hot Sauce has actually been around for a couple of years but now Robert is going all in and working on his hot sauce promotion and sales full time. Currently, Boner’s Hot Sauce is being served in locations in Rural Hall, Mount Airy and King, NC and you can also purchase the hot sauce online.

Spice Things Up In The New Year With Boner’s Hot Sauce

Hot sauce just adds so much to the flavor of foods that might otherwise be bland and boring, don’t you think? I’ve always liked my food with a kick. And by “kick” I mean the spicier the better. If I burn the skin off my tongue and my throat ends up on fire, so be it. I volunteer as tribute.

Spice Up Your 2019 With Boner's Hot Sauce

The Boner’s “Twisted Habanero” hot sauce that many of you already love is being rebranded as “Boner’s Original.” Same great taste with a cool new name. They are also coming out with new product this year so be sure to keep your eyeballs on their website and blog for more details.

If the heat of habanero isn’t necessarily your game [*cough* wimp *cough*], don’t worry, we got you. Perhaps you would like to try something a little sweeter…

We are…very excited about our newest product “Blazing Honey,” which is also a habanero based hot sauce but it is much hotter than what “Boner’s Original” [but with] a flavorful honey taste.

Boner’s Hot Sauce is currently available at these fine retailers:
Kings Hotdogs [Rural Hall, NC]
Mayberry On Main [Mt Airy, NC]
John Brown’s Grill [King, NC]

And catch Boner’s Hot Sauce on the road at a location near you:

3/16 – North Myrtle Beach St Patrick’s Day Festival [North Myrtle Beach, SC]

4/7 – Spring Fest Foot Hills Brewery [Winston Salem, NC]

4/14 – Dash City Craft Fair – Dash Stadium [Winston Salem, NC]

5/11-5/12 – Hippie Fest [Salisbury, NC]

6/23 – Summer Fling – Foothills Brewery [Winston Salem, NC]

8/30-9/2 – Hillsville Gunshow [Hillsville, VA]

9/7 – NC Hot Sauce Contest [Oxford, NC]

9/14 – Tanglewood Park [Clemmons, NC]

10/26 – Hippie Fest – Myrtle Beach Speedway [Myrtle Beach, SC]

12/8 – Winter Market – Foothills Brewery [Winston Salem, NC]

Spice Up Your 2019 With Boner's Hot Sauce

As a new company we are excited about the changes coming and looking forward to hitting 2019 full force. Thank you for all the support you have given us. Without you we could not have made this happen.

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