Headbands Of Hope Hosting “The Worst Fundraiser Ever” 11/16 Raleigh

Headbands Of Hope Hosting “The Worst Fundraiser Ever” 11/16 Raleigh NC

Headbands Of Hope will be hosting the 3rd annual Give Gala, aka “The Worst Fundraiser Ever” on 11/16 at the Marble Kids Museum in Raleigh, NC. This is a unique charity in that they don’t ask for donations but instead acts of kindness. This is cool because I think that willingness to help others shouldn’t be impeded by lack of monetary funds. I’m also excited about the Give Gala because my friend Ronda and I will be there and sharing on social media so you can check out the fun for yourself even if you can’t make it to the event in person.

Headbands Of Hope Hosting “The Worst Fundraiser Ever” 11/16 Raleigh

Mission-driven brand Headbands of Hope, widely known for their one-for-one model benefiting kids battling cancer, has announced their third annual Give Gala, in partnership with celebrated non-profit organization, The Monday Life.

Dubbed “The Worst Fundraiser Ever” in a cheeky nod to its unique donation details, the award-winning Give Gala raises gifts of kindness in place of dollars. Like any charity event, tickets are available in exchange for donation – however for Give Gala, it’s by way of a service, gift or talent. Each attendee offers their time or direct ability to improve the life of a sick child through action. Dreamt up by HOH founder and motivational speaker, Jess Ekstrom, and Joey McMahon, founder of The Monday Life, Give Gala was created to encourage others to make a big difference through small acts of kindness.

“Give Gala is a way for us to give back to childhood cancer patients in our community, but also shake up the stereotype of giving. Since we don’t accept cash donations, people get creative with how they give back and find a more personal connection to making an impact.” – Jess Ekstrom, Founder, Headbands of Hope

Whether fulfilling a direct request made by patients, families or medical staff, or delivering a one-of-a-kind idea, Give Gala attendees are making a difference just by showing up. Headbands of Hope, along with its event partners, pairs guests with children and families in search of specific activities or experiences. Previous offerings have included everything from simple tasks like babysitting, dog walking and cooking to extravagant gifts like sponsored birthday parties and week-long vacation rentals. Last year’s event brought together over five hundred people through simple acts of kindness.

2018’s Give Gala will be made possible not only by Headbands of Hope and The Monday Life, but through the incredible sponsors that support the cause including Marbles Kids Museum, KBI Biopharma, Joe Bunn DJ Company, Offline, Kale Pope Photography, LoneRider Brewing Company, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, On The Rocks Bartending, Catering Works, SweetWater New York Ice Co., Vidrio Wine, Magician Wayne Anderson and Chair 8 Media, among others.

The incredible event will take place on November 16th from 7:30-10:30 pm at Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh. For additional information and tickets, head to givegala.org.

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