10 Things You Might Not Think To Pack For A Culinary Tour #ReliefMadeEasy

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10 Things You Might Not Think To Pack For A Culinary Tour #ReliefMadeEasy

You guys know that I love traveling. And I am particularly interested in themed travel. Recently, I did a culinary tour in Pittsburgh. We traveled from restaurant to restaurant and store to store, trying out all of the tasty things that the gorgeous city has to offer. And I must say, it was ridiculously good. But, in retrospect, there were a few things that I wished I had packed for my adventure, so I am offering my experienced advice to you today, dear traveler.

10 Things You Might Not Think To Pack For A Culinary Tour

Laundry Pre-treating Stick – You know you gonna get BBQ Sauce on your clothes girl! Or if it’s not BBQ Sauce it will be something else that will leave a nasty stain if not addressed quickly. No judgment! I don’t know about you but I’m not leaving a nice meal to go clean my shirt. So we pre-treat. 😉

Baby Wipes – These are so easy to carry in your purse and are super handy to wipe your hands when a bathroom might not be as easily accessible, like at a food truck festival.

Sunblock – A lot of food truck festivals and walking culinary tours are, naturally, outside. You need to protect your skin – something you might not be thinking about with all that tasty food on your mind.

Sunglasses – Your skin is not the only thing that needs protection from the sun. Be sure to protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays, as well.

Hand Sanitizer – Sharing is caring, except when it comes to germs. Be sure to keep your hands clean while you are nom nom nomming. 🙂

Toothpicks – It’s all fun and games until you get corn cob string stuck in your teeth. Yuck. No one wants a toothpick until they don’t have one. 😉

10 Things You Might Not Think To Pack For A Culinary Tour #ReliefMadeEasy

Pittsburgh’s famous Primanti Sandwich.

Breath Spray – When traveling from venue to venue, breath spray, mints or gum will definitely be nice to have to freshen things up a bit.

Comfy Shoes – Again, most culinary tours involve a lot of walking. When I was in Pittsburgh, we walked several streets, tasting something here, tasting something there. It was a lot of fun. So be sure to wear some really comfy shoes. But just in case your feet still hurt…

Salt Soak – Sometimes, no matter what precautions we take in the shoe department, our feet still hurt. Pamper your tired feet at your hotel the night after your tour with a nice salt soak.

10 Things You Might Not Think To Pack For A Culinary Tour #ReliefMadeEasy

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10 Things You Might Not Think To Pack For A Culinary Tour #ReliefMadeEasy

10 Things You Might Not Think To Pack For A Culinary Tour #ReliefMadeEasy

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