Affordable And Easy Home DIY Ideas For Newbies

Affordable And Easy Home DIY Ideas For NewbiesCheap Is The New Classy

Living in the same place seeing the same things every day when you come home can be boring. During these times you ought to do a little change in the surroundings. If it’s been so long since you’ve updated the décor and style of your house, then it’s time for a fresh new start.

Affordable And Easy Home DIY Ideas For Newbies

In this article, we will focus on upgrade ideas on the basic elements of your space instead of full-on renovations. Check out these simple home upgrades to quickly and easily transform your space.

Add A Fresh New Paint

A newly painted home whether done on the interior or the exterior will always radiate a refreshing change in the home’s atmosphere. If your home has a drab colour styling, try a bold accent wall in the living room or pick a neutral shade for your kitchen to brighten up the space. Updating your home with a new stylish coat of paint is a great weekend project that will provide any room a mini makeover, while not splurging so much.

Updated Hardware

Upgrade your kitchen by changing cabinet knobs, bathroom drawer, rugs, front door handle for an easy cosmetic fix that easily transform this room. Hardware updates in the kitchen is an inexpensive home improvement option that bestows cabinets and doors a fresh look with only a bit of change and effort.

You can mix and match different decorative knobs for more variety. Some hardware, like dresser knobs can be bought for only a few dollars and are quick to install DIY-style. Bigger replacements that require changing locks and installing new strike plates on doors, for instance will benefit best from the help of a professional whose an expert with securing new hardware.

Upgrade Lighting

A room can be easily enhanced by bringing in new lighting options for overhead and accents. Change any room’s light with modern, new decorative fixture – chandeliers may look expensive, but you can get is at $50 or less at stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Even less expensive fix like swapping lamp shades on floor or table lighting and replacing your switch plates or outlet covers works wonder.

Enhance Curb Appeal

You can create a great first impression by improving your home’s entryway. Just a few small, do-it-yourself home improvement projects can increase your curb’s appeal. Simple projects include replacing your house numbers with a new, fresh font and painting your door a new colour. You can also add a few simple touches that you can change seasonally – set a new welcome mat, put a wreath to the front door or plant flowers in pots to highlight each side of the porch.

End Note

Updating your old home? In some cases, DIY fixes for an old home doesn’t last because of underlying issues – old walls, crumbling paints, unsteady foundations, or leaking house pipes and others contribute to a home’s reduced value. Overhauling can be rather expensive for worn-out properties. For rental homes, upgrades don’t translate into gain in the long run since it’s not your own place.

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There you have it! What other affordable and easy home DIY ideas do you have for newbies? Share it with us!

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