A Holiday On The Mediterranean: What Are The Options?

A Holiday on the Mediterranean: What Are the Options?

The Mediterranean is hugely appealing to holidaymakers from around the world. The calm warm waters are as popular with kids who want to paddle and play as they are with divers looking for bright fish life, coral and wrecks. All of the countries with coastlines along the Mediterranean are popular but if you have never been here before, these 3 countries are guaranteed to win you over: Greece, Italy and France.

A Holiday On The Mediterranean: What Are The Options?

So, if you are ready for a new adventure, here are a couple of different options to consider.


Greece has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean coastline, much of which comes down to the sheer number of islands of the mainland. The number of islands there are depends largely on the definition you use but there could be up to 6,000, of which 227 are inhabited. The most popular islands for tourists are Kefalonia, Rhodes and Crete but as long as you choose a lovely hotel near a nice beach, you really can’t lose.

Kefalonia is well-known for its Kefalonian meat pie, which is made using a mixture of goat, beef and pork wrapped in a filo parcel with feta and rice. The island is also home to a few small but beautiful towns. Fiscardo is not only beautiful in the day but once it is lit up, you just can’t resist the bars and restaurants along the harbor.

Rhodes is also popular and it is a great location if you are a fan of boat trips. From here you can easily go across to Turkey, especially if you are interested in the tourist areas of Marmaris and Fethiye. You may require a visa which is quite easy to sort out at the harbor, or if you prefer to be prepared have a look online at turkey-visa-service.com.


Home of pizza and pasta – not to mention everything the Romans ever did for us! – Italy is popular for a reason. With a long coastline, there is a lot of variety here from Venice right down to Sicily, an island off the southern coast of the mainland (the ball the boot appears to be kicking).

Venice is certainly the kind of place that you should visit at least once, though if you have a choice, you are well advised to go during the cooler months and avoid the hectic summer season. There is a lot to do in Venice but even if you only have a day here, you really must visit Piazza San Marco for St Mark’s Basilica. And have you really been to Venice if you haven’t been on a gondola?

For something completely different, Naples, home of pizza Napoli, is the perfect holiday destination. There are a few resorts around the city and along the coast if you don’t fancy the chaos of the streets and there are all kinds of attractions around for you to see. Pompeii isn’t far away and is a fascinating experience. Similarly, the island of Capri is a short boat journey away and offers fabulous views as well as an incredible shopping experience.


Though much of the French coastline is on the Atlantic Ocean, there popular resorts of Marseille and Nice are on the Mediterranean sea. As such, the south of France has a slightly different culture to the north as it is a bit warmer and more protected from the weather fronts rolling in.

Home to the fictional Count of Monte Cristo (who spent time in the very real Chateau D’If), Marseille is full of history and culture. There is a real wealth of experience to be had here and just walking around you can see all kinds of beauty such as the Boulevard Longchamp. Though Marseille isn’t really thought of as a beach destination, Plage du Prado offers a sandy beach to relax on.

Promenade des Anglais is certainly one of the main highlights of Nice but it is not the only reason to visit this Mediterranean gem. Parc de la Colline du Château is certainly worth a visit, as is Nice Cathedral which, with bright pink walls and patterned domes looks like a Disney caste. And, as Nice is just next door to Monaco, there is plenty of opportunity for fun.

The Mediterranean has so much to offer and though this list only includes 3 destination countries, there is still plenty more to explore and do. The European culture here is one of old and new so whether you are looking into the depths of history or more interested in an Aperol Spritz on the beach, you will have a happy holiday!

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