Project Sleep: Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Serene

Project Sleep: Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Serene

Do you find it hard to sleep? Do you think your sleeping environment could be to blame? If your bedroom is a hectic, cluttered space, and you long for a serene sanctuary to retreat to at the end of the day, look no further. Here are some simple, stress-free ways you can turn your boudoir into a relaxing, calming haven.


What colors do you see when you walk into your bedroom? We often choose a colorway based on esthetics and personal preferences. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s also wise to consider the impact of different shades on our mood. Some colors revive and uplift us while others are much more soothing and calming. In the bedroom, it’s best to opt for tones that are conducive to relaxation, such as pastel shades and neutral colors. If you’re a fan of bright colors, use accessories to lift plain walls. If you’ve got white, beige or dove gray walls, for example, you could add color with bright or patterned cushion covers, curtains, and bedding or inject different tones with lamp shades, rugs, throws, frames, and plant pots. If you keep the walls simple, it’s also much easier and cheaper to switch up the look if you fancy a change. All you need to do is swap your accessories, and your room will look completely different.

Your Bed

When you step through the bedroom door, what do you see first? If you’re keen to create a serene sanctuary, it’s wise to ensure that your bed is the focal point. You should look forward to climbing under the covers and heading off the land of Nod. If you find it tough to sleep because you can’t get comfortable, it may be time to consider replacing your mattress or buying some new pillows. Take a look at Ted & Stacey’s mattress guides, read some reviews and look out for special offers and flash sales. Once you’ve got a comfortable mattress, make your bed look more inviting and appealing by scattering cushions, throws and blankets on it.


Lighting can affect the look of the room, but it can also have an influence on the ambiance. Harsh, bright lighting is ideal for when you’re working or rustling up homemade meals in the kitchen, but it doesn’t work as well in the bedroom. Stick to soft lighting, which creates a cozy atmosphere. You can fit a dimmer switch to the main light or use lamps or string lights to add a romantic touch.

Project Sleep: Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Serene


Nothing spoils the look of a bedroom like clutter. If you’ve got a floor strewn with shoes or a chair covered in clothes and drawers bursting at the seams, it’s time to declutter. Tidy your closet, free up some room and use racks, rails, and shelves to store your stuff neatly and discreetly.

If you have difficulty sleeping, your bedroom could be a factor. If you can’t relax, this makes it tricky to switch off. Think about the colors you use carefully, make sure you’re completely comfortable when you get into bed, clear away clutter, and use atmospheric lighting to promote calmness and serenity.

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