Dog Health Essentials For Every Owner

Dog Health Essentials For Every Owner

When you are a dog mom or dad, you love them like a member of the family and so want them to be as happy and live for as long as possible. However, working out the best way to do this will all the different breeds, mixes, sizes, and temperaments of dog can be tough. Luckily, to help you out we have come up with an essential care guide with info relevant to every dog owner. Keep reading to find out more.

Dog Health Essentials For Every Owner

Personalized Care For Your Pup

There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs out there from German Shepherds to Pomeranians, to Pugs. However what it is important to remember about this is that specific breeds have particular tendencies both positively and negatively.

For example, a pug makes an excellent lap dog, one that adores cuddles and only needs relatively short walks. Sadly, they are also prone to hip problems and can have issues with infection in the fold on their faces, all because of their genetics.

Dog Health Essentials For Every Owner

Pugs make perfect lap dogs, but are susceptible to genetic problems.

Now when you have a pure breed, you will be prepared for these sorts of problems, but when your dog is a mix of different types, it can sometimes be hard to work at what possible conditions they may be at risk of and what sign to look out for.

Luckily, there is a way around this, and it’s to use a service like the one Embark DNA offers. A service that actually analyses your pup’s genetic makeup and so can tell you how much of each type of breed they have in them. Something that can make you much more aware of any potential health problem and allow you to take preventive measures, or catch them early before they become serious.

Dogs Have Emotions Too

There is a whole debate about how much animals feel in term of pain and emotion. Although, anyone that has been in the presence of a dog for more than half an hour will understand that they feel things, if not in an identical way, in a similar fashion to humans.

In particular, dogs are social animals, and this means they see us humans as their pack. Unfortunately, when our lives require us to be out of the house or to stay away for an extended time, this can seriously affect the health and well-being of our dogs, mostly because they miss us.

Now, there are things you can do to minimize the emotional pain that this will cause. One is to get in a dog sitter, or walker if it’s for the daytime when you are at work, so they get some positive social interaction and don’t feel too lonely.

The other option is to try and accommodate your dog into your 9-5 life, something that many people do by opening dog-friendly offices, or taking their pup with them as they work.

Grooming Mistakes To Avoid

Dog Health Essentials For Every Owner

Grooming your pup is essential for their health, as without it they can be vulnerable to all sort of problems such as sores, fungal infections, overheating, and inflammation. However, dog grooming isn’t as simple as just sticking them in the bath and hoping for the best. In fact, there are some nasty mistakes that you can make that will harm your pup more than it will help them.

For instance, bathing your dog without first brushing their coats is a terrible idea, because it can create tiny knots in their fur. Then, when you try to brush them out after their coat is dry, it can cause a lot of un-comfort.

Also shaving your pup in the summer may seem like good sense, but in fact, it can mess with their natural temperature regulation systems. Something that means it far better to trim their undercoat instead. Although, this is something that tends to be breed specific so it’s a good idea to check with a professional groomer beforehand.

Vet Is Not A Bad Word

Dog Health Essentials For Every Owner

Lastly, no matter what the size, breed, or temperament of your dog regular visits to the vet need to happen. Yes, Fido may not like it too much, but keeping up with his shots and check-ups is an excellent way of looking after his health.

In fact, your vet is the best person to discuss any health concerns you have for your dog with, including weight issues, ageing, and protection against parasites such a lung and heart worm. Therefore it is essential for every dog owner to ensure that Vet is not a dirty word in their home and that their pup attends their appointments regularly.

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