Rose Buds Campout On The Field: Benefiting Those Dealing With Childhood Cancer

Northwestern Mutual Helping Those Dealing With Childhood CancerThis post was sponsored by Northwestern Mutual. All opinions are my own.

In my life, I’ve known many people who have suffered from and/or passed away from cancer. A friend of mine since childhood recently passed away from breast cancer. A former co-worker who was several years younger than me passed away from pancreatic cancer a few years ago and my grandmother died of Multiple Myeloma almost 10 years ago. Any loss to cancer is horrible, but when a child has it, it’s a particularly horrific type of hurt.

Right now, one of my peers’ child has just in the past few days gone into his 2nd remission from Leukemia. She posts updates on social media often and it’s hard to watch what this brave little child has to go through, knowing that there really isn’t much you can do to help. He has dealt with Leukemia basically his entire life and I wonder if he will ever get to experience the fun and innocence of childhood without constant fear of becoming sick. I wonder if his parents can ever look at him when he has a common cold without wondering what if.

Northwestern Mutual Helping Those Dealing With Childhood Cancer

Northwestern Mutual and Rose Bowl Team Up To Help Those Dealing With Childhood Cancer

Northwestern Mutual – through its foundation – the Rose Bowl Stadium and the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation are working together to help children fighting cancer regain their sense of childhood that they often lose while undergoing treatment.

“Camp is like lifting a weight off your chest. It’s awesome.” -Chris Serrano, 18, of Los Angeles, California

A total of 200 kids and parents, many of whom are affected by childhood cancer, attended Rose Buds Campout on the Field Presented by Northwestern Mutual July 6-7! The event featured a Pasadena Fire Department firetruck and participants got to tour police vehicles and the historic Rose Bowl Stadium locker rooms. They also got to play sports on the field, make dream-catchers and necklaces, and were treated to BBQ and s’mores. The night was topped off with a surprise performance by musical act Us the Duo and “The Incredibles” on the big screen and an evening spent in tents under the stars.

Research shows camps for kids with cancer and other chronic illnesses provide community, camaraderie and hope to those who need it most.

Northwestern Mutual launched its Childhood Cancer Program in 2012 to find cures, provide family and patient support and aid those who struggle with the long-term effects of treatment. The program has contributed more than $17 million with the help of its employees and financial advisors nationwide, funding more than 200,000 hours of research.

But, not every child is healthy enough to attend camp. For those who can’t travel, the Northwestern Mutual Foundation is creating indoor camp experiences in select hospitals nationwide, delivering kits to pediatric cancer units so they can bring camp-like experiences to those undergoing inpatient treatment.

“Camp experiences are invaluable: Seeking cures for childhood cancer is important, but we must also care for kids and families in the fight today.” -Eric Christophersen, president, Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Vote For New Campout Locations!

Now through July 23, you can vote for the iconic venue where you’d most want to camp out. For every 25,000 votes cast, Northwestern Mutual will grant an indoor camp experience to a pediatric cancer unit!

Northwestern Mutual Helping Those Dealing With Childhood Cancer

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