How PanaceaPGX Could Have Saved Me From Using Ineffective Prescription Medications

How PanaceaPGX Could Have Saved Me From Using Ineffective MedicationCheap Is The New Classy

From our outward appearances right down to our DNA people are unique. So, it stands to reason that different medications might work differently for each person, right? Medical care is expensive but also necessary. For my money, I want the best medical care tailored to my individual needs that I can get. That is exactly the point of PanaceaPGX DNA testing. I’m not a medical professional and can’t offer medical advice, but I would like to share with you my personal experience using ineffective medication and how, had I known then about PanaceaPGX, it could have been prevented.

My Personal Experience With An Ineffective Prescription

I was diagnosed with depression as an early teen and it is something that I have dealt with my entire life. As an older adult, I went to college and earned a Bachelors in Psychology, in many ways to help me understand myself as well as those around me. Since then, I have been better able to understand how and why I think and feel the way I do as well as put rational thought and reasoning behind it. Talk therapy works well for me and that is how I now deal with my condition.

In my early 20s though, I found myself very depressed, perhaps the most depressed I had been up until that time. Within the span of about a year or two, I suffered the loss of a close family member, my fiance and I had broken up, and I moved to another city where I knew basically no one. Upon arrival, I started a job that I initially hated [but later learned to enjoy]. I was also a single parent and super stressed out. I found myself crying. A lot. So, I went to the doctor and shared what I was experiencing. My doctor prescribed Celexa.

I took Celexa for a couple of months and, honestly, it didn’t make me feel what I would consider “better.” It made me feel nothing. I had no emotions whatsoever and I felt foggy and I found it very difficult to concentrate. Life became very lackluster. I definitely didn’t consider that to be any kind of improvement at all so I stopped taking the medication and found alternative ways to deal with my depression.

How PanaceaPGX Could Have Saved Me From Using Ineffective Medication

It turns out, there was probably a good reason that Celexa is not what I would consider a good medication for me. After doing the PanaceaPGX testing, I learned that Celexa is a drug that, based on my unique DNA profile, metabolizes rapidly and has a risk of “increased toxicity,” and the “test results indicate an increased risk of therapeutic failure.” Though Celexa is probably not the right choice for me, there are many other anti-depressants that would be better suited to my particular genetic makeup and my in depth profile that PanaceaPGX sent me let me know exactly what those choices are.

How PanaceaPGX Could Have Saved Me From Using Ineffective Medication

PanaceaPGX Testing Was Super Easy

PanaceaPGX testing was really easy to do. They sent me the kit in the mail with easy to follow instructions. I swabbed the insides of my cheeks and returned the swabs to them in the enclosed prepaid packaging. I waited a few weeks and a medical professional from PanaceaPGX called me and explained the results. They also sent me a very in-depth and interesting outline [17 pages] of various classes of medications and how my body would potentially metabolize them based on my unique DNA profile. I also got a card that I could print out and carry in my wallet and these results are being shared with my doctor so that I can play an active role in making sure that I get the best medical care available to me and my personal needs.

How PanaceaPGX Could Have Saved Me From Using Ineffective Medication

Who Is PanaceaPGX Right For?

If one or more of the following criteria applies to your medical management, then you should consider pharmacogenetic testing:

*Uses two or more prescribed medications
*Has had adverse drug related reactions (ADR)
*Doesn’t feel their medication is working effectively
*Concerned about making a change in medication
*Candidate for Antiplatelet, Anticoagulant, Statin Rx
*ACS-PCI, Warfarin initiation, Simvastatin/ Atorvastatin Rx
*Unstable INR, bleeding, thrombotic event, muscle weakness
*Effient, Brilinta, Pradaxa, Xarelto Rx
*Has a history of heart attack or stent replacement
*Candidate for Opioid Rx
*Opioid ADR, sub-optimal response, high dose requirement
*Side effects to NSAIDs, muscle relaxers, triptans, considering switch to patch
*Abnormal opioid UDT Experiences chronic pain
*Candidate for Psychotropic Rx
*Dx Depression, Treatment Resistant Depression, psychosis Psychotropic ADR or sub optimal response
*More than 1 psychotropic Rx
*Treatment resistant, uncontrolled, hospital admission in past 6 months
*Is depressed or has treatment-resistant depression

Please note that this testing and process is HIPAA compliant, and PanaceaPGX does not sell your information to pharmaceutical companies. Your results are confidential to you.

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How PanaceaPGX Could Have Saved Me From Using Ineffective Medication

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