House Sitters: The Vacation Stress Buster Or Another Reason To Worry?

House Sitters: The Vacation Stress Buster Or Another Reason To Worry?

Most of us worry about home security at least a little when we go away. Thieves are often cunning when it comes to targeting empty houses. Something as simple as continually drawn blinds could alert the wrong people to your absence. And, when you’re two flights and a train ride away, a break-in is the last thing you need. One thing’s sure; that dreaded phone call would put the nail in your vacation faster than you can imagine.

It’s no surprise, then, that we consider all manner of burglary prevention techniques for our homes. And, one option which often seems to win out is that of house sitting. In many ways, this is a two-fold security operation. On the hand, it ensures someone is physically present to keep on top of locked doors and safety. And, even the mere presence of someone in the house can act as a preventative.

So, it seems like win-win, right? Only, it’d be naive to think housesitting is a smooth option for everyone. In truth, there are security issues with this choice in itself. After all, you’re letting a stranger into your home. And, that could go catastrophically wrong. Which is why we’re here to consider three ways you can ensure housesitting settles your worries, instead of stressing you further.

Know Who You’re Letting Into Your House

For one, you need to know who you’re letting into your house. We don’t mean that literally, although family friends or even family members are the best options. But, if that’s not possible, you still need to know as much about your house sitter as possible. That means doing proper background checks, and getting references before you go. Make sure, too, to always operate through a reliable and established company. If your friends have taken this route, you could even ask for recommendations for added peace of mind.

Use Interactive Security

Interactive home security is a lifesaver for travel at the best of times. With this in place, you can check your house security cameras at any time. But, this can be even handier if you’re using a house sitter. Of course, you don’t want to breach their privacy, so you can’t install this in every rooms. What’s more, you should let the sitter know about these cameras before you leave. Tell them that you’ll check them on occasion. In the same way that CCTV can deter opportunistic thieves, the knowledge of being watched could ensure your sitter stays in line.

House Sitters: The Vacation Stress Buster Or Another Reason To Worry?

Keep Communications Open

It’s also worth keeping communication open. That way, you can rest easy that everything’s okay. That doesn’t have to mean calling the sitter every day. But, there’s nothing wrong with sending a quick message every few days. Let them know you’ll do this before leaving. They’re sure to be happy to send back letting you know how everything’s going. And, once you’ve put your mind at ease, you’ll finally be able to sun it on the beach without a care in the world.

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