Do You Need To Detox Your Home?

Do You Need To Detox Your Home? | The New Classy

Your home is one of the safest places your family can be, right? It’s your own little haven away from the outside world, and you have complete control of everything that comes in and leaves your four walls. Lots of homeowners believe that, and it is a common perception that most families have. But is it really true?

Do You Need To Detox Your Home?

Unfortunately, your house might not be as safe as you had originally thought it to be. In actual fact, your home might be far from safe and, in some extreme cases, it could even be making you or some of your family members sick. For instance, some conditions in a home could aggravate a child’s asthma or allergies. But it’s not just those of us who already have weakened immune systems that should be worried about the condition that our homes are in. In some cases, new health conditions can develop because of various factors that are present in the home.

There’s no need to call your doctor just yet, though. There are a few things that can be done to ensure your home doesn’t stand a chance of making you or your family ill. The best thing you can start off with is to try and detox it. Here are some things that are really worth detoxing from your home.

Do You Need To Detox Your Home? | The New Classy

Carbon Monoxide

One of the most dangerous things that can enter your home is carbon monoxide. Thankfully, this is normally only ever present if one of your gas appliances is malfunctioning or faulty. You should get a carbon monoxide alarm installed into your home, ideally as close to your gas appliances as is possible. That way, you will be alarmed in the event that this gas is leaking into the air in your home, and your family can evacuate before anyone suffers from carbon monoxide poisoning. As this gas can prove to be fatal, it’s always necessary to know the symptoms of poisoning so that you can get anyone who may be affected the right medical attention as quickly as possible. The most notable symptoms include nausea, breathlessness, and headaches.


There are lots of people, especially those who rent out their home, who have regular problems with mold and rising damp in their property. Not only can this be problematic for the structure of the house, but it can also be an issue for your health. For instance, you might find that excessive damp and mold on the walls can trigger problems with asthma in young children. If you want to know which molds are dangerous, you can often find out plenty of information by looking online, but the most dangerous ones can lead to issues with the body’s respiratory system even in healthy people. Thankfully, keeping mold and rising damp at bay isn’t too difficult, even in older houses that are prone to them. You just need to make sure that the windows are always open when cooking, taking or shower, or carrying out other tasks that will release a lot of excess moisture into the air. It’s also worth painting an anti-mold paint and sealant onto the walls where you know mold is prone to grow.

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Even though you may try and keep on top of all your dusting around the home, you might still find that it’s impossible to get rid of it all. This is bad news for anyone in your family who suffers from dust allergies, as the smallest speck of dust could set off their symptoms. But maybe you aren’t cleaning in all the right places? For instance, once you have hoovered up, it is really important to empty the vacuum cleaner out straight away. Otherwise, it will just be sitting in your home full of dust and dust mites. Even though they will be contained in the bag, some could still end up escaping back into your home. Similarly, you need to put any cloths that you dust with in the laundry straight away.

Do You Need To Detox Your Home? | The New Classy


If your house is quite old, you might need to worry about asbestos. This is a material that was regularly used in building and construction just a few decades ago. However, in the 1970s it was realized that it is actually very toxic and was no longer used. Some buildings have had the original asbestos taken out and replaced with non-toxic materials. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with some homes. So, if you know that your property was built between 1920 and 1970, it’s a good idea to get it tested for asbestos. If you find that it is present, you should get it removed and replaced. This is expensive but very much worth it as it will prevent anyone in your family from developing some of the fatal health conditions associated with it.


Another material that was very often used in building homes until it was found to be poisonous is lead. Lots of houses that were built before the late 1970s will have had lead paint applied to them, which is now known to be highly toxic. So, if your home is fairly old, it’s a good idea to get it professionally tested for lead paint. Once you know that there is some present, you can then find out how to deal with it. Thankfully, you should be able to handle it on your own, and won’t need to hire professional help as you would with asbestos. The quickest way to deal with it is to simply seal the layer of lead paint with a layer of modern paint. This will prevent the particles of lead entering your home’s atmosphere.

Do You Need To Detox Your Home? | The New Classy

Water Pollution

Even though you may live in a country that has a fantastic and safe water supply, there is still no way of knowing that the water that comes through your taps is completely safe. Small particles and traces of chemicals end up in our water all the time, but you wouldn’t know it because it doesn’t taste any different. If you want to get an idea of how good the water quality is in your area, there are often tools that you can use online. There are some homes out there that aren’t on the general supply as they may have their own private well still. This is often the case for properties that are out in very rural locations. If this is your situation, it’s a good idea to test the water yourself for bacteria and germs once a year. If you are still worried about the quality of your household water, you can buy filters. You just have to fill the filter with some water and then leave it for an hour or so. After a while, you should be left with completely pure water.

Do You Need To Detox Your Home? | The New Classy

Pesticides And Fertilizers

These days, most of us now know about the benefits of eating organic food. Non-organic food can be covered in fertilizers and pesticides which can be quite bad for our health if we consume too many of them. However, if you are already following a strict organic diet, you might still be shocked to realize that it is still easy for these chemicals to enter your home. This is often the case with homeowners who are very keen gardeners. They might not be checking the labels on the products and materials that they are using in the garden, some of which could contain high levels of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. So, it’s a good idea to go organic with your garden materials as well. That way, you’re not walking in any dangerous chemicals when you come in from working in the garden.

Stale Air

Lots of homeowners are now very keen to seal up their homes so that they are well insulated and extremely energy efficient. Sealing them effectively means that you don’t have to worry about any of the hot air escaping in the winter, which means you won’t have to heat up the home as much. This is a great way to reduce your energy bills. However, this means that not much fresh air will get into your home which can be bad news for your health. That’s because the toxins that can gather in the air aren’t being aired out. Thankfully, just leaving your windows open for an hour or so each day can effectively air out your rooms, leaving them free from most toxins.

Do You Need To Detox Your Home? | The New Classy

Bed Bugs

Do you feel ever so slightly itchy when you are lying in bed at night? There’s a chance that you might have bed bugs! If you think that you do have these little critters in your home, it’s important to remove them as soon as possible as they can be a problem for people with allergies, and can also cause skin irritations. You just need to wash all of your sheets on a very high wash and vacuum your mattresses. If the problem persists, it might be necessary to get a pest exterminator in to take care of them.

If your home is making you sick, all of these detoxing methods should help!

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