Getting Down And Dirty With The Basics Of Online Dating

Getting Down And Dirty With The Basics Of Online Dating

For people of a particular generation, the idea of online dating seems terrible. It brings to mind images of an underworld of dodgy date prospects and risky situations. As such, we’d never even consider this as a way of meeting men.

But, when you’re on the dating scene in the modern age, online seems to be the way to go. We’ll say from the off that this method isn’t for everybody, and you may find it just doesn’t work for you. But, a vast number of couples now meet this way. Far from a dirty underworld, the masses now use sites like Plenty of Fish and Tinder. Single people of all shapes and ages turn to platforms like these without question.

What’s more, success here is pretty simple. Forget that awkward old phase of ‘courting’. Now, you merely need a decent internet connection to get going. You could get a package like the ones offered only at Optimum, with speeds of up to 400 Mbps, and start searching guys straight away. You don’t even have to wait for them to show an interest in you first, anymore! You can give them a thumbs up to get them looking your way.

And, that’s not the only thing which has changed. If you aren’t careful, dating this way can be a bit of a culture shock. And, we’re going to look at ways to weather the main changes.

Honesty Up Front

Once upon a time, men either asked their mates about you or took the time to get to know you. But, things are different now. Now, you have to catch a man’s eye with pictures and written descriptions. Sites like the one you’ll find if you click here can teach you about the picture side of things. But, writing a description is hardest of all, especially for us more modest old-fashioned folk. Bear in mind that you need to be open and honest. This can be tricky if you’re used to the long-game, but dating, like anything else, has become impatient. As such, you should state from the off what you’re after. If you want a long-term relationship rather than a hookup, make sure to say as much. Otherwise, you’re sure to get some unwanted attention.

Getting Down And Dirty With The Basics Of Online Dating

The Chance For Deceit

The most significant change of all is the chance for deceit. Words like catfished just weren’t a thing back in the day. The worse a man could do was lie about his age, but even then he couldn’t change it too much. After all, you could see him in the flesh. Now, deceit is abound as people hide behind computer screens. Some even use fake pictures and names. And, you need to be wary of that if you want to stay safe. That means knowing the signs of a fake profile, and making sure to talk on the phone before meetings. And, no matter how satisfied you are that a man is legit, always tell someone if you’re meeting them!

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