4 Scientific Ways To Bond As A Family

4 Scientific Ways To Bond As A Family

As families grow up, they can grow apart. It’s not as if there will ever be a time when you don’t speak, but you may not be as close as before. In honesty, this is expected as kids turn into teenagers and become more independent. Sadly, it’s a cycle of life. Of course, moms never want to lose touch and are always looking for ways to bond. And, there is nothing wrong with this because families should be close. What’s the best way to come back together? The answer is with science.

4 Scientific Ways To Bond As A Family

Okay, so with that in mind, here are four ways to bond as a family backed by science.

Eat Meals Together

The way things are going today, families are more likely to see people eat meals together on TV or Instagram. Liking a photo isn’t the same as walking the walk and talking the talk. And, science backs this up as studies show that those who sit down together to eat communicate on a higher level. When you think about it, it’s easy to see why this is the case. A dinner table is a perfect place to open up and talk about your day because no one likes to sit in silence. Plus, it’s the one time of the day when you can be a unit.

Watch TV

As a parent, you are hard-wired to avoid the television set. There’s nothing wrong with binging on Netflix, but you’d prefer the kids to play outside and exercise. After all, childhood obesity is at an all-time high. Still, TV isn’t the devil that many people make it out to be because it has redeeming qualities. One of them is to bring generations together to sit in a beanbag chair and enjoy a new series. Check out www.comfysacks.com for more on bonding furniture. Hopefully, there is something on the boob tube that is appropriate for everyone.

Share A Laugh

One of the reasons television is inclusive is the laugh factor. Watching a comedy until your insides hurt is healthy for you and everyone in the room. Why? It’s because it reduces stress, and this promotes positive feelings. So, every time you giggle, you’ll be reminded subconsciously of the times in the living room cackling at the screen. TV doesn’t have a monopoly, however. All you need to do is invite the family to share in your laughter. For example, crowd around the iPad and watch hilarious memes and YouTube videos.


A family vacation is a term that strikes fear into the hearts of moms and dads around the world. For the most part, there is screaming, moaning, and thinly veiled threats. Usually, these features make holidays difficult yet families always go back for more. Science backs the answer to this question. Being near one another is an excellent way to bond according to www.thenewyorktimes.com. But, there is also the experience element to consider. People who value experiences over possessions are happier as a whole.

How do you keep the group coming back for more?

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