6 Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles

6 Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles

The first time I ever visited Los Angeles was last year. Now I have been 3 times! My most recent trip was either 2 or 3 weeks ago and, I have to say, there are some extraordinarily beautiful things to see in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorites.

Of course, you’ll need a place to stay when you visit, so be sure to check out these Los Angeles mansions for some inspiration.

6 Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles

1. The Hollywood Sign – I think this is my absolute favorite thing to see when I am in LA. I always find myself looking around for it, hoping I can catch even a glimpse of it. I mean, what says California quite like the Hollywood sign? Nothing! I remember the excitement I felt the first time I laid my eyes upon it. Nothing else around me mattered except for that sign for probably a good two minutes. I was riding in the Uber from LAX to my hotel and I just started in amazement. There is really nothing quite like seeing the Hollywood Sign for the first time. And there are many places that you can get a pretty good view of the sign. And one of those places is…

2. Universal CityWalk Hollywood – CityWalk Hollywood is a great place to go even if you couldn’t care less about the Hollywood Sign. They have tons of places to shop and eat and just kill a few hours. couple of my favorites are Hard Rock Cafe and Dave and Busters. I visited Dave and Busters for the first time last year when I was on a press trip and it was a really great time. It reminded me of when I was little and used to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Except now I’m an adult, the games are bigger and there is alcohol. Fun times, indeed! I recommend checking out all the fun things there are to do at CityWalk Hollywood and allotting yourself enough time to at least spend an evening there.

6 Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles

3. Route 66 – When I was in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, it was for another press junket. On the morning of the junket, instead of taking an Uber, I walked from my hotel to the press junket. I started out in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard and turned onto Doheny Drive in Beverly HIlls. It was a beautiful, leisurely walk and I took tons of pictures. There is a very artsy vibe on Santa Monica Boulevard, the people I encountered were very friendly and there is a lot to see. In particular, I loved all of the iconic Route 66 signage. Then, when you get to Doheny Drive, things became more fancy and upscale. I loved how I got two such differing perspectives of one city in a pretty short walk [less than 2 miles]. In my experience, the weather is also always great in Los Angeles, so I highly recommend walking around and taking in this beautiful city and it’s lovely scenery if you get the chance. And don’t forget to take your camera.

4. Dolby Theatre – Last year, I got to visit the Dolby Theatre on one of my press trips in Hollywood as I attended a movie premiere. It was really cool because it is amazing to think of all of the stars that have been in this one building, where the Oscars are held, incidentally. I was seated in the 3rd row and couldn’t help but wonder how many artistic and talented people had sat in that very same seat before me. In just the short while that I spent in the Dolby Theatre, I met several famous people at the pre-party and also saw several most on the stage as they came out to introduce their movie. It was really quite a surreal moment.

5. Hollywood Walk of Fame – I think everyone who knows even the tiniest bit about pop culture is familiar with the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I know that when I was at Dave and Busters, I could see parts of the walk, but I have not gotten to really see it up close yet. I feel like when I walked the red carpet at one of the movie premieres I got to attend, that I also walked across the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but the red {actually it was aqua in this particular case] carpet was covering it, so I am not 100% sure if I walked on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or not. Hopefully, on a future trip, I will get to inspect the walk much more closely.

6. Look For The Stars – I have not actually been on one of the star tours but have always wanted to try one. I am a big fan of narrated tours anyway. It’s nice to ride around on a hot day in a [preferably air conditioned] vehicle while someone shares fun tidbits and inside information about the area you are visiting. Though it was not specifically about actors, I took a tour similar to this while I was in Grand Cayman and really enjoyed it. The host gave us lots of information about actors that frequented the island like Denzel Washington and Taylor Swift, as well as other fun things to do in Grand Cayman. I thought that it was really interesting to hear about so I am sure that a tour devoted entirely to the comings and goings of your favorite actors and actresses would be really entertaining and a great way to spend an afternoon.

Do You Have Other Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles To Add To The List?

If so, be sure to tell us about them so that we can all join in on the fun!

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