Cheap Is The New Classy’s 10 Top Blog Posts Of 2017

Easy chicken bake with stovetop stuffing

Do you ever wonder what people like to read about on this blog? Well, this is not necessarily what people like to read on a day to day basis, but here are the 10 top blog posts of 2017 on Cheap Is The New Classy based on pageviews only. A few of these posts have actually been consistently in the top 10 on this blog for years, but there are also some newcomers to the list. Check these posts out and be sure to let me know if you think they are worthy of being in the top 10 or if you have better suggestions.

Cheap Is The New Classy Top Blog Posts Of 2017

1. Russian Tea Recipe – Ironically, this Russian Tea recipe has been my top post for, I think, years. I did this post in 2012 and the pictures are far from stellar but, apparently, people love them some Russian Tea. You gotta admit, Russian Tea is the bomb. 😉

2. DIY Cruise Itinerary Folder & Free Cruise Packing List Printables – These free cruise packing printables have also been popular for a few years. Since 2014, to be exact. Unfortunately, I did not get to take a cruise last year, but this year I am so making that happen.

Valentines Day Ideas - 21 Valentine's Date Ideas For Teens

3. 21 Valentine’s Date Ideas For Teens – This is a cute post that Amber and I wrote together a few years ago. Valentine’s Day seems to be all about adult couples, but what about teens and singles? They really get left out. If your teen needs ideas of things to do this Valentine’s Day, you can get some ideas here.

A Day At Playa Mia Water Park In Cozumel, Mexico

4. 13 Amazing Things To Do In Cozumel – Oh man, it is cold here right now. So freaking cold. I would love love love to be in Cozumel again right now. I got to visit Mexico in 2015 and it was so beautiful there. If you are lucky enough to visit Cozumel this year, check out these great ideas of things to see and do while there.

5. Artists Who Died In Plane Crashes – I have to admit, this post is pretty morbid. I can’t remember why Jay wrote it exactly, but, in retrospect, it would have been perfect for Eat Play Rock. This may have been one of the types of posts that put the bug in my ear for Eat Play Rock, come to think of it.

6. How To Clean BBQ Grill Racks – People love grilling out. Well, maybe not in this bitter cold that we are having where I live right now. But still. When summer rolls around the grills will be rolling out. Learn how to clean your BBQ grill racks without all the heavy duty cleaners here.

7. 15 Nursing Home Donation Ideas – I am so happy that this nursing home donation ideas post is one of the most popular for the year. I wrote it in 2016 and I just love that people are searching the internet to learn about things they can donate to nursing homes. Please don’t forget loved ones that are in nursing homes, not just during the holidays, but all year long.

8. Easy Chicken Bake – This Easy Chicken Bake Recipe is really simple and tasty. If you are looking for some easy to make comfort food, this is definitely a great idea. This post is from 2012, as well, and has consistently been one of my most popular posts, so I am not shocked to see it in the top 10 again for 2017.

14 Grand Cayman Facts You Need To Know

9. 14 Grand Cayman Facts You Need To Know – Ah, Grand Cayman, how do I miss thee.. Grand Cayman has a Margaritaville and a Hard Rock Cafe all conveniently located at the cruise port. That does it for me. But if you need other reasons to visit, there are 14 of them right here for you.

trail mix recipes

10. 10 Fun Trail Mix Recipe Ideas – Spring is coming! Or that is the lie I am telling myself today. Did I mention it’s cold? Haha! Anyway, in a few months, it will be spring and then summer. So, check out these great Trail Mix Recipe ideas to get you ready for camping, hiking and all those other fun outdoor activities that we will all get to take part in again real soon.

Bloggers: Do You Have A 2017 Top Blog Posts List?

If you did a list of your top blog posts for the year, feel free to link to it below so that we can check it out!

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  1. What a great recap. The one which resonates with myself is #10, the trail mix one. I do a lot of running, and has having some variations for on the trail is tremendous. I don’t have a post of my top blog posts, but do have a year end recap on my blog! 🙂