Save Time & Money Back To School Shopping At #ad #Walmart #BackToBusiness

Save Time & Money Back To School Shopping At

It’s that time again! School will soon be back in session, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. When Amber was a small child, I loved back to school shopping. There are always such cute things to choose from at the store. Now, there is the added convenience of back to school shopping online at

Save Time & Money Back To School Shopping At

Now that Amber is in college, I don’t need to buy her the same things {the cute kinder mats and bookbags still make me go “awwww”}. This year, I focused on things to energize her for the school day. We both love coffee, so we have a coffee bar set up in my home. Though she has moved out for college, I like to keep things in stock that she likes for when she visits. And my girl is like me in that she loves coffee. She is also really a fan of protein bars, so I made sure to stock up on them. I also ordered a couple of boxes of one of our favorite cereals {usually $4.19, on rollback for #3.64, a savings of 55 cents per box}.

I bought 2 of the 20 packs of Scott toilet paper that are regularly $14.63 on rollback for $12.98. I saved $3.30 for the 2 packs. And they each had 4 bonus rolls that I was not aware of when I ordered – so even more savings! I also picked up a HUGE bottle of Pine-Sol that was regularly $6.64 on rollback for $5.88, a savings of 76 cents.

Save Time & Money Back To School Shopping At

And don’t forget the snacks! The absolute best deal, besides the toilet paper, was the popcorn. I bought 2, 24 packs, for $4.98 each. Since they are regularly $15.86, I saved $10.88 on each box! That is a savings of almost $22!

Save Time & Money Back To School Shopping At

I also made sure to stock up our coffee bar with creamer. I use regular creamer a lot, but I thought it would be fun to have some flavored varieties for the school year. Plus, Amber really enjoys to try new varieties just like I do. Who wants to have the same cup of coffee everyday, all school year long?

Save Time & Money Back To School Shopping At

The thing I like best about ordering from is that it was all delivered to my door. I really hate trying to drag a humongous package of toilet paper in the house, don’t you? It’s just so much more convenient and time saving to have it delivered. It saves me gas, too, and offers free 2-day shipping on their products on order $35 and up, so it’s a real win-win.

Save Time & Money Back To School Shopping At

In total, I spent about $71, and I saved around $27 by shopping the back to school deals at So, essentially, I got the creamers, protein bars and popcorn free with the money that I saved. 😉 And don’t even count the time and gas I saved. 🙂

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  1. I do all my back to school shopping at Wal-Mart. They have everything I need, and it’s either always on sale or generally lower than at other stores.

  2. I love the coffee bar idea. That would be a perfect way to get caffeinated when I have to get the littles on the way out the door and no one can beat those Wal-Mart prices.

  3. This post is very nostalgic for me. Both of my daughters are grown and have long since graduated from college, but I remember how excited I’d be making that grocery run to prepared for a weekend with them at home.

  4. We save so much money shopping on and I appreciate the added convenience. I will actually be placing a big back to school order this week.

  5. Walmart has some fabulous stuff! I always get lots of snacks from there. I love to save money!

  6. I don’t really shop at walmart. It’s a huge inconvenience for me to go to the store but I will check it out online. Love the coffee bar idea.

  7. I had no idea there were so many amazing deals to be had at Walmart! This is perfect as I’m getting closer to my back to school shopping!

  8. Those are some great deals I am going to snag for myself!
    I too miss my kids being younger for back to school shopping – I often find myself peeking at those isles.
    I will say though now that my daughter is a young adult (college age) it is fun being able to shop for things like this that we both will use.

  9. Claudia Krusch says:

    My Son is off to college this year. We need to go stock up on all of these great products for him to take to school. Walmart always has what I need at a great price.

  10. We just did all our back to school shopping at Walmart! Was so easy to find everything in one place!

  11. Wow! You are fully stocked and ready to go!! I love your set up – you are so organized!

  12. I love WalMart for all my shopping!! They have such good prices and are great at price matching!!

  13. You are so organized and ready. It’s good to know that they deliver. It’s very convenient for busy moms like me.

  14. Walmart never lets me down every year. I love that I have the option to go online or in-store and don’t have to worry about missing and deals.

  15. I love the back to school deals at Walmart. It’s not just for school supplies but also for food. I’m saving a ton of money right now at Walmart.

  16. Yes. College life is so different from the kinder-years. My kids are grown and I miss back to school shopping for them – but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the deals!

  17. Shopping at Walmart basically is the best choice in back to school shopping. Seeing as most of the stuff you need would be found there and also at a reasonable prices then you wouldn’t need to go somewhere else. You also save a lot of money so it’s a win-win.

  18. Holy cow! I can’t believe you were able to SAVE $27!! That’s insane!! PS – I’m obsessed with your coffee bar!!

  19. I love the whole set up of your coffee bar. Gotta love varieties! Thanks for sharing!

  20. We always shop at Walmart, but we’ve never tried shopping at yet. We’re thinking about it though. The convenience and the savings certainly can’t be beat.

  21. That coffee bar is EVERYTHING. I can’t wait to get a home when I settle down so I can have a great coffee and tea bar like that. – yolonda

  22. I’m so loving your coffee bar! I’ve been in procrastination mode for too long, I need to get mine done. I love your haul and how much you saved!!

  23. Ashleigh Walls says:

    I love the savings that we get shopping at Walmart. It really helps to have that extra money to go towards school supplies and clothes.

  24. Back to school shopping online is an incredibly smart idea. The crowds in store are horrible!

  25. Walmart has great deals on stuff that college kids NEED. I think they are perfect for back to school.