Save Up To $9 Per Ticket + Emerald Pointe Group Rates Advantages #travel #ad #WetNWildEP

Save Up To $9 Per Ticket + Emerald Pointe Group Rates Advantages #travel #ad #WetNWildEP

Cheap Is The New Classy

Last week, Jay and I visited Emerald Pointe in Greensboro, NC. We love this water park and make it a point to visit at least once yearly. For the past couple of years, we have been visiting on Memorial Day, kind of like our official kickoff to summer.

Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe put us up in a beautiful cabana again this year. I really loved the one we were in last year, but this one was even better. I particularly loved the fan in the ceiling {it was a hot day, people} and the beautiful aqua colored chairs. These types of chairs, in my humble opinion, are way more comfy than plastic ones that you typically see at water parks. Our cabana had a table with 4 upright chairs, 4 lay chairs and 2 more upright chairs, so you can fit a lot of people in a cabana. You also get personalized service in a cabana – so someone came by every 15 minutes or so, to check on us, get us drinks, bring us food, etc. If you are looking to relax, I highly recommend a cabana. Grab a few friends, chip in a few bucks a piece and get yourself a cabana!

When I go to a water park, I like to just lay back and relax. So having someone to watch our stuff has never been a problem. But if you want to go try out all of the rides around the park, cabanas come with lockers. Secure all of your stuff and have at it. 🙂

It seems like every time we go on a trip now, Jay tries something new for the first time. For instance, when we visited Fayetteville, he tried ziplining. On the way back from a trip he had his first Blizzard. And, on this most recent visit to Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe, he enjoyed his first Dippin’ Dots! I can’t imagine living that long and never have tried either a Blizzard or Dippin’ Dots at least once. Can you? I think this might be a new theme for the blog. 😀

emerald pointe group rates

Save Up To $9 Per Ticket + Emerald Pointe Group Rates Advantages #travel #ad #WetNWildEP

Save Up To $9 Off Admission

Right now you can save up to $9 off admission to Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe! Click here and be sure to use Promo Code: CheapisthenewClassySBlog17

Save Money With Emerald Pointe Group Rates

Speaking of grabbing your friends, did you know that Emerald Pointe offers group rates? Group rates are a great way to save money if you want to head to the water park with a bunch of your best friends! You can enjoy group rate pricing with as few as 15 guests.

Here’s how it works…

Groups of 15 – 99 – $29.00 for a General Admission ticket (48” and above) and $23.00 for a Junior Admission ticket (Under 48”). This is a tremendous savings of $10.99 and $7.99 respectively off of the 2017 gate admission price. As an added bonus, you will receive 1 free admission ticket with every 15 tickets you purchase (Maximum 10 free tickets per group). Senior Citizen ticket is $26.99 for anyone over 60 with valid ID at time of purchase. Children 2 and under are free. You can make your group reservation online or by calling 336-852-9721

Groups also get the following amenities…

· BYOB (Bring Your Own Baskets) is a new exclusive program for groups that allows you to bring your own food into the Club Bermuda area and enjoy eating your own personal picnic. Only available on Sundays and Tuesdays.

· Every group receives a FREE reserved VIP tent section for the entire day in Club Bermuda Catering Area to enjoy as a meeting/resting area. (no outside food allowed and space subject to availability)

· Groups can purchase Meal vouchers good for a combo meal for only $10.99.

· You only pay for the tickets you use on the day of your event. (no refunds once purchased)

· Catering opportunities start with as few as 15 and begin at an unbelievably low price of $8.99.

If you have anymore questions about Emerald Pointe group rates, feel free to fill out this contact form and they will get back to you asap.

Be sure to check out the rest of our pictures of our visit to Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe on Flickr!

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  1. robin rue says:

    Oh how FUN! My boys LOVE water parks, so they would be in heaven at this place.

    • I love short trips like this from time to time especially if the week has been a tad stressful. I would love to get myself and some friends a cabana and just soak in the sun! This water park is a lot of fun, without a doubt!

  2. I love water parks and we have a wet and wild near me in Australia. Sounds great that you can get a cheaper rate for a bigger group – great for kids parties!

  3. This looks like a fun waterpark to visit. I’ve heard and seen dip and dots before but I don’t think I’ve ever tried them .

  4. This looks like such an awesome time! Your burger looked delicious. I’ll have to check this place out.

  5. TColeman says:

    I have always heard such great things about Emerald Pointe. I need to make it a point to go one day!

  6. Emerald Pointe sounds like a great place to spend time with the family! Nothing beats a day (or two) at the water park.

  7. No summer is complete without a few trips to the water park and Emerald Pointe looks awesome! My kids love a good water slide, but the lazy river is forever my favorite.

  8. I am so addicted to Dippin Dots. I had them years ago on a trip to Vegas and have loved them ever since! Looks like you had a great time!

  9. So let’s see. We’ve got fun in the sun, water, burgers, Dippin’ Dots, and general family togetherness. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

  10. The cabana totally is the way to go at water parks. We rented one once and it was an awesome experience, to not have to keep track of our stuff, have a locker, and we stayed out of the sun. I love Wet N Wild, though I’ve never been to this particular location before.

  11. It looks like such a fun place to visit. If I ever get to the area, I will have to check it out. PS – can you believe I’ve never tried Dippin’ Dots?

  12. My kids live near here, and they love it! I mean, who doesn’t love a great water park?

  13. We used to live in Charlotte, so not far from here! I would love to visit with our son some day. It looks like so much fun for the entire family!

  14. This seriously looks like SO much fun!!! And all that good food!!

  15. My kids would love to go stay here. We love water slides. They are so fun and a great way to cool off.

  16. That looks like so much fun. I’m so excited for summer. Things like this makes summer so much fun!

  17. What a seriously awesome place to go with the family!!! I should keep this in mind next time we drive down south!

  18. This looks like a great place to visit. The perfect place to spend the day with the family.

  19. It’s totally so much fun to be able to stay here and just enjoy what the place has to offer. It’s cool that you get discounts when you bring more than 10 people!

  20. So fun! I’d love to take my kids here. It’s a bit far from me but a girl can dream!

  21. I love to be in places which has lot of activities and you don’t need to move around a lot. It is perfect for short vacations.

  22. Emerald Pointe looks like a ton of fun! We should definitely visit there sometime.

  23. What an awesome place to go to during the summer. I think it’s definitely going to be fun for the adults and the kids! I love that it has everything you need to relax and to have fun too.

  24. Wow, that looks like a super fun place. I am going to keep this in mind for a vacation idea – always looking for fun new places!

  25. Love water parks like this, great tips on the cabana. Would make things smoother with kids too I’d assume.

  26. Journa Ramirez says:

    Our family loves to have this kind of adventure but it’s too far for us. If we had it near us, I’m sure we’ll go there regularly!

  27. What a great place to take the family. I haven’t been to water park in so long, but would love to check this one out.

  28. Looks like a wonderful place! I love going to water parks, and I can’t wait to take the kids this summer! If we end up around that way we will for sure check this one out!

  29. That’s an amazing discount when you go with groups. This looks perfect for the family! Will definitely try it here!

  30. We love water parks, and they are not that many to choose from here in the UK. When we go away, we make use of them. Great photos xx

  31. Not only is it a great discount but I also freaking love water parks. Now all I need is someone to buy me a plane ticket and find me some accommodation lol !

  32. That water park looks like a great place to cool off and the cabana is really the best way to go. I would go just for the food that looks delicious.

  33. sounds like a great way to be frugal and stick in budget while having an awesome time! Just wish we were closer because it looks like fun

  34. I haven’t been to a water park in absolutely ages but it’s so nice that you guys make such an effort to go there often x

  35. The Dippin Dots! I love those! We don’t get to the water park very often, but once in a while we will take a trip, and it is definitely a highlight!

  36. A water park sounds perfect right now as the temperatures here are almost 100! Dippin Dots are so good! They remind me so much of my little cousins when they were little wanting them everytime we would go shopping! Great memories!

  37. What a fun park! And it looks like it has a lot to offer for all family members! And when it comes to great park – membership is an excellent way to support them and save money on the long run!

  38. You had me at Dippin’ Dots! Oh my gosh this water park looks fantastic and I don’t know why anyone would miss it this summer!

  39. We had a Wet n Wild in Florida and it closed. 🙁 It was full of fun childhood memories. Love this location!

  40. wow I can’t remember the last time we went to a water park. Many years ago. It was lots of fun as I remember. Might be the inspiration to go again!

  41. We have a Wet N’ Wild in Phoenix and love visiting! This looks like a great deal for summer fun with the family!

  42. Emerald Pointe looks like an amazing water park! I haven’t had the chance to visit, but I would love to take a trip out there and take advantage of this great deal!

  43. We LOVE waterparks! For my daughters birthday this year we’ll be going to a local waterpark to celebrate. Can’t wait!

  44. My family and I enjoy going to water parks in the summer. I have never heard of this one before, but it sounds pretty amazing!

  45. Wow this looks amazing@ My kids are all learning how to swim so we’ve been all about swim parks lately! I would love to do something like this!

  46. I wish I had known about this place when I lived in North Carolina! This would have been a great way to spend a summer day.

  47. Those dip n’ dots look so delicious! This looks like an amazing day trip. And North Carolina makes it all the more better!

    Much love,
    Ashley |

  48. This looks like such a fun place to visit. I would love to take the kids here or some place like it this summer.

  49. We love using Groupon for family days out. We must have saved a fortune over the years. And how cool does that water park look?! I wish we had something like this here in the UK 🙂

    Louise x

  50. Wow! I can’t wait to take my kids to these places once they are a bit older! Though I’m sure my husband and I would love to try these out!