#Ad Free $5 Gift Card When You Buy TYLENOL® At Target 5/14-5/20 #ForWhatMattersMost

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#Ad Free $5 Gift Card When You Buy Tylenol At Target 5/14-5/20

Are you a Weekend Warrior? After a long winter do you find yourself running from place to place, enjoying the outdoors and being active? Be a warrior! Don’t let your aches and pains get in the way of your Spring and reclaim your day!

To help get you through those Warrior Weekends, choose TYLENOL® from Target. Use Extra Strength TYLENOL® or TYLENOL® 8 HR Muscle Aches & Pain to treat your aches and pains and get back to what you love doing most!

Offer: Free $5 gift card when you buy 2 select Adult or Infant TYLENOL® pain relief products. Offer available from 5/14/17-5/20/17. Head to your local Target now!

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  1. Extra Strength Tylenol is my go-to when I’ve overdone it working in the garden or when I get occasional aches and pains. My first aid kit wouldn’t be complete without Tylenol.

  2. Well I must be a huge warrior. Busy working inside and busy working outside. This week we have built fence, redid a roof. Today I have 30 tomato plants to plant. Bring on the meds for tonight.

  3. I remember a friend who really doesn’t go without Tylenol, its part of her make-up kit so that she has her first aid when it comes to headaches and migraines.

  4. I need it now. After weeks of staying outdoors I got flu and cough and body aches and etc. May I have that please.

  5. I am always suffering from aches and pains so this is something I really need to try, I’ll have to check for it in store.

  6. Oh nice, I use Tylenol a lot and it helps me out. And I love the $5 gift card deal. Yes please!

  7. Tylenol is my go to when my back gives out. I hate to take prescription meds but when it goes out, I need relief and in major way.

  8. I certainly enjoy running outdoors. I get tired of using my treadmill during the winter season.

  9. I actually JUST bought it at Target today! I got the 8 hour kind because we’re going to be working in the garden all weekend long! Even in the rain..

  10. What is Tylenol made out of? I’m allergic to paracetamol so I have to be careful with which pain killers I choose!

  11. Lisa Queen says:

    Tylenol is the best thing out there. This is a good deal. Who doesn’t like a gift card? Thanks!

  12. Unfortunately, I’m prone to headaches and yes, Tylenol is definitely my go-to. In fact, I use extra-strength when they get down to becoming migraines (which is seldom, thankfully).

  13. I know how effective Tylenol is when relieving pain. It’s my drug of choice when in pain.

  14. Thanks for the great info at Tylenol from Target. Target is one of my favorite stores and it’s always good to have Tylenol around the house.

  15. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Tylenol has been around for years so you know people trust it. This is a great deal and I will have to share it with my other family members. Thanks for sharing the information.

  16. Love You Wedding says:

    Tylenol is my go to choice for minor aches and pains. It does help ease the pain in the least amount of time.

  17. Thanks for sharing this post!….

  18. I actually use holistic methods to help with my ailments now. I think this is still a great deal for those who need aspirin.

  19. Love shopping at Target. It’s a nice refreshing stroll through the aisles to clear my mind and get my retail therapy in!