The Best Places To Check Out The Tooele City Country Music Scene #countrymusic sponsored

The Best Places To Check Out The Tooele City Country Music Scene #sponsored

Tooele City Fan Fest

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My husband and I are trying to make a point to see more of the US over the next few years. We have talked often about traveling out west to see many of the natural landmarks like the national parks and the salt lakes. As many of you know, Jay and I were radio deejays before we started blogging, so music is one of our main interests. In my research for the perfect road trip out west, I found a really cool town, Tooele City, Utah, that has a great music vibe that I really want to check out soon.

The Best Places To Check Out The Tooele City Country Music Scene

Tooele Fan Fest – The Country Fan Fest is coming to Tooele County July 27th-30th. Some of my favorite country artist, Billy Currington and Thomas Rhett will be in the massive lineup. I have seen Billy Currington in concert and even got to meet him a few times :D and he puts on a fabulous concert. I also would love to check out Ned Ledoux’s show as I was a big fan of his dad’s. I have always wanted to attend a concert event that involves camping so this seems perfect! You can check out the full artist lineup here.

Tooele County FairThe Tooele County Fair is a great place to catch a great country music show, too. One of my favorite country music singers, Aaron Tippin, has performed there in this past and this year, Darryl Worley will be there on August 4th! Now I have , “I Miss My Friend” going through my head. :) When the full entertainment schedule for this year is released, you will be able to check it out here.

Deseret Peak Complex – Home of the Tooele County Fair, The Desert Peak Complex is a great place to catch a country music show and all of the things that go with it. I mean, country people love a good rodeo, fair or barrel race and you can see all of those things here. There are lots of things to do onsite like visiting the Aquatic Center, Benson Grist Mill, BMX Track of attending an event at the Convention Center. Be sure to check out the FREE Summer Concert Series each Friday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Aquatic Center Park which features popular local bands like Kindle Creek.

Daughters Of The Utah Pioneers – In neighboring Salt Lake City, you can take in a history lesson about the music of the entire region. The country music of today slowly evolved from many types of music like bluegrass, hymns and old western songs from years ago. So why not see how country music began during one of the Lesson, Music and Artifact events held monthly by the Daughters of The Utah Pioneers? This month’s song is “Wait For The Wagon” which was popular during the Civil War. Several versions appeared over the years and you can even purchase the song on their website.

Fast Facts About Tooele County

My husband comes from a town that is known for its salt deposits so he is very interested in this type of geographical location. Tooele County is home to the fastest land-speed records on earth as established on the Bonneville Salt Flats. And, of course, due to their natural beauty, The Great Salt Lake and Bonneville Salt Flats are some of the most iconic and most photographed landscapes in America. I have always wanted to see wild horses and Tooele County is home to one of the largest herds of free-roaming wild horses in Utah.

Are You Planning A Trip To Tooele County?

Have you already been there? If so, we would love for you to share your suggestions of where to check out the Tooele County Country Music Scene in the comment section below.

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  1. That sounds great! There’s so much to do there. I would love to take the family to the fair. We LOVE fairs.

  2. I wasn’t planning a trip to Toole County until now. I didn’t know it existed until now. Looks like a great place to visit.

  3. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I am not a country music fan in the slightest. I would however still love to explore Toole County for other reasons.

  4. I love country music and would have such a blast at the Tooele County music scene. I also think it sounds like a pretty interesting place to explore outside of the music as well!

  5. There’s so much going on with Tooele County’s country music scene. I love Billy Currington!

  6. Neha Saini says:

    This sounds great and fun. There’s so much to do there. I liked that country music at the Tooele County music scene. I would love to explore Tooele Fan Fest.

  7. So many great places to travel to. I will have to make note of these when my husband and I are looking for music festivals. We love traveling to music fests and just hanging out to experience the local culture. So cool!

  8. Elizabeth O. says:

    Sounds like a cool place to spend some time in especially if you’re a fan of country music! Summer is well spent while watching music festivals!

  9. I love that you guys are planning to travel more throughout the country! It’s awesome to be able to watch these festivals as well! How cool!

  10. My husband and I were also talking about traveling and getting out more often.
    I think it is a good idea to formulate a list with your partner; maybe each one writing his or her own list, then comparing the two AFTER completion.

  11. I have never heard of Toole City but it seems like an awesome place to visit! My husband and I want to travel a little more before the kids start school, i will add this destination to the list!

  12. I’m not much into country. However, this sounds like it would be a blast!

  13. This sounds like the place to be for country music! I need to catch up on the popular artists!

  14. Beeb Ashcroft says:

    I’m more into rock but wow, this sounds like a great country music scene! I like trying music of all kinds.

  15. We hope to head west again this summer. Last summer we made it to Utah but only got as far as Moab, looks like we need to get further west for more fun.

  16. Our Family World says:

    It sure would be nice to spend a few days in the summer watching music festivals! I haven’t done that in like forever. My husband and I enjoy any kind of music genre, and we particularly enjoy country music.

  17. Kelly Reci says:

    I’ve never heard Toole City before, but that place is such a perfect spot for a family.

  18. I’ve never heard of Tooele City, but from your post, it seems like I need to visit sometime! I love country music!

  19. My Teen Guide says:

    Thanks for the information. I think this would be a lovely idea to be at a country music fair this summer. I have always wanted to do that, but something always comes up so we have to put our plans aside. Hopefully, this summer, we will be able to.

  20. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    This is an awesome event to attend. Its been awhile since I have been to a country music fair! I love the ambiance, the people, the music and of course, the food! Hopefully I can make a trip this summer!

  21. Growing up, country music was a big part of my life. The two top places to get our country music on were Nashville, TN is only by way of watching the Grand Ole Opry, and Renfro Valley Kentucky where the stars would come out in droves to play. I’ll have to check out Tooele now too!

  22. I love country music, and so do my kids as a result ;)
    I would love to go to a country music estival this year!

  23. Now isn’t this awesome! I love the idea of being able to go to different music festivals during the summer! It’s very exciting and fun.

  24. I love summer festivals and concerts. It’s the best way to enjoy a show!

  25. Awesome place to travel!….