K9 Memorial Ceremony To Be Held In Fayetteville On Memorial Day

K9 Memorial Ceremony To Be Held In Fayetteville On Memorial Day

Earlier this year, Jay and I got to visit the lovely area in our home state of North Carolina called Fayetteville. One of the things that we loved most about the area is their patriotism. It’s a military town {home of Fort Bragg} and everywhere you go, you get the sense that military servicemen and women and their families are welcome, cared for and appreciated. And this also includes services dogs where every Memorial Day, Fayetteville is home to K9 Memorial Ceremony.

K9 Memorial Ceremony To Be Held In Fayetteville On Memorial Day

Each Memorial Day, the Special Operations Forces (SOF) K9 Memorial Foundation and the Airborne & Special Operations Museum (ASOM) Foundation hold a K9 Memorial Ceremony near “Constant Vigilance,” the world’s first memorial to SOF K9s killed in the line of duty. The 2017 ceremony will be held on Monday, May 29th at 12 noon on the grounds of the ASOM in Fayetteville.

“These truly daring and brave dogs often lead their Soldier team-members in the most dire conditions to save lives and complete the mission,” says Paul Galloway, Executive Director, ASOM Foundation. “They’ve given their lives for their country and we are grateful to be able to honor them on this special day.” Fittingly, Constant Vigilance overlooks “Iron Mike,” the icon of the Airborne Trooper. Both memorials are on the grounds of the ASOM.

Guest speaker Laura Miller served as a veterinary technician for 26 years in the United States Army, with the last ten years dedicated to taking care of Special Operations Forces dogs. She is Vice President of the SOF K9 Memorial Foundation, which she co-founded in 2010 to acknowledge the sacrifice and loss felt by all of the SOF community when a dog was killed or missing in action.

“Constant Vigilance,” which was dedicated in July of 2013, honors canines from around the world. Surrounding stones have the dog’s birth and date killed in action. The plaque reads “the Bond Between a SOF handler and his K9 is eternal. Trusting each other is a nameless language. Here we honor the SOF K9s that have paid the ultimate price.”

Each year, Fayetteville and Cumberland County host a “Field of Honor” on the grounds of the ASOM. Each flag honors a current or past service member. They do the same for the canine soldiers. The “K9 Field of Honor” surrounds the statue during “Field of Honor.” Large flags are placed next to the dog’s flag representing handlers that were killed alongside the dog.

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  1. Seems like a very special little town with a lot of character! Would love to visit one day…

  2. It is such a beautiful place, with so much to see. Looks like a vibrant city! Would love to travel here.

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    What an amazing thing to do for animals that have helped serve the country alongside our troops. I think this is a wonderful way to honor them.

  4. A beautiful tribute to all our furry friends who served our country and helped us get the freedom that we have today. It’s beautiful and touching and I wish I lived near to witness such an event.

  5. It’s nice that canines are recognized too. Well done! It’s comforting to know they’re trained, and wonderful that they are appreciated…even when they have given the ultimate sacrifice.

  6. What a beautiful memorial. Those pooches really do dedicate their lives. <3 We have a canine unit here too and the dogs are also loved by all.

  7. Absolutely, hands-down the best read! Being a veteran myself, this means so much that this was conducted. I normally lay roses on the fallen’s graves but, even being in a very military heavy location, this has never been done to my knowledge. Going to be looking into this, thanks!

  8. That is such a sweet and wonderful thing to do. Sometimes we forget that they served as well

  9. Dawn:

    I appreciate you sharing this story so much! As you know, this is one of my favorite stories to tell about Fayetteville. I’m a huge dog lover. The ceremony is so moving as the two-legged service members tell the stories about how the K-9 soldiers acted and saved lives. I was also there when the statue, Constant Vigilance, was dedicated a few years back. To see this big tough guys crying as they tell stories about their dogs was incredibly moving and I’ll never forget it. Thank you thank you!