Great Coupons To Help You Save Money On Contact Lenses

Great Coupons To Help You Save Money On Contact Lenses #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

So, I went to the eye doctor last week and, guess what? It’s time for my first pair of glasses. At 40, I could tell that my eyesight was deteriorating on my right eye. It turns out that my left eye has pretty decent vision in my left eye, but I am pretty far sighted in my right eye. This makes my vision very blurry by the end of the long day in front of the computer. So, I am really looking forward to my first pair of glasses arriving in the next week or so. But I started thinking – what about contacts lenses?

How To Save Money On Contacts

I am thinking that I might want to look into getting contact lenses as well. That way I would have choices and I could change up my look from day to day. I definitely don’t want to pay a crazy price for them, though. So, I found some great coupons on Groupon to help me save money on contact lenses at

I like that there are so many coupons to choose from. Many of them offer free shipping and money off of your order as well. I also saw a coupon that offers torn contact lens replacement. As a potential new contact lens wearer, I am not sure how often contacts get torn, but I thought I would mention this coupon anyway. Perhaps someone can share their torn contact lens experience in the comments.

I will talk to my optometrist when I go to pick up my glasses when they come in and see what she says about what contact lenses might be best for me. I am definitely interested in learning more. Should I choose to get contacts, I will definitely be using one of these money saving coupons to

Great Coupons To Help You Save Money On Contact Lenses #sponsored

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  1. robin rue says

    OMG this is awesome. My stepson wears contacts and now I am going to save tons on them!!!

  2. Groupon Coupons, FTW! Groupon has been my go to for coupons and codes since I heard they were doing it. It’s so awesome!

  3. I’ve never thought about going through Groupon for my contacts. Context is so expensive so if I can find a way to make them cheaper you better believe I will.

  4. Our daughter wear contacts, and it seems we always spend an arm and a leg for hers! Thank you for posting on how to save money on contacts!

  5. I LOVE the deals on contact lenses. My boyfriend wears contacts once or twice a year for special occasions and I loathe paying full price for ones he’ll wear once and throw in the trash. These deals will definitely help!

  6. Claudia Krusch says

    This is a great way to save on contacts. Groupon coupons are a fantastic way to save money on all the things you were gong to buy anyway.

  7. We just spent a lot on my daughter’s contacts. I will definitely check out Groupon for the next time we need them.

  8. Jenna Wood says

    I can’t believe there are so many things you can save on with Groupon coupons! I need to get off the ‘goods’ pages and discover more!

  9. Amy Desrosiers says

    I had no idea that Groupon had deals on contacts. My husband is actually due for a new 6 month supply.

  10. TColeman says

    Contact lenses can get rather pricey for sure! This is such great information on how to save on this necessity.

  11. I don’t wear contact lenses, but I will pass this information along to friends that do. It may help them save money on their own contacts, thanks.

  12. I don’t wear contact lenses but I do wear glasses. I do love Groupon though. They always seem to have amazing deals.

  13. Ah, savings on contacts ? What a nice find! I really need to start browsing Groupon Coupons more often.

  14. My daughter wears contacts. I will be passing this info on to her for sure.

  15. I have quite a few friends and faily members who wear contact lenses. I will pass this post on to them.

  16. This is great!! I’ve been using Groupon Coupons for so long but I never tried it when purchasing contact lenses. Would love to check that out!

  17. Yes! I don’t have Groupon but they sure have many deals we all could use. 🙂

  18. Brianne says

    Groupon is amazing. They truly have a coupon for everything!

  19. Wow, Groupon has everything now! I had Lasik eye surgery, but I remember how the expenses used to add up with contacts.

  20. This is good to know for my family but personally I’m scared of contact lenses. But I’ll pass the info on thanks.