DIY Dog Food Station From An Upcycled Kitchen Recycler #ad #FeedDogsPurina

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DIY Dog Food Station From An Upcycled Kitchen Recycler #ad #FeedDogsPurina

A few years ago I got a kitchen recycler. It’s really handy, but not for what you are thinking. it doesn’t work for us for recycling but it works great to store items needed for our 2 small dogs. It works perfectly for organizing all of our dogs’ needs as a DIY dog food storage container. So, we upcycled a recycler – ironic?

DIY Dog Food Station From An Upcycled Kitchen Recycler #ad #FeedDogsPurina

Upcycled DIY Dog Food Station

What I love about this recycler is that all of the pieces come apart. So, you can take either the top or bottom parts out and carry them elsewhere if you need to. That makes cleaning what has now become out dog food station super easy and it’s easy to dispense food to other areas of the house without having to carry the entire dog food station with you or making several trips with a small scoop.

Changing this particular recycler into a DIY dog food station was really easy.

DIY Dog Food Station From An Upcycled Kitchen Recycler #ad #FeedDogsPurina

You Will Need…
wood sign {or small pieces from a pallet}
rustic metal letters to spell out “DOG”
stickers that are easy to remove {you will need at least 2 full alphabets}
nice, sturdy basket
*We picked up most of these items at our local craft store

DIY Dog Food Station From An Upcycled Kitchen Recycler #ad #FeedDogsPurina

To Make The Sign…
1. First I marked dots on sign where I would be putting nails in to hang the “DOG” letters.
2. Next, I drove the nails in the sign partway, leaving enough nail out to hand the letters on.
3. Hang the letters on the nails and set aside.

To Decorate The DIY Dog Food Station
Originally, I was going to stencil the letters on but then I couldn’t find a paint that I knew for sure would be safe around the food, so I decided not to. Stickers seemed like a perfect option. Plus, if you get ones that can be removed, then you can fix them if you put them on crooked – which I did a few times. 😉 Don’t worry. This doesn’t have to be perfect.

DIY Dog Food Station From An Upcycled Kitchen Recycler #ad #FeedDogsPurina

1. I decided to use the top, smaller part of the dog food storage station for treats and small, individual sized goods. So, I started with the E and the A and centered them as best I could and worked my way out.
2. For the FOOD part of the DIY dog food storage container, I did the same as above, starting with the Os. I use this part to store large bags of kibble.

Put your DIY dog food storage in a place that works for you and your dogs. We keep ours in the kitchen in a corner between a cabinet and the sliding glass doors that was not being used. Add a cute basket to the top to hold other odds and ends. We have our scoops and doggy wipes in ours. We recommend boxed treats be emptied into mason jars with tight lids when opened. That way, your treats can stay fresher, longer. Plus, it helps keep things neat in the TREATS section of your dog food station. Next, you can either attach your sign to the basket or hang it on the wall and you have your awesome DIY Dog Food Storage Station.

DIY Dog Food Station From An Upcycled Kitchen Recycler #ad #FeedDogsPurina

How To Organize Your Dogs’ Stuff

We have found the dog food station to be super helpful at organizing our dog’s treats, food, and other supplies. You could also buy a more heavy duty sign and put hangers on it to attach leashes, toys and other items like that. We used to have our dogs’ treats all over the house. It was ridiculous. And, since our dogs like some better than others – it was not helpful when we couldn’t find certain ones for them. This DIY dog food station has helped a lot.

Now To Stock Your DIY Dog Food Storage Station

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DIY Dog Food Station From An Upcycled Kitchen Recycler #ad #FeedDogsPurina

We also bought a variety of the Purina Beneful® Prepared Meals and Purina treats to stock the top of the DIY dog food station.

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How Do You Organize Your Dogs’ Food & Treats?

We would love to hear how you keep your fur baby’s stuff organized. Please share your tips in the comments below.

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  1. robin Rue says

    That is a great idea. I would love to make one of these for my dog.

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  14. Linda Szymoniak says

    Where did you get the recycle container? Also, how much kibble does the bottom part hold? I buy 40# bags of food for my three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds, and prefer to have the entire bag in my container at once (once the bag is opened, I really don’t have a place for it). We also have three cats, so the top could be used for THEIR food (I get a 18 pound bag of food for them (well, except for the kitten who is still on kitten food, but will be transitioning to adult food in another 2-3 months so I really don’t need a separate place for that). Cute idea. I currently am keeping my dog kibble in a fun Snoopy container I bought at a Japanese market. It’s actually from Japan, so it’s a unique item. However, it’s a bright, light green and really doesn’t match my kitchen. Something like this would be so much better.

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    Belle | One Awesome Momma

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    This is such a great idea! I have two big dogs and have not found the best way to store there treats and food until Now!!!

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    Love this fun diy! I have a similar one for my chihuahuas food. He’s smaller so not that much good is needed which means a smaller container.

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