Combating Dry Skin With All Natural Products From Promise Organic #sponsored

Combating Dry Skin With All Natural Products From Promise Organic
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When it comes to using face and body products, I always prefer to use pure and natural products. I have very dry skin, and often times I find that the fragrances in unnatural products cause my face to become even drier and break out. I recently got the chance to review an organic line of beauty products called Promise Organic and I wanted to share my experience with you today.

Combating Dry Skin With Argan Oil Products From Promise Organic

Although this company has several lines to choose from, I decided to concentrate my review specifically on their argan oil line. Since I was already a fan of Argan Oil and its effectiveness at moisturizing dry skin, I was excited to try this line of products.

I received the following Promise Organic products to try: a facial cleanser, a facial lotion, a facial cream, makeup remover wipes, a facial scrub, and some Argan Oil. Besides Argan Oil, these products contain many other natural ingredients such as jojoba, sugar, walnut, avocado, olive oil, and soap berries.

The packaging does not come with directions as far as which order to use them in so I will share with you what I did. I decided to use the facial cleanser and facial cream when I woke up each morning, and then I used the scrub, the oil, and the lotion at night. I chose to use the three mentioned at night since the oil and lotion are slightly heavier. I found that the scrub worked great to remove my dry skin, without irritating my skin further.

Combating Dry Skin With All Natural Products From Promise Organic

Before using Promise Organic products.

Combating Dry Skin With All Natural Products From Promise Organic

After using Promise Organic products for 2-3 weeks.

I love that Promise Organic is so concerned with creating products that do no harm. I am most pleased to learn about their non-cruelty policy, “that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers.”

Overall, I have used these products for about two to three weeks consistently and I love them and will certainly be purchasing them when I run out. My dry skin has improved dramatically, and I have even had several people comment on my skin looking much better. The Promise Organic products even helped relieve my acne some. But do keep in mind that if you are looking for something to strictly remove your acne, this probably isn’t for you, since it’s not designed for that. But I was still impressed that it did help with clearing acne while also helping to make my skin more smooth, moisturized and healthy looking.

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