Building A Website With GoCentral By GoDaddy

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Building A Website With GoCentral By GoDaddy #sponsored

As bloggers, we know full well what it’s like to try to build a website from scratch. It isn’t easy to try and come up with designs and content as well as figuring out web hosting and how you are going to pay for it all. It is a bit overwhelming at first. Fortunately, building a personal or business website has just gotten much easier. The folks at GoDaddy have developed an all new website builder called GoCentral. With it, even the most novice users can build a website.

Building A Website With GoCentral By GoDaddy #sponsored

Building A Website With GoCentral By GoDaddy

GoCentral allows you to start from the very beginning. You can choose from different pre-built designs to help you get your website up and running. The great thing is, the more you learn about your website and how to manage it on your own, then the more you can change it and build it into the dream website that you have been looking to build. But, to get started, you can just use the basic, generic templates provided. After all, it’s the content that is really going to drive your web site. The better your subject matter and writing, the bigger the site will get.

Building A Website With GoCentral By GoDaddy #sponsored

I got to take GoCentral for a test drive and kick the tires for you. So, now you will get a better idea of what you can expect from GoCentral. The first thing I had to do was choose my content and a name for my site. GoCentral actually set up a generic design based on the main content of my site. From there I was able to edit the design of my site, including fonts and colors.

GoCentral had 6 different themes to choose from, all of which were pretty well coordinated, I thought. I went with the Urban theme for my website. I was building a site to talk about sports, so I felt this design pretty well captured the excitement that I was trying to convey. GoCentral walked me through it step by step with helpful hints and tips that both challenged and inspired me to come up with catchy and original content to add to my site, including an “About Me” section and a header.

Building A Website With GoCentral By GoDaddy #sponsored

After my website was designed and ready to go, GoCentral helped me get my site published. They even walked me through step by step on how to properly SEO, or search engine optimize, my site. If you don’t know what that means, let me explain it a bit. SEO is basically using keywords and phrases that helps your website get found easier when those words are typed into a search engine. In other words, if someone types “sports news” into their search bar, having my site SEO’d with that phrase makes it appear higher in the search results. The better your SEO, the higher your website comes up in searches. This gets you more traffic and increases your page rank. That’s very important if you are trying to make money using your website.

I am by no means an expert at SEO, as matter of fact, I stink at it, so I thought this was extremely helpful. A lot of people don’t realize the importance of proper SEO, or, like me, they don’t understand how to do it. With GoCentral, it is explained in simple and straightforward terms so that you know what you are doing as you go through the process.

Also, they offered the opportunity to set up social media accounts for my site. Social media is the new billboard for websites and the best place to advertise. With GoCentral, setting up social media accounts was simple with just a few clicks.

Overall, I would have to say the GoDaddy’s GoCentral website builder is pretty comprehensive. If you are new to website design and building, it’s the perfect way to start. You can really get a good website started here, one that is useful and informative. You can also set up email accounts for your website with GoCentral, which gives you the opportunity to get more business with a professional email address attached to your site.

Building A Website With GoCentral By GoDaddy #sponsored

I thought my website looked professional and it only took an hour or so to set it up and then I spent a few more hours really diving in and messing with everything like SEO and getting the design that I was really looking for. I know that it took my wife a LOT longer to get this blog going that we are on right now. I wasn’t about all that and GoDaddy’s GoCentral made the process much easier.

Also, GoDaddy offers a free domain for your website, but you can add a domain of your own if you choose, so getting the website published is pretty easy. I would recommend GoCentral to anyone that is getting into website building on the ground floor. I think it might be the best way to start a website of your own.

Building A Website With GoCentral By GoDaddy #sponsored

Get One Month Free Of GoDaddy’s GoCentral

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  1. I will not lie, SEO scares me. I have been blogging for a long time now and I still cannot figure the darn thing out. But this makes it sound like it would help walk me through it a bit better – actually a lot more. I’ll have to look into this more. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve always wondered about GoDaddy. I’ve been with my current host for years now and my site just crashed again the other day. UGH….

  2. Building a website is so much easier than when I started mine. Wish I had known all this back then. My domain name is through GoDaddy and they are so easy to work with.

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  7. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    This is great! What an easy way to start and set up a blog or website. I will have to check this out because my husband has been wanting to start a website about his sheep.

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    I have been with GoDaddy since I switched to my WP site. I have always been super happy with them and their customer service.

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