Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With 911 Help Now

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With 911 Help Now #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

Have you ever felt like you could use an extra layer of personal protection or additional security when you’re alone at home? Working late? Out for a jog or walk? What about when you’ve been shopping at the mall and you have to go through a dark parking lot to get back to your car? Have a loved one not living with you who could use some additional protection in case of a fall or some type of emergency?

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With 911 Help Now #sponsored

Well, there’s a really simple and affordable way to add some real peace of mind to your day, no matter what activity you or someone you care about may be doing. It’s a personal medical and emergency device called 911 Help Now and you can carry it in the palm of your hand, clip it to your clothing or wear it around your neck as a necklace or pendant.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With 911 Help Now #sponsored

911 Help Now is a device that with the single push of one button, immediately puts you in touch with the nearest 911 operator opening up a two-way communication with that operator. The device works pretty much anywhere there’s cell service so you’re almost never out of touch. It works off AAA batteries that come with the unit, a real plus, because all you have to do is install them and you are ready to go. And, perhaps most impressive, 911 Help Now has no monthly fees and no hidden charges. Unlike so many other personal security devices that can cost hundreds or thousands of $$$ per year, once you’ve purchased 911 Help Now for $149.99, you are ready to go! And for a limited time, 911 Help Now is available at a 20% discount if purchasers use the promo code HELP20.

So whether you’re a senior wanting an easy to use way to keep in touch with the authorities in case of an emergency, or a mom who wants her child to be safer when he/she is waiting for the school bus or walking home, 911 Help Now can provide additional peace of mind without costing an arm and a leg. It’s the perfect companion to keep you safe.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With 911 Help Now #sponsored

For more information about this life enhancing device, visit and remember when ordering to use promo code HELP20 to save on the easiest to use and most affordable personal security device available.

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  1. Nice article, thank you for the sharing

  2. robin Rue says:

    Wow, this sounds like something that everyone should have! I am going to definitely get one for my dad!!

  3. After my mom passed away this past May, my dad lives alone. He’s in his 80’s and my sister and I call him several times a day to check on him because he lives in a different state. I’ve been looking for something like this but the ones I’ve found used a cell phone provider that has spotty coverage in my dad’s small town. I’m heading over to check this out. I think it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So many people I know have life alert around here, all older people. It is expensive. This is great for anyone and any age. Seems simple to work and use. Great comfort to have when we are out and about.

  5. This is a great idea! If you are on your own or you kiddo is somewhere by themselves this is a great safety feature! I will definitely be checking into this.

  6. I love the sound of this, when I was in the refuge we had to wear an alarmed watch at all times, even inside the refuge when we were on high alert but this sounds like a great alternative.

  7. Vrithi Pushkar says:

    What a great product! I think it would keep a lot of moms at ease if their kids carried them all the time.

  8. I’m going to get this for my mom. She does not like to own a cellphone (she says it is too confusing to use). I worry when she’s out with her senior citizen friends, or when she makes short trips to the store, or when she’s all alone at home. This would give me and my siblings more peace of mind.

  9. Bonnie G says:

    I’m so glad that they have this available. Everybody could benefit from getting one of these.

  10. This is really useful and thank you for sharing. Elderly people/parents etc. definitely would benefit from this and this seems to work well. I will check this out.

  11. Angelic Sinova says:

    911 Help Now sounds like an awesome advice to help keep your loved one safe. Although my grandmother lives with us, we travel a lot so she’s home alone sometimes and this would be perfect for her.

  12. I’m sure these handy for those with sick loved ones. I’m sure the older folks could benefit from it too!

  13. Oh now that’s a clever idea! I can think of several people who could use these. I would have purchased it for my daughter when she was in university for sure.