Awesome Tax Refund Ideas To Upgrade Your Tech Game #SamsungAtWalmart #IC #ad

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Awesome Tax Refund Ideas To Upgrade Your Tech Game #SamsungAtWalmart #IC #ad

It’s tax season, people. I know that a lot of you really love this time of year, too. All that extra money. What to spend it on? Well, if you are looking to up your electronics game this tax season, I have some fabulous ideas of what you can spend your refund on this year.

A New TV For The Man Cave

Oh yes! We are currently working on a man cave/entertainment room in our basement and we just bought ourselves a huge TV to go in it. You could do that, too. Your man will be living the dream watching his sports or whatever all day while you have the TV upstairs all to yourself. Rom-com weekend for you! 😉

We recommend checking out the UHD TV – U60KU6270 {see above}. This TV has 4K resolution which makes everything look 4x sharper than Full HD. It also offers the Smart View App which lets you watch on your mobile device as well.

What’s A Man Cave Without Great Sound?

My husband loves to hook up all of his electronics together to get some awesome sound. And this, my friend, requires soundbars.

Awesome Tax Refund Ideas To Upgrade Your Tech Game #SamsungAtWalmart #IC #ad

We recommend you check out the HW-KM36. This The Samsung Bluetooth Soundbar 2.1ch 130W Wireless Subwoofer helps you connect wirelessly with no clutter. It can provide the illusion of 3 dimensional sound and deliver volume, bass and power that will make your movie or game night rock. You can also control your entertainment system with a handy app!

Perhaps It’s Time For A Phone Upgrade

My husband and I are in love with Samsung phones. Right now, I am using the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and my husband is using the Samsung Galaxy S6. We both are very pleased with our phones. My phone before that was an S2. I used that baby for years! I just couldn’t part with it. I have to tell you though, that edge on the Edge+ is pretty cool. If you are a Samsung lover like we are, then be sure to check out all of the great deals on Samsung phones at Walmart this tax season.

Awesome Tax Refund Ideas To Upgrade Your Tech Game #SamsungAtWalmart #IC #ad

We recommend checking out the Straight Talk GS7. It has a big screen, slim profile and you can even dunk it in water and keep on going. This phone also has fast wireless charging and a great dual pixel camera that works well in low light conditions. We think all that makes this phone a great deal at $599.

Awesome Tax Refund Ideas To Upgrade Your Tech Game #SamsungAtWalmart #IC #ad

Need something at a lower price point? Check out the Straight Talk GS5. It offers a 16MB camera and an internal memory of 16GB. Oh, and this phone is also designed to be dust proof and water resistant.

Play Your Games On A Tablet

I love my tablet. I use it to play games on so that I don’t have my phone loaded with them. Also, it’s bigger and easier to see. If you like to play games or see your social media networks on something with a bigger screen than your smartphone, I highly suggest getting yourself a tablet this tax season.

Awesome Tax Refund Ideas To Upgrade Your Tech Game #SamsungAtWalmart #IC #ad

Check out the Tab E 9.6″. This will be great to use to catch up on your favorite shows, browse social media or to read your favorite books, all in one media device.

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What Great Tax Refund Ideas Do You Have?

What are you planning on spending your tax refund on this year? Any favorites from the list above or do you have some that you would love to share? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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  1. robin masshole mommy says

    Our tax refund is our Disney fund 🙂 We spend our money on our annual trip to WDW 🙂

  2. I love Samsung products. Everything I own is Samsung. You’re motivating me to get off my butt and complete my tax return!

  3. These gadgets are such an upgrade from what I am using. Samsung products are very high quality and since I missed watching the SuperBowl on a good TV I will try and get the UHD TV for next years.

  4. I spend any large amount of extra money on travel not things. So I am sure we will take a mini-vacay somewhere here in Florida with it.

  5. Oh I would love a new tv or even to upgrade to surround sound system.Normally we file our taxes early but this year we aren’t quite ready yet.

  6. I have the Galaxy S6 and I love it! Its’ the best phone I had by far! Its the first time I ever bought a Samsung and I may never go back 🙂

  7. I’ve been needing new speakers for my computers. Wireless sounds awesome, definitely checking those out!

  8. Great ideas! My hubby needs a new cell phone so these are wonderful ideas! We plan to upgrade our home TV also.

  9. WE are using ours to pay off some debt. As much as I want to do something fun, it seems better to invest in being debt free and having money back that we aren’t spending in interest.

  10. Our’s is going toward our Disney fund, but only because we spent last year’s on a Samsung TV because my hubby “needed” it 🙂 But we both use it a lot!

  11. Some fab ideas! I wish we were getting a tax return haha but I am lucky enough to have had a recent phone upgrade!

  12. A good friend of mine just was in an ad for Samsung. It seems pretty cool the capabilities.

  13. Samsung has really stepped up it’s game lately, but I’ll always been an apple fan! Great tax refund ideas 🙂

  14. You have some great picks here! We don’t own a telly and haven’t for years now – we’re definitely more laptop/tablet/phone people haha! x

  15. These are great ideas for using your tax refund. Samsung has put out some awesome new stuff, I’ve got the new tech itch and I think you just inspired me to spend a little of our refund on something cool. New TV would be nice!

  16. I’m definitely thinking it might be time for us to spring for a new TV for the living room… and if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right and go for the proper sound system to go with it! Better get our accountant on this 😉

  17. These are great ideas but unfortunately I always owe money and have never once received a tax refund. If I ever did though I’d probably just put the extra money into my savings or retirement account. Maybe one day I’ll get a refund!

  18. I haven’t really done my taxes yet, which reminds me I need to get them done. I don’t know what I will do with my returns yet maybe just save it for a rainy day, Or treat myself to something.