Coolpad Conjr: 13 MP Camera & Up To 64 GB Storage For Less Than $180! #ad

Coolpad Conjr: 13 MP Camera & Up To 64 GB Storage For Less Than $180! #ad

One thing about being a blogger (or, in my case, a blogger’s husband assistant) is that your phone is your life’s blood a lot of times. When you are traveling and away from your computer, it is really the only way to keep in touch with everyone of your followers on social media. Bloggers need to be able to post to their social media networks everyday in order to keep their fan base informed of what they are doing, lest they start leaving like flies. It’s great to have something to say that other people want to hear, but when you “clam up” and don’t say anything for awhile, then they move on to other things. But, what if we are out and our phones break on us? We aren’t the richest people around, so running to the nearest phone store to pick up a like model wouldn’t be easy to do, especially if the money we have is set aside for traveling expenses. That’s where the Coolpad Conjr comes into play.

Coolpad Conjr: 13 MP Camera & Up To 64 GB Storage For Less Than $180! #ad

Coolpad Conjr: A Great Smartphone For A Fraction Of The Cost

The Coolpad Conjr is a smartphone, with the amenities of most all the other smartphones out there, but at a fraction of the cost. The Coolpad Conjr offers 3 Gigabytes of RAM memory, with a 1.0 GHz Quad-core processor and 64 megabytes of expanded storage, making it just as quick and responsive as any of the higher priced phones on the market. And with a 5″ high-definition display screen, it is just as big and easy to read as other top model smartphones.

The great things about the Coolpad Conjr don’t stop there. Perhaps the greatest feature of this phone is the camera (something that is very important to a blogger). The camera is 13 megapixels rear-facing and 8 megapixels front-facing. That is pretty darn good, but with all the effects that you can use with the Coolpad Conjr, it really makes this phone a great phone to have just to take pictures with. And with Coolpad’s CoolUI 8.0 technology, you can create scrolling screen shots, custom pages for quick access to your most used apps, as well as high-definition screen recording and much more. Plus, the Coolpad Conjr comes with a dual SIM card feature which is great for international travelers.

Coolpad Conjr: 13 MP Camera & Up To 64 GB Storage For Less Than $180! #ad

Bird’s Nest In Our Magnolia Tree: Taken With The Coolpad Conjr

That Camera, Ahhhh…

Just to show you what kind of camera you are dealing with, we have included a couple of pictures we took with the phone. I got the pleasure of going out to use the Coolpad Conjr and I took a series of random pictures around our home using the different filters. It is winter, so I tried to get as much color as I could, but green and brown are the prevalent colors around here this time of the year. I think the Coolpad Conjr shows awesome detail.

Coolpad Conjr: 13 MP Camera & Up To 64 GB Storage For Less Than $180! #ad

Magnolia Bud: Taken With The Coolpad Conjr

Also, Johnetta’s daughter, Jacklyn, used it to take some selfies. She liked that there was a beauty button {when you turn on the camera} that allowed her to make her face look slimmer or her eyes look wider. What fun!

This Price Is A Game Changer

As far as the price goes, brace yourselves. The Coolpad Conjr is available for only $179.99. Let me say that again. The Coolpad Conjr is available for only $179.99! That is much cheaper than other brands, and you get a great phone to boot. I just really don’t see how you could go wrong with the Coolpad Conjr.

To be honest, I really liked the ease of use of this phone. Everything was right there at my fingertips and it worked so smoothly. I mean, I have a very prominent smartphone of my own, but I didn’t feel it was as easy to navigate as the Coolpad Conjr. The Coolpad Conjr’s screen is bright and easy to read, too. That’s big to me. My eyesight is getting worse by the day. I need an easy-to-read display. It has a unique sound when you touch something on the screen too. I liked that. It was a little different than what you hear on other phones so I thought that was cool. Plus, the response rate was quick. It was a little quicker than me sometimes, lol.

Coolpad Conjr: 13 MP Camera & Up To 64 GB Storage For Less Than $180! #ad

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Coolpad Conjr gets high marks in my book. For the price, it is really hard to beat. If you are looking for a smartphone that is nice but doesn’t blow your budget, then this is the phone for you. I really think that Coolpad is onto something with their phones. Having a smartphone doesn’t have to mean you can’t buy groceries next week so that you can pay for it. Anyone that wants a good phone at a really good price should look into the Coolpad Conjr.

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  1. Looks like a great phone! I love the camera- great detail!

  2. What an awesome smartphone! My teen needs a new one soon, so it is perfect timing.

  3. robin masshole mommy says:

    That sounds like an awesome phone. My son is going to be needing a phone soon, so this might be a great option for him.

  4. Very cool smartphone. I love that it can get up close and still get amazing images. So often these cameras can get great images from afar but the macro size is a challenge! I will have to look into this for myself!

  5. You had me at beauty button! 🙂 Those photos are amazing and I would have never guessed they were taken with a smartphone.

  6. I also rely on my smartphone for my regular photos. It’s cool that the Coolpad Conjr has 13 megapixels camera and also has a large storage.

  7. This sounds like a great alternative to the expensive smart phones out there! I always use my phone as a camera so this phone sounds great for someone like me.

  8. That sounds like a really nice phone! I love how crisp the pictures are. As a blogger, the camera is more important to me than even the power.

  9. Hubby and I were just talking about getting a new smartphone. Think I will check into this one and see what I think.

  10. I love how clear the photos are. Having a nice gadget wqhen you are a blogger is a must.

  11. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    Wow, the camera on this sounds awesome. It’s so much better than my current cell phone camera.

  12. The camera is definitely key! Looks like a great option to have. Looks like a great option for traveling too. Do you have to connect it with any cell phone company? What about data use? Sorry if I missed that!

  13. I love how clean and crisp the photos turned out. Amazing for a budget friendly smartphone! I will recommend this Coolpad Conjr to friends and family who are looking for a low cost smartphone for themselves or for their children.

  14. Rebecca Swenor says:

    The Coolpad Conjr does indeed sound like a great phone to have all away around really for that price. It’s camera front and back are better than most too. The detail in the photos is amazing. Thanks for sharing this awesome phone.

  15. This looks like a great phone! I wish I could upgrade my phone because my camera isn’t so great and my photos are taking over all of my phone’s storage!

  16. That’s a great price for a smartphone. I would love a phone that I could actually expand the memory with. I always run out of memory.

  17. We have a coolpad and we love it. It has a great storage size and the pictures it takes is wonderful. Plus we got it at a great price at Walmart.

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