The Wicked Tuna: Fresh, Hook To Plate Seafood In Murrells Inlet #sponsored #MyMyrtleBeach

The Wicked Tuna: Fresh, Hook To Plate Seafood In Murrells Inlet [sponsored] #MyMyrtleBeach #HookToPlateCheap Is The New Classy

On our way into Myrtle Beach recently, we got the opportunity to stop by the town of Murrells Inlet. If you have never had the opportunity to visit this area of South Carolina, I suggest you take the time to do so. The place is wonderful, the views are magnificent and the food, oh my, the food is awesome. We stopped into a place called Wicked Tuna. The Wicked Tuna is one of the most unique dining experiences in the entire Myrtle Beach area. Come hungry. Leave happy.

The Wicked Tuna: Fresh, Hook To Plate Seafood In Murrells Inlet [sponsored] #MyMyrtleBeach #HookToPlate

The Wicked Tuna: Fresh, Hook To Plate Seafood In Murrells Inlet

Scot, the manager of Wicked Tuna, was gracious enough to give us an in-depth, behind-the-scenes tour of the Wicked Tuna and its properties. Their concept is really quite amazing. They are perhaps best known for their raw sushi bar, which contains some varieties of sushi not found anywhere else. But, what sets them apart from other seafood restaurants is that their menu consists of seafood that is fresh caught-by their own fishing boat, not bought from a vendor like so many others. Their tagline is “hook to plate” for a reason.

The Wicked Tuna offers seating that can fit just about every mood you might like. Want to sit in a dimly lit corner? They have that. Want to sit where you can view the marsh walk – which is breathtakingly gorgeous, by the way? How about seating outside? Seating by the bar, or at the bar? They have all of these options available. They can also host your parties. Wedding receptions, birthdays, you name your event and Wicked Tuna will find a way to host you.

But, what about the food, you ask? Absolutely incredible! The menu is huge, the choices are so great it is almost overwhelming. But to a, ummm, food connoisseur such as myself, it was like a Christmas wish list. For an appetizer, Dawn ordered the She Crab Soup, and she could not stop talking about how amazing it was. She is a huge soup fan anyhow, and she was in love with the She Crab Soup.

The Wicked Tuna: Fresh, Hook To Plate Seafood In Murrells Inlet [sponsored] #MyMyrtleBeach #HookToPlate

The Wicked Tuna: Fresh, Hook To Plate Seafood In Murrells Inlet [sponsored] #MyMyrtleBeach #HookToPlate

Her entree was a special, the Szechuan Grouper. Again, it was outstanding. She also had a Snowflake Martini from the drink menu, which she enjoyed highly. I ordered a Greek Salad for an appetizer. I have had Greek Salads before, but none like this one. It was made perfectly, with just the right amount of dressing. I got pretty full off of just the salad.

I took Scot’s advice when I ordered my entree. I ordered the Trigger Imperial. This is made with Triggerfish. Now, if you have never tried Triggerfish, as I had not, I highly recommend it. The filet was so plump and tender, it was amazing. And the sauce they used to cover it was perfection! You have to try this one time in your life. I also had a drink from the drink menu, the Botanical Blossom. It was as pretty as it was delicious, let me tell you. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, Wicked Tuna’s menu gets a 5+ in my book.

We also ordered desserts, Dawn got the Tiramisu, and I got the Pumpkin Cheesecake Brulee with a Spiced Cream Cheese Macaroon. They were great as well. And the service was top notch here. Our server, Anthony, was very knowledgeable and helpful. The thing is, we were in a bit of a time crunch because we had tickets to a show at the Alabama Theater that night, and we were scared we would be late, so Anthony took our orders and then boxed up the entrees and desserts himself so that we could get out in time to make it to our show. He was really great at accomodating our needs. Also a big thank you to Scot for all his help and recommendations from the menu.

The Wicked Tuna: Fresh, Hook To Plate Seafood In Murrells Inlet [sponsored] #MyMyrtleBeach #HookToPlate

The Wicked Tuna has also opened a tiki bar right next door called the Tuna Shak, which hosts live events during the summer months and also offers a full menu. So, if you want some entertainment with your meal, then this is the place to go.

All in all I would have to say that Wicked Tuna was a marvelous experience and comes highly recommended from us if you are going to be in the Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach area. They have gone out of their way to ensure that everyone has the experience that they are looking for when they come to dine. Great job, Wicked Tuna, and we hope to see you again someday soon!

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