Florence, South Carolina’s Red Bone Alley Review #sponsored #visitflo

Florence, South Carolina's Red Bone Alley Review [sponsored] #visitfloCheap Is The New Classy

We recently took a trip down the road to Florence, South Carolina. While there, our guide, Kathy, took us to a really popular local restaurant, Red Bone Alley. She said it was one of her local favorites and that she visited the restaurant often. After dining there on our first evening in Florence, we certainly understand why she recommended it. I want to come out and say firsthand that this was my personal favorite restaurant of all the ones that we tried while in the Florence, South Carolina area.

Red Bone Alley Review

Red Bone Alley has been locally owned and operated by Dale Barth since 1993. It is located in what used to be an old J.C. Penney store. Named for the owner’s daughter’s Red Bone Hound Dog, Red Bone Alley offers a completely unique experience in that it caters to both an adult audience and children alike. There is even a children’s area complete with its own ice cream truck! But, the adults can have their own fun with a large variety of tasty meals and alcoholic beverages. They even offer flights of beer for those who would like to sample their unique craft beer selection from Seminar Brewing.

Florence, South Carolina's Red Bone Alley Review [sponsored] #visitflo

If Mr. Barth was looking for a certain atmosphere, he nailed it. The inside of the restaurant is made up of faux house fronts that resemble those historic homes found in Charleston, South Carolina, where he attended college. This gives Red Bone Alley the feeling of an old southern-charmed restaurant along the Charleston water front. The music and atmosphere, however, make it feel modern. I was right at home there.

Florence, South Carolina's Red Bone Alley Review [sponsored] #visitflo

So, how about the food? Well, the menu consists of many local dishes as well as some more well-known staples. Appetizers and salads are a big part of the menu to get you started off on the right foot. I will tell you this though: You really don’t need an appetizer at Red Bone Alley. The main courses are huge and offer a lot of food. I am a pretty big eater and I couldn’t finish my meal.

Dawn ordered the Low Country Shrimp and Grits. She had been wanting this ever since coming to Florence, so there was no way she was going to miss out on the opportunity. She was well satisfied with her order. The grits were near perfect and the shrimp was awesome. It was, of course, too much for her, so we had to box it up.

Florence, South Carolina's Red Bone Alley Review [sponsored] #visitflo

I ordered the Chicken Pontalba, which is a combination of spicy chicken, potatoes, sausage, mushroom and onions. It was divine! If my poor stomach could have handled it, I would have eaten it all night. Unfortunately, it was a bit too much for me, so I boxed it up and took it back to the hotel, where I finished it later that night.

Without a doubt, if you are ever in Florence and looking for a place to eat, we highly recommend Red Bone Alley. They offer something for every member of the family. Whether you are a kid or an adult, we think that you will love it for sure.

Check out the rest of our pictures from Red Bone Alley on Flickr.

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  1. I live near Florence and we eat at Red Bone Alley often. It’s a favorite with my grandkids. I also like Percy and Willie’s in Florence. It’s a good one too.

  2. First off I love the name Redbone Alley. Looks like a wonderful place to go and enjoy a great meal and fun time.

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  5. The place looks so pretty! And that food sounds divine too.

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  9. Alaina Bullock says

    Yum! That sounds like a great place to eat! next time we go through Florence, we will have to stop and give it a try!

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    The food at Red Bone Alley looks so delicious. I would love to give it a try. My family would love it.

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    I will be in that area in the summer. I will have t check out Red Bone Alley. The food looks so delicious.

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  21. wow red bone alley looks amazing. the cook and the atmosphere is so inviting.

  22. The interiors are lovely. I like how the owners planned the restaurant – like having something for adults and for the kids, too. I’m sure their food’s great and what adds more to their appeal is that they’re family-friendly. I hope I get to dine at Red Bone Alley one of these days.

  23. I have to visit Florence one day. That is one place I have never been,. Especially looking at all of your photos. It looks like a beautiful place to see in person. Thank you for sharing this.

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