How To Spend A Day In Grand Cayman

How To Spend A Day In Grand Cayman

A few years ago, Dawn and I took our first cruise. It was amazing and we have since taken several more. On our first cruise, one of our stops was in the Cayman Islands. We have shared with you previously about some of the great things to do in the Cayman Islands but, today, we share with you exactly what we did while in Grand Cayman.

How To Spend A Day In Grand Cayman

Our first port of call, after two days at sea, was Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman is the largest of three islands that make up the Cayman Islands chain, which also includes Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, located south of Cuba. Grand Cayman is also the home of the Cayman Islands capital of George Town, which is where our ship ported. According to our guide, even though the Cayman Islands elects its own government officials, they still fall under the rule of the British Crown, which means that technically Queen Elizabeth is their ruler.

How To Spend A Day In Grand Cayman

We arrived early in the morning at Grand Cayman, and after exiting our ship, we took a tender boat to the mainland. There we were met with smiling faces and friendly people. One of the first people we met was an authentic Grand Cayman Police officer, who gladly posed for a picture with me. By the way, our guide pointed out, and I think that it is a good time to mention it, that if you plan to take a picture of someone in public in Grand Cayman, it is illegal to do so without first asking their permission. This keeps the paparazzi away, because there are several celebrities who own homes on Grand Cayman. Our guide mentioned Sylvester Stallone among others, although that is the only one I can recall at the moment.

Grand Cayman is also well-known for its offshore banking. There are several large banks on the island, and banking and finance help to drive the Cayman Islands’ economy.

Our first stop was Hell. No, I don’t mean it was terrible. I mean it was the area of Grand Cayman called Hell. It is a series of strange limestone rock formations that some people say is what Hell must look like, hence the name. There we mailed our daughter and my mom a postcard from Hell!

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We took an excursion to the western end of the island, where we got to take pictures of world-famous Seven Mile Beach which, according to our guide, is annually voted one of the top ten beaches in the world. We also visited Cayman Turtle Farm, where we got to view several sea turtles, iguanas and even a crocodile! We were allowed to hold some of the smaller, younger sea turtles. They will throw a little fit when you pick them up, but if you stroke them under the chin, much like a cat, they will calm down. It was a wonderful day.

When we returned to George Town, Dawn and I were getting hungry, so we decided to try a local restaurant. We chose Breezes By The Bay which was at the cruise port. There we each ordered a burger. Dawn ordered the Caribbean Jerk burger, while I had the Rum Marinated burger. Both were quite delicious.

How To Spend A Day In Grand Cayman

We also took the opportunity to get some souvenirs. Dawn wanted a rum cake, so we bought a six pack. We have been to several Caribbean islands since and it seems like the Tortuga Rum Cakes are cheapest in Grand Cayman, so we recommend getting them there when you visit. We also got a hand made hammock for our daughter and some authentic Cayman Islands money (you’ll find that this is a recurring theme in these posts, as this was what we decided to collect from each port). And we made sure to stop in at Margaritaville as we always try to hit those while on vacation.

After we had done everything we had set out to do on the island, we returned to the boat for some rest. Who knew vacationing could be so much work? Whew! All in all, Grand Cayman was pretty fun, and I wouldn’t mind going back again someday. And that may just happen this year as we are eyeing a cruise that has Grand Cayman as a port of call. I hate that we didn’t stop by the Hard Rock Cafe there, so if we do visit again, that will definitely be on the itinerary.

Check out the rest of our pictures of our visit to Grand Cayman on Flickr.

Have You Been To Grand Cayman?

Have you ever visited Grand Cayman or any of the other Cayman Islands? If so, what did you do there? We would love to hear about your adventures in the comments below.

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  1. Tamra Phelps says

    I’ve never been to grand Cayman (or Hell, lol.) I have an idea I would have no trouble finding a way to spend time there: put me on a beach (with Winter far, far away) & I’d be happy!

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    Belle | One Awesome Momma

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