Build Your Own Blog Or Website Easily With The Grid #sponsored

Learn How To Build Your Own Website Or Blog Easily With The GridCheap Is The New Classy

So, you want to start a website, but you really don’t know much about it? And you don’t want to sink a fortune into buying domain names or hosting until you really know what you are doing. Well, luckily, I have a solution for you. There’s a brand new site out there called The Grid. The Grid is the best way to start a website, especially if you are a novice at it and are not really sure what you want your site to be about. The Grid can help you learn just what it takes to get started. However, The Grid is more than that. It’s a way to build a website for just about anything. So, if you would like to start a website to, say, sell clothing or to promote your local church group, well then The Grid can help you there as well. Looking to build a full, professional website? The Grid has you covered there, too.

Learn How To Build Your Own Website Or Blog Easily With The Grid

Build Your Own Website Or Blog Easily With The Grid

The cool thing about The Grid is that it uses artificial intelligence to help you build your website. In other words, it learns from you what you like and applies it to your site.  From colors to content, The Grid can practically design your website for you.

I was recently offered the opportunity to review The Grid, so I am here now to offer my insights.

To give you a true analysis of The Grid, I felt the best way would be to give you the pros and cons of it. I have also included some pics of my first article on The Grid. It is just a sample article talking about our dogs, so the design isn’t perfect yet, and I am not certain of the content that I really want to include on there, but I felt that in order to do a proper review, I had to have something up there. So, here goes.

Learn How To Build Your Own Website Or Blog Easily With The Grid


  1. The Grid Designs Your Website For You- If you are new to website design or blogging, then you probably have no idea as to how you want your site to look. The Grid allows you to choose a color palette to start with. After you have written some content, it can give you a preview and ask you some questions to help determine whether or not you like the design.
  2. The Grid Is Easy To Use- You really just follow the on-screen instructions to get started. It will prompt you right through until you get to the screen to start typing. It even allows you to add photos and links from other websites (please make sure you have permission first, though). Nothing can get you into more trouble than stealing someone else’s material. I am by no means a blog expert (Dawn does all the editorial and technical work here) and even I figured out how to work my blog with The Grid in just a few hours.
  3. The Grid Can Help You Get Up And Running Quickly- One of the things that is toughest about starting a website is picking a domain name and getting website hosting. The Grid can help you with that. It will even allow you to take care of these things before you even type the first word, so that your site is ready to go and simply waiting for content. If you aren’t ready to choose your domain or get your website hosting just yet, that’s okay. You can certainly do that later.

Learn How To Build Your Own Website Or Blog Easily With The Grid


  1. You Still Have To Promote- The Grid allows you to publish your work under your generic domain, which comes with your subscription, however the URL is a series of letters and numbers that could be difficult to remember. It isn’t like you can just type in a website URL and go to it, so if you want people to see your content, you are going to have to promote the heck out of it, and lead people to it. Of course, much of that can be eliminated by buying a domain name.
  2. Designs Are Limited- Now, in fairness, I have only had this site for a week, and, as I stated earlier, The Grid uses artificial intelligence to help design your site, so it may improve over time, however, initially, I could only change lettering, color and layout. The header stayed what I determined to be rather large, so if that is not your preference, you might not like it.

Learn How To Build Your Own Website Or Blog Easily With The Grid

Learn How To Build Your Own Website Or Blog Easily With The Grid

To be honest, that is about all that I could find wrong with The Grid. I will admit that after I learned a little bit about just what The Grid was and what it did, I was really excited to play with it. Have I decided to keep my subscription? Sure! What is my content going to be? I don’t have a clue yet. I am a big sports fan, especially football, so I am thinking that I might use it to rant and rave about that.

Learn How To Build Your Own Website Or Blog Easily With The Grid

Final Thoughts On The Grid

In conclusion, if you are looking to get into the website business and don’t know where to start, then I suggest you start with The Grid. Perhaps you don’t know if blogging is for you and you just want to try it out. Maybe you want to try your hand at an online store but you have no idea if it will be successful. If you are just trying things out, you probably don’t want to sink a lot of money into a site designer and WordPress classes. The Grid will really help you quickly learn the nuances of owning and maintaining a website without a huge commitment or monetary investment on your part.

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