William Vale Hotel Room Tour + Sweet Balcony View Of Manhattan

William Vale Hotel Room Tour + Sweet Balcony View Of Manhattan

On my recent trip to New York for the Purina #BetterWithPets Summit, attendees stayed at the William Vale Hotel. It’s a really new hotel, just opened a few weeks ago, so I thought I would give you a William Vale Hotel room tour and show you the awesome view that I had from my balcony.

William Vale Hotel Room Tour

The hotel itself is very pretty. It’s really modern for those of you that like that with lots of clean lines and open spaces. Even though I generally like more of a homey or cozy feel, I really liked the look of this hotel.

William Vale Hotel Room Tour + Sweet Balcony View Of Manhattan

I really liked the size of my room. For New York City, space is an awesome thing, if you can get it. I also must say, the bed was perhaps the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on in my entire life. That was a welcome surprise because on my most recent trip before that, I slept in the absolute worst bed I had ever slept in {this was in the Outer Banks, NC} so perhaps I was owed one. 😉 There were also adjustable reading lights on both sides of the bed that is a very cool bonus I don’t often see, as well.

William Vale Hotel Room Tour + Sweet Balcony View Of Manhattan

I also really loved the bathroom. The floor had raised dots on it that kept the floor from getting slick. Awesome! Whoever thought of that is now my new best friend – whether they want it or not. Also, it had a spa-like rain shower and glass doors. I have really become a fan of the glass doors lately. There was also a nightlight under the sink in the bathroom that you could control from the bed. For someone like me who has to get up in the night to relieve myself, this was a nice surprise that I have never seen elsewhere.

The door to the bathroom was also glass, but not see-through. It also slid like pocket doors without going into a wall. I thought that was really pretty and kept from taking up space in the bathroom. The light to the bathroom was near the hotel door, so that was kind of weird, but the glass door still allowed me to see at least a little. You can see pics of the bathroom in my Flickr album.

You guys know that my favorite thing to see in a hotel is a coffee setup and the William Vale did not disappoint. The room came equipped with a Keurig single brewer as well as coffee for 4 – or 1 if you like multiple cups, lol.

William Vale Hotel Room Tour + Sweet Balcony View Of Manhattan

I did order room service but I have to say – it was crazy expensive. I paid $50+ for a sandwich, fries and a piece of cheesecake. For real. And none of it was stellar. It was good, but not $50 good. For those of you saying that New York is expensive – true. But you can also get pizza for like $5, so…

William Vale Hotel Room Tour + Sweet Balcony View Of Manhattan

Of course, the real draw for this room is the balcony and the amazing view. The balcony was a nice size that could hold two people easily with each having enough room for a nice view. I stayed at the William Vale one night and on the morning that I was to check out, I woke up really early and drank my coffee on the balcony. It was nice to see the city one day before the sun got to. It was even kind of quiet which amazed me.

At any rate, the hotel is nice and the view is amazing! I would definitely recommend it. Coffee and a great view always works for me. The William Vale also has a restaurant getting opening soon that looks promising. Might I suggest eating there instead of getting room service? Personally, I wouldn’t feel so bad parting with that much cash if it was in a nice restaurant and I had a great server {my room service guy was pretty awesome, at least}.

William Vale Hotel Room Tour + Sweet Balcony View Of Manhattan

The William Vale also has a nice rooftop with a 360° view. I believe they serve drinks and such up there, so that sounds like a great place to hang out in the evening.

Check out the rest of my pictures from the William Vale on Flickr.

Have You Stayed At The William Vale Hotel?

If so, what did you think? If not, do you plan to stay there soon?

The William Vale Hotel
111 N. 12th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249
718 631 8400

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