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Before I met my spouse, neither one of us believed in fantastical notions like love at first sight, finding “the one” or the concept of true and everlasting bliss. That changed very quickly after our first date and things progressed rapidly after this first encounter.

A few weeks later, still and always blissfully in love, we were at the “meeting of the parents” stage. I recall a tale about how disappointed I was that I never received a class ring. My future spouse quickly disappeared into a hallway at the parent’s house and reappeared with a high school ring. Ironically enough, my love’s birthstone is a diamond, yet my birthstone, a beautiful blue (our favorite color) sapphire was set inside an adorned band of silver and it slid onto my finger like a perfectly fitted glove.

Love Through The Ages

Love Through The Ages + $1,000 Promise Ring Set Giveaway #sponsored

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This presentation was like a sign from the universe of our ultimate destiny that we would always be together. Later I presented my soon-to-be spouse a promise ring, a simple silver, braided piece that was humble, yet meaningful, with a promise that we’d eventually wed. Since we’d only been dating a few short months, an engagement ring seemed too premature, but this life-long promise and commitment was still in our hearts and ultimate future.

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Promise rings aren’t just for those who are destined to wed, they’re also given to best friends, siblings, parents and other important relationships that have touched our lives. If you had the opportunity to receive and then give a promise ring to someone in your life, what would it say? Or more importantly, what would you say about this gift and the bond it represents?

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  5. It is amazing to see how things have changed over the years, rings are definitely part of the modern commitment although other little things come into play that are very personal I think as well.

  6. I love that loaves of bread were once a sign of commitment. I still love a good loaf of bread, honestly.

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  13. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I really enjoyed reading that infographic! What a great giveaway!

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  17. As someone who is a history buff it has always fascinated me how relationships have evolved through the ages, specifically the constitution of marriage. It is amazing that you are with the man that you love.

  18. Rebecca Swenor says:

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    This is awesome! I am a sucker for love and romance so this is very interesting to me.

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