Save Big With Digital Media Academy Early Bird Pricing #sponsored

Save Big With Digital Media Academy Early Bird Pricing #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

It’s never too soon to start thinking about summer. And even though this summer has come to a close, next summer will be here before we know it. Since the early bird catches the worm, why not go ahead and lock in Digital Media Academy early bird pricing now so that you can have that taken care of for next summer?

Digital Media Academy Early Bird Pricing

Save BIG on camp next summer when you take advantage of Digital Media Academy early bird pricing. This way you can get the lowest possibly prices of the year on everything from camp to online courses to housing.

Save Big With Digital Media Academy Early Bird Pricing #sponsored

Right now you can lock in this Digital Media Academy early bird pricing. Purchase your Pre-Season Voucher and redeem it as early as November 1st when Digital Media Academy announces their 2017 camp lineup!

Get your pre-season voucher which is fully refundable until March 31, 2017. If you need to, you can transfer it to any of your friends or family. So, there is no risk in case your plans change as they sometimes do. This is a great way that you can also get a head start on that holiday shopping list.

Need help picking the perfect camp experience for your young creator? Digital Media Academy is ready to help. Contact them anytime for assistance in coming up with the best options for your family.

Save Big With Digital Media Academy Early Bird Pricing #sponsored

So what are you waiting for? The Pre-Season Sale ends October 3rd!

Visit for more information and promotions!

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  1. That would definitely be a fun camp for photography loving kids! It’s great that they’re offering the discount.

  2. My daughter would love this type of camp. She’s interested in owning her own Photography business when she’s older. Not sure what subject she will photograph, or may not limit herself at all. I told her to travel and do it. Get a name for herself :).

  3. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    The digital media academy jr. camp and the adventure camp sound great for kids who are interested in STEM. I love how many different options there are.

  4. Angelic Sinova says:

    I would have loved attending this when I was a kid. This is definitely a great way to hone in one a child’s photography skills!

  5. It looks like you can learn a lot at digital media academy. It’s great to avail of the early birds.

  6. I think our whole family would enjoy this! My son is interested in this world a little bit I wish this camp is closer I think he would love to explore it.

  7. This is so cool, I know many who would benefit from an academy like this. Glad you shared it with us to check out!

  8. this would have been great to attend when i was a kid! it looks like a awesome camp.

  9. I would definitely encourage my kids to join a program like this, only if they want to. It would be awesome to save on the fee as well. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn more about the digital arts.

  10. What an awesome opportunity for kids interested in this field. Those skills are going to be super handy in the future.

  11. What a fun summer camp. I would have loved to attend a camp like this when I was younger, heck I’d like to attend it now!

  12. I know my younger daughter would really love to attend a school like this. She loves being behind the scenes during stage prodcutions and has an interest in film too

  13. Rebecca Swenor says:

    The Digitail Media Academy sounds like a great camp for any child. They can learn so much and be so creative at a cap like this for sure. I will have to share this with my sister for her son. Thanks for sharing the early bird special.

  14. Wow! My son might love this. I was also able to check out what is available through DMA online. Could be a great option until next summer.

  15. What a great deal! My son would live to take this course. My daughter too but she may be too young.

  16. What an great opportunity for kids! Also it’s great that they’re offering the discount.

  17. Sounds like a great academy program for kids. Thanks for sharing the discount code!

  18. This could be wonderful activity for kids! They always want to learning and this helping them lots.

  19. Thanks for the amazing post! Too bad that I’ve missed out! My kids will love this activity very much. They won’t waste time being at home or around the neighborhood during the summer and learn something new. I think that the whole family of mine would love this very much. I hope that I can sign up next time!

  20. Always pleasure to read your stuff. Photographic not a easy work to do. I know it very well. Thanks.

  21. Look at everything through the lens around will be exquisitely detailed and more interesting. This will help children be more open to art and of course there will be a great summer.