Royal Princess Crab Shack Menu & Review #ComeBackNew

Royal Princess Crab Shack Menu & Review #ComeBackNew

For those of you who have never cruised, all of your food is included in your cruise cost. However, there are also specialty restaurants on board as well as specialty nights that happen just a few times per cruise. These specialty nights and restaurants cost extra {$20-$25 per person, in my experience} and you definitely do not have to take part in any of these if you do not with. On our first cruise, we did not do any of the specialty dining, but when we sailed on Royal Princess last Christmas, we decided to try out some of these.

Royal Princess Crab Shack Menu & Review #ComeBackNew

Royal Princess Crab Shack

I had wanted to try out the Crab Shack on our first cruise, but I had no idea that it only happened once or twice, so by the time I got around to it, it was no more. So, I made sure to reserve early on our Christmas cruise aboard Royal Princess.

Royal Princess Crab Shack Menu & Review #ComeBackNew

At $40 total, $20 each for Jay and myself, I feel that it was a great deal for crab. You also get appetizers, soup and dessert. And you can entertain yourself by drawing on the tables while you wait. We are big kids so we loved that. There were also actual kids there who loved that, too. We ended up passing on dessert, though, as we decided to have that in the buffet with Amber and Mackenzie who were also on this cruise with us but did not want to participate in crab night.

Royal Princess Crab Shack Menu & Review #ComeBackNew

Our waiter was so awesome. He was really funny and kept leaning on me joking that he was falling asleep. One time he leaned on me and I leaned too and he thought he was going to fall. πŸ˜‰ Ha! He also put crab hats on us and took pictures with us. If ever I find myself on another cruise with a Crab Shack, I will definitely eat there again.

Royal Princess Crab Shack Menu & Review #ComeBackNew

Want to see more pictures from the Crab Shack? Check them out on Flickr.

Have You Tried Crab Shack Or Any Other Cruise Specialty Dining?

What restaurant did you try? Would you try it again? Was it worth the cost? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. We are going to cruise next year! My son would absolutely love this restaurant. I would have to pass though not being a big fish fan πŸ™

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Yay! Will this be your first cruise? And there are tons of specialty dining options on cruises, not just The Crab Shack. I am sure there will be something that you will love.

  2. I love going on cruises!!! I think this would be a fun restaurant to visit while on a cruise, I know my wife would love it as well.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Me too. I read about all of these people that live on cruises and I think to myself, “How can I make that happen for me?” Lol. Maybe someday. πŸ™‚

  3. I would eat at this place often. I love seafood a lot.

  4. My son would be in crab heaven if he ate there. What an amazingly delicious meal to enjoy there!

  5. My mouth literally melted…this looks amazingly delicious!! I love seafood

  6. wow, it looked amazing. I never thought of going away for christmas before. I actually kinda like the idea.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      It was the first time we did that we were actually gone on Christmas I think. We were gone from December 20th-30th and we actually spent Christmas day in Grenada. It was so much fun. I will write some more posts about it soon as I **finally** go through the pictures, lol.

  7. Oh my God! Everything look delicious! I have to go there at least once in my life.

  8. I love crab and could eat it all night. If I had access to the Crab Shack I would!

  9. Elizabeth O. says

    That’s an awesome spread of seafood! Everything looks so fresh and yummy! I’m sure it’s perfect to dine there during the cruise.

  10. Omg! It looks amazing. I would love to go there and try this!

  11. This looks amazing! We love crabs and would love to try this out πŸ™‚

  12. Niesha Byln says

    Wow, I want to go there. I love crabs and it is one of my favorite comfort foods!

  13. Kathy Kenny Ngo says

    I don’t mind allergies if I am eating at Crab Shack. One of the best seafood restaurant!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Yeah, I have allergies but luckily I am not allergic to seafood and I am so glad of that since it’s some of my favorite food.

  14. Sarah Bailey says

    I have never been on a cruise before, but I am so happy to see all of the food options that there are. That crab looks great.

  15. Krystle Cook says

    That food is making me drool right now. Looks so good and delicious πŸ™‚

  16. We have never been on a cruise or to a Crab Shack. It looks like a great time though!

  17. Even though I don’t like seafood this dish does look tasty.

  18. Even though I don’t like seafood this dish does look tasty. Like the corn and seasoning on it πŸ™‚

  19. Courtneylynne says

    Omg!!!! So much yumminess!!!!! Nothing better than crab!

  20. I’m not a seafood eater but everything looks really fresh!

  21. I usually don’t eat crabs but they look enticing and appetizing here. That bowl’s filled with goodies! I’m sure the chef there gets the same compliments from other people, keep it up guys!

  22. My husband is dying to go on a cruise. This would be heaven for him. He loves, loves seafood and crab.

  23. I will always keep in mind your tip – food is included in the cruise cost. and by the way, your food looks so yummy and delish.