Free Pete’s Dragon Coloring Sheets #PetesDragon #BehindTheWings

Free Pete's Dragon Coloring Sheets #PetesDragon #BehindTheWings

This Friday, Pete’s Dragon will be hitting theaters. Is this something that you plan to take the family to see? What a great excuse to get out of the house and have a fun night with the kids. Before you go, you can get the kids ready ahead of time by printing them some of these free Pete’s Dragon coloring sheets!

Free Pete’s Dragon Coloring Sheets

Need an activity to keep the kids occupied this week? Then you are in luck. We have some great printable Pete’s Dragon coloring sheets for you. And you know what’s better? They are free. I love free. Don’t you? Just click on the ones you want and a bigger version will show up for you to print. 🙂

Free Pete's Dragon Coloring Sheets #PetesDragon #BehindTheWings

Also, here’s a cute look “Behind The Wings” with Bryce Dallas Howard on the set of Pete’s Dragon as she shares what it’s like to work with Elliott.

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  1. A great idea to do something fun with kids. I had not heard about this movie, my little one is so tiny still so we have not been to the movies in over a year, but will look out for it when it is out on DVD.

  2. Thank you for sharing! My kids and I have been coloring and painting up a storm this summer, so these will certainly come in handy. 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  3. We can’t wait to see this movie. It’s such a blast from the past and I can’t wait to see the new effects and storyline.

  4. I totally loved Pete’s Dragon as a kid and I’m a bit torn about this live action version. I can’t imagine loving Elliot (the dragon) without his huge body and tiny wings … but I’ll be a trooper and give it a go. These coloring sheets are pretty cute!

  5. Thanks for sharing these coloring pages. I can’t wait to take my grandkids to go see the movie! I am a huge Pete’s Dragon fan

  6. She’s a lucky woman to get to work with this project. I love the coloring sheets and will share them with my neighbor kids. Thank you!

  7. I can’t wait to see this with my youngest. He’s a complete dragon nut, anything to do with dragons and he’s there. Must do some colouring with him too.

  8. I cannot wait until this movie comes out! I love that Disney is making all these into live action. What a great way to view all the classics again.

  9. What a great idea to make coloring sheets to get the kids excited about seeing this movie. My nephews are totally into dragons and would love these to color

  10. Thanks for all the free coloring sheets! These are great :D. I haven’t seen this movie, yet. I need to steal a niece or nephew so I can!