The Best Places To Sit & Chill At Sandpiper Beacon Resort In Panama City Beach #TheFunPlace ad

The Best Places To Sit & Chill At Sandpiper Beacon Resort In Panama City Beach #TheFunPlace adCheap Is The New Classy

The Sandpiper Beacon Resort prides itself on the fact that when you go there, you don’t have to leave. It’s The Fun Place, after all. With anything you could possibly want to do on a beach trip available here {bars, entertainment, games, beach rentals, stores, ice cream, etc.}, we only left once the last time we visited. That was just to make a trip to get some burgers to grill on one of their grills that they have all around the resort. But, if you are like me, you also like to relax on vacation. So, here are the best places to do just that.

The Best Places To Relax At Sandpiper Beacon Resort

The Best Places To Sit & Chill At Sandpiper Beacon Resort In Panama City Beach #TheFunPlace ad

Beach Chair Rentals

I have never rented a chair to sit on the beach before. But, the kind folks at the Sandpiper Beacon Resort hooked us up with some awesome oceanfront chairs during our stay. I must say, this is definitely the way to live. I generally sit next to the pool on beach trips, but there really isn’t anything better as far as I am concerned than sitting next to the ocean and listening to the waves. The chairs also come with umbrellas {and cushions during the day} and nice guys that come along throughout the day to adjust them so that they best block the sun. Ahhhh…

The Best Places To Sit & Chill At Sandpiper Beacon Resort In Panama City Beach #TheFunPlace ad

Pool Lay Chairs

Ok, so I am not really sure what to call these besides beach chairs, but I have always called them lay chairs, so I am going with it. These were super comfy and I loved that they had cushions instead of just being hard plastic. I also love that I was always able to find one when I wanted one.

The Best Places To Sit & Chill At Sandpiper Beacon Resort In Panama City Beach #TheFunPlace ad


My daughter loves hammocks. Unfortunately she was not on this trip with us. But, I made sure to take pictures of the lovely hammocks so that if we ever make it back and she is with us, she knows just where to go. Even though Sandpiper Beacon Resort had lots of people staying with them, I was surprised to see that they were often free, too. I love it when you are on vacation and you can actually do the things that you want without everything being so cram packed due to overcrowding.

The Best Places To Sit & Chill At Sandpiper Beacon Resort In Panama City Beach #TheFunPlace ad

Porch Style Swings

These were all over the place on the resort and they faced the ocean. It was so relaxing to sit in a swing and listen to the ocean waves and the sea gulls. There are swings also located next to the grills, so you can cook and eat your food on a swing if you like.

The Best Places To Sit & Chill At Sandpiper Beacon Resort In Panama City Beach #TheFunPlace ad

The Giant Sandpiper Beacon Chair

For real! It’s this huge chair that most people used for a photo op. But, I bet if you can climb up in it, it’s a fun place to sit. You would definitely get a higher view of the resort, at least. I did see some kids climb it, but I was not about to attempt it.

The Best Places To Sit & Chill At Sandpiper Beacon Resort In Panama City Beach #TheFunPlace ad

The Gazebo

We did go hang out in the gazebo a couple times. In our experience, other people always sat in the gazebo with us, so it was a great place to meet people and have a quick chat. It was also really shady and the heat in Panama City Beach is no joke, as you Floridians know, so the shade was much appreciated.

The Best Places To Sit & Chill At Sandpiper Beacon Resort In Panama City Beach #TheFunPlace ad

Picnic Tables

These were also shaded with umbrellas and were often empty except at popular meal times. I think that picnic tables are better places to sit and talk than some of the other places to sit that I have mentioned since you are all facing each other. So, if you want to relazx, grab a beach chair or a swing. If you want to chat and be protected a bit from the sun, sit in the gazebo or at a picnic table.

I really wish I had brought a book on this trip. I definitely found some places that would have been great for reading. If reading is your thing, make sure to take a book {or a few} when you head to Sandpiper Beacon Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Want to see more pics from Sandpiper Beacon? Check them out on Flickr.

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  1. Wow! This looks like such a relaxing place to visit. I’ve only been to Florida one time but would love to go back! I’ll have to show this to my husband and plan a visit there 🙂

  2. Sandpiper Beacon looks like a great place to relax! I am with your daughter and would have had to try the hammocks. I definitely like the idea of not having to leave the resort during your stay!

  3. What a lovely place! I would not want to leave, sounds so relaxing. I could use that right now!

  4. omggg the sandpiper looks amazing. i would so love just to chill there and take in the view.

  5. Lena Burkut says:

    Sounds like a nice place to be right about now – thank you so much for sharing. i will do my best to check them out soon

  6. I grew up vacationing in Panama City Beach. This post brings back so many great childhood memories. Those chairs look so comfy and you’re right, there’s nothing better than relaxing ocean side and listening to the waves. Wish I was there today!

  7. I’d love to visit all of those places without the kids! That would be very relaxing. When the kids are with we can’t do that!

  8. Oh wow! I think any place is a good place to chill at Sandpiper. How beautiful. Personally, I’d hit those hammocks hard.

  9. Save me a spot on the hammock. I am truly needing some beach time. Panama City is not that far of a drive. I think the family could benefit from some beach therapy.

  10. I would love to hang out in those hammocks! They look like a great place to chill out and just relax while on vacation.

  11. With all those seat available no one wonder sandpiper is a good place to sit and chill. when I am at the beach I love to just read a good book with a good drink. I am going to have to make sure I check this place out.

  12. What great spots to chill and relax! I haven’t made it to Panama City Beach yet, but I’ll have to check it out.

  13. This resort sounds like a beautiful place for a vacation. The views of the water are truly breathtaking. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  14. Oh there are some lovely places to relax and tan or read. I think we’d be happy spending time by the beach out there.

  15. Looks like a great place to relax. A book would be good and a fancy drink.

  16. Bonnie @wemake7 says:

    What I wouldn’t give to be on that beach right now. We really didn’t do too much this Summer and wished we would have gone to the beach more.

  17. Rebecca Swenor says:

    The Sandpiper Beacon Resort looks like a great place to visit. I love how there is so many opinions and the views are amazing too. The hammocks are what I would love to use for reading a book and just plain relaxing. Thanks for sharing this amazing place.

  18. I think I would love to try the hammock. It’s just so relaxing. The Gazebo would also be a good place to hand out.

  19. The sand is gorgeous! It looks so inviting and soft. I have never been to Panama Beach but will have to keep this in mid if we travel to this area.

  20. Looks like some great places to sit and chill here. I love the view and those wooden chairs look almost rustic/vintage I like them a lot!

  21. It’s really beautiful, My family and I planning to have an vacation, this would be great place.

  22. I love to visit beaches like these that are not too crowded. It allows me to have a little quiet nook to myself where I can read and relax!

  23. I wouldn’t mind hanging out on one of those hammocks while reading a book and sipping my favorite drink! It’s really relaxing and there’s nothing that else to ask for!

  24. I totally agree everything you have said on this post. Florida Panhandle beaches is one of a kind. The first time my feet lay on their beautiful white sand beach I feel in love on that place. I wish I have enough money now so I can retire and spend the rest of my life in this paradise.