Things To Do At Rocky Knob On The Blue Ridge Parkway #travel #FindYourPark

Scenic Overlooks Of Rocky Knob On The Blue Ridge Parkway #travel #findyourpark

If you are traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway this summer, then you are bound to see many wonderful views. There are tons of beautiful overlooks and things to stop at and see. Rocky Knob is definitely one of those places. When I was a child, I remember my family having reunions there. Rocky Knob offers many scenic places such as wooded areas to have picnics and see wildlife, as well as gorgeous views that allow you to see for miles and miles.

Things To Do At Rocky Knob

There are lots of things for a nature loving family to do at Rocky Knob. As with many places in the National Parks system, you can hike. You can picnic. You can just take in the landscape. You can also look for wildlife. Though I have never seen a bear there, I do know of people who have. In our experience, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. But always be cautious if you do run across one.

Scenic Overlooks Of Rocky Knob On The Blue Ridge Parkway #travel #findyourpark

Scenic Overlooks Of Rocky Knob On The Blue Ridge Parkway #travel #findyourpark

Rocky Knob features many picnic tables. They also have grills that you can use. None of this costs, so I like to buy souvenirs and/or donate money because keeping all of this beauty does not come with free upkeep.

Scenic Overlooks Of Rocky Knob On The Blue Ridge Parkway #travel #findyourpark

Scenic Overlooks Of Rocky Knob On The Blue Ridge Parkway #travel #findyourpark

At the Information Center, you can also buy collector pins, stickers and other cool souvenirs. I like to get my National Parks Service Passport Book stamped and, though Rocky Knob is not listed in the book as a place to get your book stamped, you can get a stamp there! The ranger at Rocky Knob also let me know that there are many other places that you can get your National Parks Service Passport Book stamped – including Mabry Mill which I missed earlier that same day – so make sure to ask.

Scenic Overlooks Of Rocky Knob On The Blue Ridge Parkway #travel #findyourpark

There are tons of hiking trails in and around Rocky Knob. They range from about 1 mile {Rocky Knob Picnic Area Trail} to well over 10 miles {Rock Castle Gorge Trail} and can accommodate virtually any experience level {easy to strenuous}. There are also a few hiking trails with lengths between the previous two mentioned so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

Scenic Overlooks Of Rocky Knob On The Blue Ridge Parkway #travel #findyourpark

Did you know that you can rent a cabin at Rocky Knob? I didn’t. It actually is the only place where you can rent a cabin on the entire Blue Ridge Parkway. At Milepost 169, Rocky Knob is nearish to the halfway point. So, if you are thinking about driving the parkway anytime soon, this might be a great place to stop for a night or two. Of course, you can also camp in a tent or with an RV, too.

Scenic Overlooks Of Rocky Knob On The Blue Ridge Parkway #travel #findyourpark

Rocky Knob also offers great views of Rock Castle Gorge from the nearby overlook. Check out the rest of our pictures from Rocky Knob and the Rock Castle Gorge Overlook on Flickr.

Have You Been To Rocky Knob?

If so, what are your favorite things to do there? Do you plan to go in the future? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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  1. I need to get one of those books and start with the stamping. I hadn’t thought of that! This park isn’t far from me either!

  2. You can bet I’d be cautious about a bear. It does look very lovely there.

  3. This looks incredible! I want to escape the city and rent a cabin. 🙂

  4. Rocky Knob looks so beautiful! I’ve never been there before, but we live in the general geographical area. I’ll have to mark this as a spot for our next road trip!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Definitely. The entire Blue Ridge Parkway makes for a very scenic and stress free drive.

  5. I love the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s such a beautiful area and there’s so many wonderful places to stop and look around.

  6. That is one nice view. The bear signs are good to remind people, we have snakes signs here.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      I have to say, I would much rather see a bear sign than a snake sign any day.

  7. The Blue Ridge Mtns are stunning. I have only seen them twice, but both times they blew me away with their beauty. So different!

  8. Never been to Rocky Knob! I’ve never heard of it before this post actually. Looks gorgeous. Would love to visit if I wasn’t so far away!

  9. Wow that is some beautiful scenery! I love hiking and this looks like it’d be a great place to go enjoy nature and get a workout in.

  10. What a cute sign and gorgeous scenery. I have to say, I love collecting stamps of places too.

  11. The scenery at Rocky Knob is fantastic! I had no idea about the national park stamps. I need to get one for our travels!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      I had no idea about them either until I took a press trip to Sevierville earlier this year. Another blogger told me about it. 🙂

  12. Even with a bit of fog, Rocky Knob looks insanely gorgeous. I would definitely hope to spot a bear or two during my visit.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      A ton of the other commenters are worried about the bears. You sound more like me, though. I would love to see a bear in the wild – but at a safe distance, of course.

  13. Exploring Rocky Knob and taking some pictures sounds great. I’d try to do some bird watching too.

  14. michelle mink says

    The view from the overlook is gorgeous. I have not been here before but it looks like a great place to visit.

  15. I have to add this place to my list of “places I need to go soon”. Looks amazing!

  16. Nicole Escat says

    I like this place, what an amazing creation. I want to go there and hope there is no bear to interfere our stay.

  17. Karlyn Cruz says

    This is so nice, I super like the view from there. If I given a chance to go there, I would love to watch how the wind kisses those grasses.

  18. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This is a beautiful view. I would love to go and relax there and just look at the view.

  19. Looks like an amazing place to spend time. All that fresh air an exercise!

  20. This is such an incredible park! I want to visit it and never leave, those views are stunning

  21. Amer Phils says

    Amazing shots! Now I want to go. It’s so beautiful up there. The views are breathtaking,

  22. There are places like this that I remember visiting with my family when I was younger as well. Isn’t it wonderful to have such beautiful places you can return to?

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      It definitely is. I grew up not far from here and it is so much fun to reminisce.

  23. That is a beautiful place. I would love to hike around the area and then have a picnic!

  24. THis looks like a great place to visit. We love traveling to mountains since there are NONE here in Florida

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Just like how I love traveling to Florida to see the palm trees and beaches. 🙂

  25. Courtney Gillard says

    This is so refreshing! I would like to take a side seeing in this parkway. The mountain views are so relaxing.

  26. I am not familiar with this area, but it looks spectacular. With the hiking and beautiful scenery it is just the sort of destination I love!

  27. Kathy Kenny Ngo says

    I love the scenery. So refreshing, away from the busy city. I am now craving for more vitamin sun!

  28. I love unspoilt nature spots like this, the green is so restful for one’s eyes and soul!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      While I was taking these pictures, there were people over to our left with a blanket spread our having a picnic. 🙂

  29. That view – I would feel like you’re on top of the world. xx

  30. Elizabeth O. says

    It sounds like a great place to take the family to and just enjoy some time with each other while looking at the beautiful sights! I think those stamps are awesome and it’s a great way to collect memories!

  31. What a stunning view , I could definitely see myself here gazing out across into the beauty of its natural surroundings.

  32. wow! such beautiful and magnificent phots! i would love to visit this place after reading this

  33. What a nice place to go for a hike! My whole family could enjoy a trip there. We’ll have to go one day when we’re in the area!

  34. That is definitely a scenic overlook. My first thought was “I wonder if there are bears there?” and then I scrolled down lol

  35. Wow…there are so many great places to visit. This is surely one of those places. Stunning!

  36. the views are breathtaking. We are traveling in a few weeks for a family event in Virginia and want to just drive with no specific plan…I think I am seeing a plan form. This is lovely

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      There are so many lovely places to see in Virginia, especially on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Have a fun trip!

  37. I have never been, but it looks absolutely beautiful! I need to add this park to my list of places to visit. And the stamps/books look so fun!

  38. I’ve never been to Rocky Knob before. Love the scenery but I tend to stay away from activities that has the potential chance of having bears around lol

  39. It looks like a very peaceful place to spend a weekend. I hope the bears won’t pay a visit thought, that wouldn’t be a nice encounter 🙂

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Yeah, I have never seen any so I don’t think they visit that often. 🙂

  40. My goodness, such a beautiful view of nature & the pictures are quiet soothing to the heart. I have never been to Rocky Knob before, but sounds like a wonderful place to visit with family.

  41. The Blue Ridge Parkway is absolutely breathtaking and peaceful! I need to come back sometime soon.

  42. reena santos says

    Amazing views. I want to go there so refreshing. I need a break.