15 Nursing Home Donation Ideas You Might Not Think Of #ad #MyCareGivingStory

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15 Nursing Home Donation Ideas You Might Not Think Of #sponsored #MyCareGivingStory

My grandpa has been in a nursing home for a few years now. The staff in nursing homes do everything they can to try to meet their residents’ daily needs but donations are also very important and needed. Members of the family have made sure to help out with my grandpa’s every day needs, especially my aunt Mary and cousin Angela. I am sure that many of you also have family members who are in nursing homes. Perhaps you didn’t even realize that nursing homes accept donations or you have no idea what is acceptable to donate. So, today we are sharing a list of nursing home donation ideas to help you think of how you can help.

15 Nursing Home Donation Ideas You Might Not Think Of #sponsored #MyCareGivingStory

15 Nursing Home Donation Ideas You Might Not Think Of #sponsored #MyCareGivingStory

Nursing Home Donation Ideas Checklist

Personal items such as daily hygiene needs like soap, shampoo, hairbrushes, etc., are always a good donation to make to a nursing home. Many residents also love receiving stuffed animals and cozy blankets. But here are some ideas of things to donate that you might not have thought of. You can donate to your loved one or you could just make a generic donation to the nursing home. If you can made a general donation, that is great. Not every resident has loved ones making donations on their behalf so I am sure they would be quite appreciative for yours. We recommend always calling the nursing home in advance to make sure they do in fact accept donations and asking what their greatest needs are before making your purchases.

15 Nursing Home Donation Ideas You Might Not Think Of #sponsored #MyCareGivingStory

1. Diabetic Socks – Many nursing home residents have diabetes and these are the best types of socks for them. Try to get the type that have slip resistant soles to help prevent falls.

2. Baby Wipes & Facial Tissues – These are handy for small cleanup jobs such as wiping faces and hands before meal time.

3. Towels – Of course, the nursing home may provide these but many residents love to have their own. Personal belongings help people have a sense of home.

4. “Salon” Services – Amber and I have volunteered at nursing homes before by painting the ladies’ nails. It made them so happy, especially when Amber was really small. You don’t have to be particularly good at painting nails either. The ladies just really enjoyed asking her questions and being pampered and always wanted to know when we would be back.

5. Clothing – As I mentioned earlier, there are many residents who don’t have family members donating to them. They still need clothing. Calling the nursing home and asking for sizes of those that are in need is a great idea and a thoughtful thing to do.

6. Stationery – Many people love to send letters to those they love. Be sure to include envelopes, stamps, etc. Then you can be a penpal! Be sure to also include an address book with loved ones’ addresses already filled in. You can also include seasonal greeting cards.

7. CD Player & CDs – If your loved one is like me, they love music. So, if your music is now on your computer or iPod, consider donating your CD player and CDs to the nursing home.

8. Large Print Books – Many people love to read, so donating books is a great idea. Be sure they are large print, though, so that as many residents can enjoy them as possible. Crossword puzzles and magazine subscriptions are also great ideas.

9. Phone Cards – Then your loved one can call whomever they like.

10. Instant Camera – Pick out a simple to use camera to give to your loved one. Then they can take pictures of family members and friends who come to visit. Be sure to include extra film and either frames, a bulletin board or picture album so that they can display their pictures.

11. Fresh Fruit Delivery – Be sure to check about dietary restrictions first, but a fresh fruit delivery every month, week, or however often you want to do it, would be a great way to let someone know that you care when you can’t be there to tell them yourself.

12. Puzzles & Board Games – I love to work puzzles as do many other people. Keeping your mind active can also help ward off different kinds of dementia. We recommend puzzles with bigger pieces, as well as popular games like Checkers, Scrabble, Dominoes, Sorry!, Jenga, Chess and Monopoly.

13. Arts & Crafts Supplies – Craft kits without dangerous and/or sharp items are great ideas. You see these often around Christmas. Sketchpads, adult coloring books {be sure to buy ones that don’t have very small areas to fill in} and colored pencils will most likely be appreciated. Also, many people love to crochet. Crochet hooks {unlike knitting needles} are also not sharp, so it isn’t very likely someone could get really hurt with one. So a donation of crochet hooks and yarn could keep several people busy in an afternoon. If you know how to crochet, perhaps you could donate some time and teach others.

14. Make New Friends – Donate your time. Not every resident has a loved one who visits often. Why not make that person your new friend? Go read to someone you don’t know or just ask them how their day is. Most people would love some socializing and companionship.

15. Personal Care Items – Many nursing home residents use Depend® Products and Poise® Products. These personal care items help people live their lives without fear of embarrassment due to urinary incontinence or light bladder leakage {LBL}.

Poise® Liners are designed for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). They stay 3x drier than leading period-only liners and quickly lock away wetness and odor to help provide all day dryness and freshness.

Poise® Maximum Absorbency Pads provide even more absorbency to give you the confidence and protection you need for your Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) with discreet and worry-free protection.

15 Nursing Home Donation Ideas You Might Not Think Of #sponsored #MyCareGivingStory

Depend® FIT-FLEX® Underwear for Women is flexible and comfortable with all-around leg elastics for a soft and close to body fit.

Depend® Fit-Flex® Underwear for Men also features all-around leg elastics designed specifically for men to provide both comfort and protection.

15 Nursing Home Donation Ideas You Might Not Think Of #sponsored #MyCareGivingStory

Any of these items can be easily found at Sam’s Club. You can also check out Sam’s Club Caregiving for even more great donation ideas.

– If you download the Digimarc Discovery app, you can scan anywhere on the packaging, and it will drive you to the Sam’s club Caregiver website

– When you open your Depend packaging it will have a sticker inside, that you can use to redeem at pharmacy for an awesome caregiver sample kit

Do You Have Any Other Nursing Home Donation Ideas To Share?

Have a loved one in the nursing home that you care for? Please feel free to share your #MyCareGivingStory in the comments below.

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  1. Pretty amazing and useful list! these are all necessary items

  2. I make donations to all different types of organizations, but I never thought to donate to nursing homes. Thanks for these great suggestions, including the Poise and Depend products available at Sam’s Club! #client

  3. I donate things all the time but I have never thought of donating to a nursing home, what a great idea!

  4. This list is so good, I think it is everything they need. Great post!

  5. Elizabeth O. says:

    You’re absolutely right, not everyone in a nursing home has a family that visits them and keeps them company from time to time. It would be nice to give them goodies like these baskets you’ve prepared! I appreciate the list that you have here and it’s also wise to call beforehand!

  6. This is such a great idea! Love the idea of making donations to a nursing home – it isn’t something I’ve ever thought about.

  7. I’m getting a few boxes of things to donate to my local shelter too, it always feels good to give.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      You are right. It’s helpful to others and helps clean up around your home. I think that’s a win-win.

  8. I worked in a nursing home and I’m sad to see the number of people just left there by families who never visit. These donations are very necessary, the most important being personal care. Great post.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Thank you very much. It is definitely sad to see how many people enter a nursing home and are then forgotten.

  9. This is such a sweet gesture. There’s not a lot of people going to nursing homes trying to make sure that the seniors are showered with love and care. And it’s good to be able to provide some comfort for them. This donation is an awesome idea!

  10. Ron Leyba says:

    Very good donation ideas. For sure this list will come in handy for lots of people.

  11. I think these are all wonderful ideas. The nursing home can always use more supplies. I should get some together for them and donate them too.

  12. Up until I read this post, I actually never thought of a nursing home needing donations. Duh, how could I have not realized that. Thank you! My mom is in one, so this hits home.

  13. These are such great ideas! I love that you offer “salon service” and paint the ladies nails! I bet they just love that!

  14. Thank you for the list. I know nursing homes are always in need of stuff for their residents and it would be great if we could share our blessings with them. I would gather some stuff in your list and donate to the nearest nursing home in my area. That’ll be my good deed for the day. 🙂

  15. victoria says:

    These are all a great donation ideas many people would love this for sure

  16. Robin Rue says:

    I actually never knew that you could donate some of these items. I have volunteered at nursing homes before but never really thought about giving things like large print books or even calling cards.

  17. Such useful tips! I think that family members should really take part on such as it is all for the welfare of their loved ones.

  18. Great suggestions and nursing homes are definitely a very important place to donate too. I’ll have to look into it here!

  19. awesome ideas, I work in a nursing home and you are right I have residents that would love to have their own personal items

  20. awww what awesome donation ideas! I recently helped my gran with her contributions to the nursing home near here even though she doesnt stay there. the great part was that I met an old flame and we’re going out on a date this week.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Wow! What a stroke of great luck. I hope you have a great time on your date!

  21. That is such a great idea to donate to a nursing home. Never thought about it.

  22. My mom works at a nursing home. It is so true – many of the residents do not have family members. This is a great idea. If money is an issue – you can even just go to the nursing home and sit someone while they eat or play cards with them.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      That is so true. Many people would be happiest with just your time and companionship.

  23. These are all great items, but remember that TIME is the best one for some of these people, especially those who don’t get visitors.

  24. This is an awesome idea!!

  25. I find everything on the list very useful especially the art and crafts supplies so they keep themselves entertained.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I love art. I think that one day when/if I am in the nursing home I would like if my daughter would bring me some art supplies.

  26. Great list to check as I am always hesitant if some items are appropriate for nursing home as they have follow certain rules. I think the residents will be happy to get some support.

  27. I just love your list. This are indeed very helpful and very much needed. I just hope aside from these, those elders be given time even for a short visit.

  28. Thanks for this great list! One more thing I would add is magazines. Call first, but most nursing homes accept magazines for residents to read. The residents on our memory care unit also love to use the pictures to make collages.