4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Geek Dad Under $100 #sponsored #WriteGift

4 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Geek Dad Under $100 #sponsored #WriteGiftCheap Is The New Classy

Father’s Day will soon be here and I bet a lot of you are still looking for something cool for that special father in your life. Here are a few things that I know a lot of men will love, especially those that love techy or geeky things. We all know our dads deserve to get something awesome so check out these 4 Father’s Day gift ideas for the geek dad and let us know of any other suggestions you might have, too.

4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Geek Dad

4 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Geek Dad Under $100 #sponsored #WriteGift

Mini Speaker or Bluetooth Speaker – Who doesn’t love a good speaker? The speaker pictured is a personalized speaker for one of our other blogs, Eat Play Rock, that we got from Geekbox. It plays SD cards or can be attached to another device as a speaker. I think they are no longer in business, but other companies sell them. Also, bluetooth speakers are great. Check out this Soundfreaq Sound Spot bluetooth speaker that we reviewed a few years ago to get an idea. With these, you can play songs from your phone and other devices via bluetooth. So, you don’t need a cord connection.

4 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Geek Dad Under $100 #sponsored #WriteGift

Portable Power Bank – Dads take a lot of pictures with their phones. They also use social media and chat with their kids. All of these things run their phones down. If you want to make sure that you can get in touch with your dad when you need to, you should hook dear ol’ dad up with a Vogue BattStation. These are compatible with our Android and iPhone products as well as my tablet. They come in 3 colors and we have a black one and a white one. We get at least one full charge and sometimes 2 full charges off of one of these. I just throw one in my purse and carry it with me wherever I go.

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Charging Station – We have a Hub It Sync & Station that I think would be a perfect gift. You can charge several devices at one time. We use it to charge our phones, portable power banks and my tablet. It can charge up to 7 devices at one time. So, if you have a trip, you can plug everything up to it the night before and have it all charged by morning. I love that. Otherwise, it’s really hard to have everything charged at once without using all of your sockets and having everything scattered about the house. This keeps everything together, all nice and neat.

4 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Geek Dad Under $100 #sponsored #WriteGift

Superhero Pen – Cross has some really cool pens for the comic book loving dad. We received the Cross Tech2 Marvel Iron Man pen and it is gorgeous. You can use it either as a pen or as a stylus. Also available in the collection are Captain America and Spiderman. What greater way for dad to express himself than with one of these gorgeous pens?

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