Save $50 Off Digital Media Academy STEM Summer Camp: Register By 5/31 #sponsored @DMA_org

Save $50 Off Digital Media Academy STEM Summer Camp: Register By 5/31 #sponsored @DMA_orgCheap Is The New Classy

Digital Media Academy tech summer camps are filling up faster than ever! Don’t miss out on the summer experience of a lifetime – SAVE $100 with code CR8TECH16 when you register by May 31, 2016.

Save $100 On Digital Media Academy Tech Summer Camp

At DMA, kids (ages 6-12) and teens (ages 12-17) learn computer programming, app development, 3D modeling, robotics, graphic design, filmmaking, and much more!

Choose from one week DMA Camps, or step it up with two week DMA Academies, all taught by industry experts and tech professionals.

Campers get hands-on experience creating projects using the latest hardware and software from Apple, Canon, Adobe, and more.

Save $50 Off Digital Media Academy STEM Summer Camp: Register By 5/31 #sponsored @DMA_org

Digital Media Academy also offers STEM camps just for girls, called Made by Girls! Learn from a female role model and tech professional in an environment of creative girls just like you!

Hurry, save $50 with code CR8TECH16 when you register by May 31!

See you this summer at Digital Media Academy! #CreateTheNext

Find your summer camp at! Questions? Call 1(866)656-3342 or email

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  1. STEM camp sounds amazing. With everything in the world moving towards STEM, it’s important that today’s kids have a clear understanding of everything technology, science, and math related.

  2. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    My boys are both SOOOO into STEM. This sounds perfect for them.

  3. STEM is something my son is into. He’s just learning what it’s about and getting his feet wet but he loves anything to do with science so he would have a fun time here.

  4. Melissa Lawler says

    What a great opportunity! Kids these days have so many more creative opportunities than when my kids were little.

  5. My oldest is into science, and math so much! This would be perfect for her this summer.

  6. STEM sounds like a great program. It is great to expose kids to all sort of things, this looks great for summer!!

  7. You know, my kids are a bit young, but it would be perfect for my niece and nephew. They are all into doing things with their hands and STEM learning. I am totally passing on this information. Thanks so much

  8. What a great program! My nephew would love this!!

  9. My 11 year old would be interested in this. He loves anything having to do with computers. This is an amazing opportunity and great for kids!

  10. This sounds like such a great program. Having STEM camps for girls is great. I love the whole concept of STEM. My daughters watch some shows that are based on STEM and I love it. They can learn so much.

  11. This sounds like a really fun program! I especially love the fact that it’s geared towards children who are, more than ever, incredibly technologically-inclined… this would do them a lot of good! Would definitely challenge them and keep them interested.

  12. This sounds like an excellent opportunity, how totally fun! Technology is advancing so why not get on the path to learning more with it!

  13. Where’s the adult camp? I could use learning some of this stuff. My oldest would absolutely thrive at the STEM camp, I’ll have to check it out.

  14. As a homeschooling mom I loe this! STEM is one of our favorite areas of study. I am looking into this program for sure for summer enrichment!

  15. My kids would love something like this. What a fun time.

  16. What an amazing program! I hope to enroll my kids in something like this!

  17. Ryan Escat says

    Wow, nice program for kids. I am going to enroll my son in such program like this when he gets a little older, right now, he is too little for these kinds of things.

  18. I wish I could be a kid and go to summer camp. Some of the coolest things I’ve come across especially like this one!

  19. STEM is great for kids. I love that they offer this amazing discount. Summer camp is always much more fun these days with all the different and cool things going on.

  20. This seems like an amazing experience for children. There are so many STEM careers it is nice to let the children explore and enjoy them at a camp experience.

  21. My sons went to computer camp when they were younger. I wish I had exposed them to more of the formal training even sooner. IT’s just so important these days.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      It really is. It seems that there are basically no jobs for those that can’t do at least basic things on computers.

  22. This sounds like a great camp to fuel kids’ interest in STEM, especially in digital media and technology in general. Wish this had been around when my 4 kids were younger, they’re all in college now.