DIY Fairy House – An Upcycled Creamer Bottle Craft

DIY Fairy House - An Upcycled Creamer Bottle Craft

Got an empty creamer bottle? Don’t throw it out! We have a craft for you today that we think you and your kids will love: a DIY Fairy House. This upcycled creamer bottle craft is really easy and inexpensive to make, too. Plus, it’s super cute and colorful. With the fall leaves disappearing, I could use some color in my life. How about you?

It’s been rainy here all week. That means we have been indoors a lot. If you are like us, you need something to do. So we are here to help.

DIY Fairy House: An Easy Peasy Upcycled Creamer Bottle Craft

DIY Fairy House - An Upcycled Creamer Bottle Craft

You Will Need…
Empty creamer container {we recommend a big one and be sure to wash it out}
Green heavy weight paper
Tissue paper
White glue
Paint brush
Tea light {battery operated for safety}

How To Make The DIY Fairy House…
1. Tear strips of tissue paper in the colors of the rainbow about 1 and 1/2 inch wide and 6 inches long.

DIY Fairy House - An Upcycled Creamer Bottle Craft

2. Cut a door and a window out of the green paper. They can be any size and shape but using rounded corners is the secret to making it look like a fairy cottage.

3. Use the paintbrush to spread the glue on the surface of the creamer bottle. Start at the bottom and wrap the strips of colored tissue around the bottle using the paintbrush to spread a thin layer of glue over the top of the tissue paper as well.

DIY Fairy House - An Upcycled Creamer Bottle Craft

4. While the glue is still wet, attach the window and door to the fairy house and use the tip of the scissors to pull or push away the tissue paper on the inside of the window frame and window in the door. Add extra glue if needed to the edges of the door and window and set aside to dry.

DIY Fairy House - An Upcycled Creamer Bottle Craft

5. Wrap the green paper into a cone shape and trim it to be as tall as you want it or about 5 inches tall. Use the glue to seal the edge and let it dry. Once dry, apply a generous amount of glue to the top rim of the creamer lid and attach the top of the house to dry securely.

6. Use the scraps of the green paper and cut vines and leaves and apply them to the sides of the house wherever you wish. Add more white glue if needed.

7. Once the tissue paper and all glue is dry, use a sharp utility or craft knife to cut the very bottom of the creamer bottle off. Be extremely careful to not cut yourself and to make an even edge around the bottom so that it will sit flat on any surface.

DIY Fairy House - An Upcycled Creamer Bottle Craft

8. To light the fairy cottage, place a battery powered tea light on the surface where you wish the light to glow and set the house over the top of it.

DIY Fairy House - An Upcycled Creamer Bottle Craft

Do You Have Any Other Cool Upcycled Creamer Bottle Craft Ideas? If So, Please Leave A Link In The Comments.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    How cute is that? I should make one of these with my nieces the next time they are over.

  2. I can’t even tell you how much I love what you did. First of all, great craft from something that otherwise goes in the trash/recycling. But the rainbow colors! The lovely tower. It looks delightful. I’m showing my daughter.

  3. My daughter loves crafts. I’ll have to show this to her, it’s adorable!

  4. Savannah Miller says

    I am going to try this with my boys. We are always looking for fun crafts to make together

  5. Catherine S says

    What a creative and cute idea. I will have to start saving my creamer bottles for arts and crafts.

  6. OMG, I LOVE it! This brings back memories of watching David the Gnome.

  7. That is adorable. I have to route this to my niece to make with her daughter. She loves to do things like this. They will have a blast. Thank you for sharing.

  8. How cute is that. My kids would love this project.

  9. So cute and simple. I should make these with my niece the next time she is over. I’m sure she would love it! – Katy

  10. I love this idea for a fairy house! Upcycle crafts are my favorite!

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  12. Super cute Dawn! I always envy people that are so creative and can do their own craft work.

  13. My daughters are all about Fairies right now- I can’t wait to do this craft with them!

  14. I am an avid Coffee Drinker and This is a great DIY as I always have a Creamer Container around somewhere

  15. What a super cute idea and great way to upcycle! My daughter would love this!

  16. Oh my gosh this is so cool! In a way it reminds me of one of the houses from Harry Potter.

  17. That is absolutely adorable! I love when you can upcycle used bottles into cute decorations!

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  19. This is a really cute craft I bet my kids would like to make. It looks so fun and easy!

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  21. This is really cute. My twin granddaughters will have so much fun making a fairy house.

  22. What a super cute idea. I love how your little fairy house came out. Now I want to make one with my kids!

  23. That does look like a fun project. I think it would be fun to make for my niece.

  24. So creative and would be a fun project for me and the kids this winter.

  25. What a fun craft! My girls will love this! It’s supposed to be raining this weekend so this will be great.

  26. Rebecca Swenor says

    This Fairy house is a perfect craft to do with the kids. It is also a way to show them how to recycle things by using them for something else. They will indeed have fun making these fairy houses.

  27. This is such a cute craft idea. My friends little girls were just talking about wanting to make a fairy village. I will have to make one of these with them.

  28. That is SO adorable. Very cute, my girls would love to make these for sure. I will have to show them!

  29. It will be a great idea to create several fairy houses with different designs and colors and arrange them to create a neighborhood. Kids can make stories out of it. This project can boost their creativity further.

  30. What a fun craft. We always have creamer bottles as my hubby is a bit of a coffee addict. I think this would be a fun craft for some garden decoration.

  31. I have a few empties and we have a fairy garden in our living room that we started a few years ago. I would love to make some fun little houses to add to our fairy housing edition! So cute.

  32. I’ve always wanted to make a fairy house! This will be a fun afternoon craft with the kids!

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    The kids are going to have a blast making their own fairy house!
    I don’t even have to run to the store as we have everything here to!

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  41. CourtneyLynne says

    OMG this is just adorable!!! I have a 3 year old little girl who would love to make one of these

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