11 Family Friendly Activities In Dominica

11 Family Friendly Activities In Dominica

Family friendly activities abound in Dominica, a mountainous island in the Caribbean known for its hot springs and its rocky coastal terrain. This Caribbean Eden is thick with rain forests and rivers. Located north of Venezuela and southeast of Puerto Rico, Dominica falls partway between Guadeloupe and Martinique. Don’t let the idea of rocky terrain fool you. There are plenty of family friendly activities in Dominica. And we will be cruising to this gorgeous island at the end of this year!

Family Friendly Activities In Dominica

Although Dominica is known for its rain forests, hot springs, and rocky terrain, there is still a wide variety of things to see and do that the kids will enjoy. Just because the island doesn’t have the traditional Caribbean feel doesn’t mean that family friendly activities are out of reach!

Hit the Beach

I know I just said that Dominica is known for its rocky coast line, but there are lovely beaches still to be found on the island. The best beaches on the island are Mero, Coconut Beach, and Purple Turtle. All of these beaches are beautiful and family friendly, with restaurants and facilities nearby. Be aware, though, that these beaches aren’t white sand. They are darker in color, because they are formed from volcanic rock. Cool, huh?

Take a Hike

If you’re visiting Dominica, take a hike! The island is known for its lush vegetation and hot springs, so a nice hike will have you taking in some beautiful sights. You can see Trafalgar Falls, the beautiful twin waterfalls, relax in a warm sulfur pool, take a walk on the trails of Syndicate Rainforest, or even take a dip in Emerald Pool. All of these are family friendly hiking destinations which are easy to traverse and take very little time.

Go To A Good Party

It’s not what you think. This is all about family friendly activities in Dominica. I’m talking about the various celebrations on the island. If you happen to be on the island during the Lenten season, enjoy Carnival, a festival held on the Monday and Tuesday before Lent. In July, you and the kids can enjoy Dive Fest which features a host of events and activities for encouraging kids to enjoy the water. Creole in the Park is another wonderful family friendly festival held in Dominica that showcases a wide variety of bands. It even has an area just for the kids.

Take Them To THE Playground

Yes, THE playground. As in the only one on the island. Brizees Mart is a supermarket featuring the only playground on the entirety of Dominica. While the playground is small, it’s still a playground. The best part of it is that the kids will most likely spot some of the iguanas living in the area.

Watch Some Whales

Whale watching is a family friendly activity in Dominica that’s kind of a big deal. The island is actually known as the whale watching capital of the Caribbean, and most tours will result in whale spottings. These trips are usually made in the afternoon and last an average of five hours. They’re a great way to have fun and teach the kids about these beautiful creatures.

Ride Some Horses

One of the ultimate family friendly activities on Dominica is horseback riding. What kid doesn’t love horses? These horseback riding excursions typically last about a half hour, and they are geared to both adults and children. You can’t beat taking in the beauty of Dominica while on horseback.

Take a Ride Down the Indian River

A boat trip down the Indian River is the perfect family friendly activity while you’re visiting Dominica. Not only is it a wonderful way take in the scenic beauty and wildlife, you can point out to the kiddos that parts of Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed on the river, as well.


Snorkeling is a family friendly activity reserved for parents with older kids. Dominica is known for having some of the best underwater environments in the world. If diving isn’t your family’s thing, you can still take in the underwater beauty around Dominica at Champagne Beach. The waters of that area are a designated marine reserve, and there is no shortage of beautiful ocean fauna to take in.

Take in the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens of Dominica, located in the capital of Roseau are a definite family friendly must when visiting the island. The Gardens offers a nice balance of beauty and play, with open spaces for children’s games, picnicking, and more. In addition, it features a Bamboo House, which is really bamboo that has been trained to grow into a circular shape, and some beautiful captive parrots.

Take a Bath in the Ocean

The village of Soufriere, located on the south of the island has an area of beach where hot sulfur water makes its way into the ocean. At that spot, visitors can relax in a lovely, warm salt water bath. This area features changing rooms and a protected area so kids can enjoy the warm waters as well.

See the Carib Territory

Dominica is home to the largest remaining tribe of Carib Indians in Caribbean. This family friendly excursion to their reserve on the northeastern coast lets kids and adults alike explore the culture and heritage of this ancient tribe. You can see traditional wooden buildings, dugout canoes, their woven works, and more.

Dominica is a gorgeous island, and although it’s not the traditional Caribbean island that we all think of, it has its own brand of beauty that is really second to none. If your family loves nature, the outdoors, and tropical adventure, then Dominica is the perfect place for you. Its family friendly activities are the perfect combination of adventure and safety, so the kids can feel like explorers, and parents can rest easy.

So, Which Of These Activities Should We Do In Dominica? Have You Visited The Island?

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      It’s actually Dominica and there is also a place called the Dominican Republic. We had the hardest time with realizing that there were actually two different places. Dominica is also said differently {dah-muh-NEE-kuh}. Both places are in the Caribbean. How confusing, lol.

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