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Coconuts Seafood Pizza and More in Panama City Beach Fl {sponsored}Cheap Is The New Classy

Yesterday was our first full day in Panama City Beach, Fl. None of us have ever been here before so it’s been fun to check out the area for the first time. Last night, we ate at Coconuts Restaurant. It’s located directly across the road from the Sandpiper Beacon Resort.

Coconuts Seafood Pizza and More in Panama City Beach Fl {sponsored}

Coconuts Seafood Pizza and More in Panama City Beach Fl {sponsored}

Coconuts Restaurant {Panama City Beach, Fl}

Jay, Peggy {Jay’s mom}, Mary {my aunt} and I all loved our meals at Coconuts Restaurant: Seafood, Pizza and More. We started out with Coconut’s Authentic Nachos for the table. We recommend you get the jalapenos {you can choose not to} but we all need a little spice in our life, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, if you choose to get the avocado, it comes in nice big slices. Yum. This is definitely a great way to start your meal. These are on the menu for $12.99.*

I had the California Chicken Sandwich with fries. It had a nice, thick piece of chicken and really gooey, melty cheese. Also, the really great slices of avocado. Yum. I also have to say that I am not a huge fry fan. I mean, I like them, but they are never my first choice. These fries were fabulous, though, and would definitely be my first choice. If fries are not your thing, you can instead get sweet potato fries or onion rings with the sandwich selections. $12.99*

Jay had that Western BBQ Bacon Burger with fries. It had a nice tangy BBQ sauce, onion and cheese that blended well together. He said the fries were the best fries that he had in his life with just the right amount of of crispiness with a hint of spice. $12.99*

Coconuts Seafood Pizza and More in Panama City Beach Fl {sponsored}

Mary had the California Burger with fries. She said her burger was “the bomb.” She said you could tell that it was cooked on the grill, the way she prefers her burgers. She also had avocado and cheese {like my sandwich}. It was also served with lettuce, tomato and onion. $12.99*

Peggy had the Gulf Grouper. You can personalize this meal a bit, too, but she chose hushpuppies, fries and coleslaw. She really enjoyed it, especially fries. Did we mention the fries are FANTASTIC. $16.99*

We each had Key Lime Pie and had meal leftovers. I am sure my California Chicken Sandwich will be calling to me at 3 in the morning, lol.

Fruity Concoctions In A Coconut

We each got a fruity concoction in these really awesome coconut mugs. We had mixed drinks. Peggy and Mary each had a Margarita, I had a Blue Coconut and Jay had a Hurricane. The drinks were great. I don’t like my drinks to taste too strong, but I want them to not be weak either. The drinks that Michelle and I had in New York last month were entirely too strong. Panama City Beach, however, knows how to make a drink right. We also got to keep the awesome coconuts for souvenirs. Get you a cool souvenir, including your drink {you can also have soda instead of a mixed drink if you like} for $10.00.*

*Please remember that prices are always subject to change anywhere, but this should give you an idea of what you might spend here.

We had a fabulous time and our server was awesome. Coconuts Restaurant doesn’t just offer dinner and drinks. They are also open for breakfast and brunch. We liked it so much that we are going back today or tomorrow for breakfast and then we are going to check out the city more and do some shopping. Souvenirs, baby!

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