Natural Balance Dog Food & Cat Food Now Available At PetSmart @NaturalBalance #ad #PetSmartStory

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Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad #PetSmartStory

Lately Daisy Baby has been sneezing. A lot. We had just switched her to a new food a few weeks ago that is better than the brand we had been using, but perhaps not right for our little fluff. She used to have skin allergies which seem to have gone away completely with the new food, so that is good, however the sneezing has not gone away. So, we decided to make a trip to our local PetSmartยฎ to see what we could find that Daisy Baby might enjoy even more. Ideally we were looking for something grain-free and with limited ingredients, since that might help decide if the previous food was actually an allergen to Daisy Baby.

Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad

Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad

The Search For Dog Food With Less Ingredients

Did you know that you can now buy Natural Balanceยฎ pet food at your local PetSmartยฎ? Natural Balance products arrived in Pet Smarts across the country July 6th. We have heard nothing but good things about Natural Balance dog food and Natural Balance cat food, so we decided to try a few of their products out with all of our animals. We even bought a bag of the Natural Balance Wild Pursuit for our cat, since he is a wild thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad

Natural Balance Dog Food & Cat Food

Natural Balance offers a ton of options for your little fluffs. We were able to find both dry and wet food, treats, meals that looked like gourmet dishes – this makes me want to speak French to my cat – and foods with premium ingredients and limited ingredients. The helpful PetSmart employees help guide as to what might be best for our particular pets. Their is a HUGE selection of Natural Balance dog food and cat food. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. ๐Ÿ™‚

Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad

Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad

Is Limited Ingredient Dog Food The Right Choice For Daisy Baby?

Follow along with us as we switch Daisy Baby’s food to a limited ingredient diet over the next couple of months to see if it works better for her. We were using a cheap variety dog food that can be picked up in any store and she used to scratch and sneeze. After hearing a lot of bad press about this particular brand, we switched to a reputable brand that seemed to have agreed with her very well except for the sneezing. So, now we are focusing on a limited ingredient diet to see how she responds to it. Follow along over the next couple of months as we let you know about Daisy Baby’s progress.

Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad #PetSmartStory

After we bought Daisy Baby her new food, we let her try one of the treats. We think she approves. So far, so good.

Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad


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  1. Gotta get this for my pups to try out!

  2. We’re actually just gearing up to give Natural Balance a try. My vet keeps telling me how great it is.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    That sounds like an awesome brand of dog food. I will have to pick some up for Milo!

  4. I dont’ have a dog or cat – but we shop there for our parakeet and rabbit

  5. I’ve tried this before and my dog loved it…I have to be very weary about what I feed him!

  6. Daisy baby is so stinkin’ cute!! I hope her sneezing goes away, I know it can be annoying as a human to constantly sneeze from allergies!

  7. We’ve been looking to change our dog’s food brand and this sounds like a great option. I’ll have to pick some up the next time I’m out!

  8. Jose Edwardo says

    Where have you all been? Natural Balance has been in Petco and Unleashed stores for years.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      That is very cool. It’s brand new to PetSmart, though, so that is what the post is talking about.

  9. I bought this brand for my old dog! I love all natural ingredients, better for our pet. They aren’t expensive either

  10. Oh Daisy is such a cutie. And she looks very happy with pet food & treats.

  11. It’s so cool to see this pet food available at PetSmart. I’ll have to see if my sister uses this brand!

  12. our pets are members of the family it is important to give them the best as well. This includes making sure their food is good for them

  13. Sounds like a Good dog food. Ill keep this in mind next time we are looking for a change for the boys.

  14. We don’t have pets with allergies – but we do have pets that are picky eaters.

  15. We don’t have any pets. Our pet fish recently vanished. LOL. But I’ll be sharing this with my brother who has a dog.

  16. My dog’s best friend eats Natural Balance LID and she thrives on it. Her IBD is very controlled since eating this diet, too, and they are happy to shop at PetSmart!

  17. My parents switched their old dog who had tons of allergies to this food and he seems to be much less allergenic!

  18. My dog was sick recently. He was restless and had belly ache. The vet said there must be some kind of stomach irritation. I will be giving Natural Balance a try. I am not taking any chances with my fur baby’s health!

  19. Aww it does look like she approves. I think it’s sweet and I’m glad she likes it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Awww…. Happy little pup!
    She looks like she is happy with the quality of the food you got her.
    I laugh when I see pictures of animals in stores… we don’t have a pet so it’s strange to me that you would take them shopping. LOL!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      I actually didn’t take mine shopping with me. I keep planning to and really want to but haven’t done it yet. Tons of people have their pets in PetSmart, though.

  21. Looks like she was really enjoying her treat. We don’t have dogs or cats, but we do have fishes which we got at PetSmart. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I don’t have a pet. But I will pass this on to my friends that do.

  23. I have read a lot about Natural Balance. My next trip to PetSmart I will pick Diesel up a bag. I am always looking for good natural food and treats.

  24. Bonnie @ wemake7 says

    That sounds like some great dog and cat food. We don’t have any pets besides chickens at the moment but I will remember this for the future.

  25. We love Petsmart. I have not used this brand of food before for our cats but I will keep it in mind the next time we run out.

  26. I’ve heard about this Brand before … I sad to know Daisy is allergic to the Previous Food ๐Ÿ™

  27. I’ve heard good things about this brand. Our dogs love the Sams Club brand of lamb and rice food (shepherds don’t digest chicken well) and we can get it in bulk for all our pups-otherwise I would try this dog food!

  28. Rebecca Swenor says

    I will have to check this Natural Balance Dog Food out at Pet Smart. My older dog has kidney failure and needs special food. This might be an awesome opinion. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Ann Bacciaglia says

    PetSmart is a great pet store. I will have to ask my Sister if she has ever tried Natural Balance for her two little dogs.

  30. My sister loves to shop for dog food there. She loves that they have healthier options for he furryr babies.

  31. CourtneyLynne says

    This sounds like a great line of food for all the doggies out there! I will have to tell
    My mom since she just happens to have a dog ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Thank y9u SO much for this! I have cats and I am always worried about whether or not I’m feeding them the right food. I feed them all wet food for thsi very reason.

  33. I have three dogs and I wish that their little tummis would handle the switch to a better dog food. Maybe one day I’ll try it.

  34. I haven’t bought this brand yet for my dog. However, it’s definitely my goal to make a trip to PetSmart this weekend and buy some of their products.

  35. Your Daisy Baby is so sweet! She deserves the best. I’ve got to get myself over to PetSmart this weekend and check it out. Thanks! Love your images, by the way. Way to go for a great campaign.

  36. Daisy is so cute
    I am glad she approves of her new brand thus far.

  37. This looks like a fancy dog food ๐Ÿ™‚ My dog is just fine eating Pedigree lol

  38. Such useful information. We don’t have a dog yet….however when we do I will be sure to get natural balanced dog food

  39. seems like something to really have your pets have – wish I still have my dog with me,.

  40. Hi there! This is our first visit to your blog. Daisy Baby is adorable! We love Natural Balance food rolls and treats. I look forward to seeing how Daisy’s sneezing does with Natural Balance, hopefully the natural and limited ingredients will help her. Thanks for a great post!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them