Daisy’s Limited Ingredient Diet: 3 Week Update @NaturalBalance #ad #PetSmartStory

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Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad #PetSmartStory

Three weeks ago, I told you about our decision to switch Daisy’s food. She had been on a big brand that we decided to switch from because we wanted to switch to a better brand. So, we switched to a better brand that she ended being allergic to. So, we decided to switch her to a limited ingredient diet after some research and speaking with PetSmart® employees. We decided to go with Natural Balance® Potato and Duck Formula. We chose the Small Breed Bites since, after all, she is a little thing. 😉

Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad

Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad

Switching Daisy To A Limited Ingredient Diet

As you know from our post three weeks ago, Natural Balance products are now available at PetSmart. So, this made them easy to find. We picked up quite a variety of Natural Balance products, not just for Daisy Baby, but also for Puppy Mister and Hoss {our cat}. I mean, you got to treat all the babies well, right? 🙂

Natural Balance Dog Food Now Available At PetSmart #ad #PetSmartStory

We learned that some of the things that dogs might be allergic to in their food is chicken and grain. That makes perfect sense. When we switched Daisy the first time, we switched her to a food with chicken. Then the sneezing began. So, we switched her to the Natural Balance limited ingredient diet {grain free} slowly over two weeks, mixing it with her previous food. This week she has been eating nothing but Natural Balance Potato & Duck Formula and I have noticed that she does not sneeze nearly as much. I am hoping that it will stop completely here in the next few days to weeks.

Daisy's Limited Ingredient Diet: 3 Week Update {ad} #PetSmartStory

Daisy's Limited Ingredient Diet: 3 Week Update {ad} #PetSmartStory

Natural Balance: Straight From The Animals’ Mouths

One thing is for sure though. All of the animals love all of the Natural Balance foods. The Wild Pursuit canned foods are really interesting. Just like people, I am sure animals would like to change it up a bit. This is definitely a way to get variety in your life. I think the dogs’ overall favorites are the bag of Potato & Duck Formula limited ingredient diet food, as well as the smaller portions of the wet dog food in gravy. That really looks like human food and the dogs go pretty crazy over it. They also really went wild for the treats. I think Hoss really loved the single servings in gravy, as well, but he chowed down on all of it. We would purchase any and all of the Natural Balance foods and treats again.


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  1. My dog was allergic to dog food and we needed a special formula prescribed by the dr. I didn’t realize that PetSmart had so many natural brands. When we get a new pet we will check them out.

  2. Natural Balance is awesome food. We feed it to our dogs, and they always feel great.

  3. Daisy is just the cutest little dog! I am glad she is doing well on Natural Balance.

  4. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Your dog is super adorable! I love that pet food is so much more high-quality now verses years ago.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Thank you so much. I would have to agree with you, too. Dog food has come so far. Our dogs are members of our family so we don’t want to feed them subpar food.

  5. Your dog is so cute!!! This sounds like a great dog food for her, I have not heard of this brand before.

  6. My beagle loves the potato and duck treats from Natural Balance. I don’t like to give her many treats, but I feel good about these.

  7. Awe, I am so happy her sneezing has stopped. What a sweet little dog… Glad Natural Balance could help 🙂

  8. I will have to let my Sister know about Natural Balance limited ingredient diet. Her little dog has some allergies and has been so itchy lately.

  9. We love to shop at PetSmart for all of our pets needs. This sounds like great dog food.

  10. It is so hard to see our fur babies suffer. This sounds like a great food to try. I am happy to hear she is starting to feel better.

  11. Aww! I’m going to have to give their cat food line a trial run. Natural Balance sounds like a great brand.

  12. I need to be better at what I feed my dog. I’m a new owner and still trying to figure it all out.

  13. We love Petsmart and are in there all the time for our dog stuff! I will have to check this out next time we are in.

  14. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert says:

    Doggies can have their health significantly affected by their diet! It’s important to get them quality food!

  15. Your dog is so pretty. It’s nice to know that there are now many options when it comes to dog food.

  16. Ok, Daisy is about the cutest pup I have ever seen! This sound like a healthy diet for her.