Fall In Love With The New Caress Forever Collection #CaressForever #ad #12HrTouchTechnology

Fall In Love With The New Caress Forever Collection #CaressForever #ad #12HrTouchTechnologyCheap Is The New Classy

As I sit here now, I have just taken a shower and I have to say, I have come across a new found love. That new found love is the new Caress Forever Collection. Although I have always been a fan of Caress products, I have to say, this one has completely topped all the previous ones.

Meet The New Caress Forever Collection

“Fragrance is emotion brought to Life. The Caress Forever Collection evokes love, passion, sensuality, and elegance.”- Loc Dong

I usually never use bar soaps, so I always resort to body washes. For years, I have loved Caress body washes, so I was thrilled when offered to review it! We were sent two scents: Love Forever and Adore Forever. Both scents are amazing, but I would have to say my favorite one is Love Forever. On the bottle, it notes that this body wash has a “12 hr fragrance release.” This made me slightly nervous, because my mother has asthma, and strong scents tend to give me headaches. All worries were swept away when trying out the new Caress Forever Collection. It has a light, fabulous smell.

Fall In Love With The New Caress Forever Collection #CaressForever #ad #12HrTouchTechnology

The Caress Forever Collection Features The Scents Of…

Love Forever
Top Note: Mandarin Orange and Peach
Heart Note: Scarlet Red Rose, Peony and Freesia
Base Note: Sandalwood and Vanilla Musk

Adore Forever
Top Note: Raspberry and Cassis
Heart Note: Angel Face Rose and Muguet
Base Note: Amber, Honey and Vanilla

Although the scent is noticeable and quite lovely, it isn’t overpowering or too strong. It is heavy enough to be smelled throughout the day, but light enough to not be a bother. I have had people compliment me by telling me I smell nice, and these are on days when I didn’t wear any perfume! I would compare the scent of these body washes to a light body mist. I love it.

The Caress Forever Collection is the world’s first body wash with Fragrance Touch Technology. The breakthrough technology of Caress Fragrance Release Pearls™ releases bursts of perfume with every touch of your skin. The collection combines sensual floral notes to create a fine fragrance for up to 12 hours.

Also, recently I have found that certain body washes I have tried either leave my skin feeling dry and harsh, or they leave my skin with an oily residue. When using Caress Fine Fragrance, I noticed that neither of these issues were present. My skin feels amazingly soft, but not in an oily way. Also, there is something nice about finding a body wash that physically makes you feel clean, and these do exactly that. So yes, I have fallen deeply in love with Caress Fine Fragrance, and I know you will too.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I got both of these recently and can’t decide which one I like more. I have been switching off between the two.

  2. Catherine S says

    I bet these smell really good. I have really bad allergies so I can’t use any of the scented body washes.

  3. I’ve heard so many good things about these. I’ll have to try them out for myself.

  4. It’s wonderful to be able to pamper ourselves a little without spending a ton of money. The Caress products have always been lovely, but I’m excited to try the new offerings.

  5. The scents sound heavenly. I haven’t tried either yet, but I’m certain I’ll fall in love.

  6. I am so intrigued by these unique scent combinations! I like that these washes leave you smelling good throughout the day instead of just when you are fresh from the shower.

  7. I’ve never tried Caress before. I like the sound of these scent combinations, I’d definitely try them.

  8. When I was a teen I used Caress body bars or Dove. Neither were super popular back then. Then shower gels and body washes came out. I bet these smell amazing. I have to be careful with certain scents because I have super sensitive skin. I wonder if I can find a sample to try?

  9. Those scents sound amazing! I will have to look for these at the store!

  10. Caress has long been one of my favorite body wash brands. I will definitely be on the lookout for the new scents!

  11. I like Caress Body Washes I will have to check out The Caress Forever Collection! 🙂

  12. The scents sound so enticing “Mandarin Orange and Peach, Red Rose, Peony and Freesia”! These are all my favorite scents, I’m going to have to try this.

  13. Natalie Z says

    I love getting new body wash! 12 hour release means the scent will stay a while which I love!

  14. I love trying new body wash! I would probably like the adore fever, sounds like it would smell amazing!

  15. I’ve seen the commercials for this body wash and I’ve been wanting to try them! I’m sure they smell amazing!

  16. I love the Caress Forever collection. I have it and I love how long the scent lasts.

  17. I have used Caress body wash in the past, but I didn’t know about these new varieties. I think I’d like the Adore Forever.

  18. Those sound like wonderful fragrances. I will have to check them out next time I go shopping.

  19. Wow, a body ash with built in perfume sounds fabulous! Especially with these hotter Florida months, I’d love to keep the odor down

  20. I love Caress Daily Silk but haven’t tried this new line, yet. Can’t wait though! I love how silky soft Caress leaves my skin!

  21. I love caress!! all their scents rock! haven’t tried these, but will have to.

  22. I LOVE using body wash and enjoy trying new brands and scents. Will be trying these for sure.

  23. I remember my mom using Caress all the time when I was growing up. This sounds like a great new product! I’ll have to check it out.