Love Is On With Beautiful New Lip Lacquer And Lipstick Colors From Revlon #Ad #LoveIsOn

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#LoveIsOn With New Revlon Lip Lacquer And Lipstick Colors For Spring

It’s spring and you know what that means, it’s time to bring out the beautiful new lip colors for the new season. Although I used to be pretty shy about the colors I would wear, I have gotten quite a bit more adventurous recently. I went from only wearing clears and pinks, to now wearing anything from a bold red to a dark purple! Lipsticks and glosses have now become a main focal point in my daily outfit choice and makeup routine.

#LoveIsOn With New Revlon Lip Lacquer And Lipstick Colors For Spring

New Revlon Lip Lacquer And Lipsticks For Spring

For years I have been wearing tons of different Revlon products, so now I am thrilled to have a few shades in their two new lips product lines: Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer & Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick. When choosing my shades, I went with some beautiful purples and browns (like I said, my new favorite choice is a nice purple). I also chose the browns because I was feeling something different than my usual shades. The Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquers I got were Smoky Quartz and Carnelian. The Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks I chose were Camilia and Iris. The colors Camilia and Smoky Quartz are two lovely brown colors, and Iris and Carnelian are lovely purple colors.

#LoveIsOn With New Revlon Lip Lacquer And Lipstick Colors For Spring

When trying on the lacquers and lipsticks, I immediately fell in love. The colors are very pigmented, and very few layers are needed. I hate when I find a color I love, but it isn’t very pigmented and I am forced to put layer after layer on just to get the desired color. With Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer & Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick, I don’t have that problem at all! Also, in the past I have had problems with my lipsticks and lip glosses not lasting all day. I would apply the product, only to look in the mirror a few hours later to see that most of it had faded off. With Revlon, I haven’t had to worry about that; instead I have full coverage all day. When I wear lipstick, I want to look fierce all day and, in my experience, Revlon helps me do exactly that.

#LoveIsOn With New Revlon Lip Lacquer And Lipstick Colors For Spring

#LoveIsOn With New Revlon Lip Lacquer And Lipstick Colors For Spring

Another problem I have run into is that lipsticks I have used before were very heavy and bulky when going on. Not only that, but they were hard to apply and didn’t look as good as I had hoped once it had set on my lips. That is not my experience with Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks. These lipsticks use a gel base, rather than a wax one. This allows the lipstick to go on in an amazingly smooth manner and the gel helps to create high shine all day. I don’t always have time to reset my lipstick during my busy schedule, so this is important to me.

#LoveIsOn With New Revlon Lip Lacquer And Lipstick Colors For Spring

#LoveIsOn With New Revlon Lip Lacquer And Lipstick Colors For Spring

Last but not least, not only are the Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquers available in 15 different gorgeous shades and the Lipsticks are available in 20 different shades, but they also are scented with the delicious scent of whipped vanilla and cream mango. Yum!

These four shades are most certainly my new favorite must haves for this spring. I constantly make sure to have them in my purse, and I am constantly using them. Pretty soon, I will have to stop by CVS and pick up some more colors!

#LoveIsOn With New Revlon Lip Lacquer And Lipstick Colors For Spring

#LoveIsOn With New Revlon Lip Lacquer And Lipstick Colors For Spring

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  1. Those colors are very nice! I like pink lipsticks because they go well with any outfit. Reds and pinks never fail to bring out a feminine charm.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I don’t wear lipstick because I always forget I have it on and end up smearing it across my face….sigh! I love the colors this comes in – very pretty.

  3. That’s a nice color. It looks good on too. And how fun that you had a playdate at the park. 😉 🙂

  4. Oh wow – beautiful! I really love that color! I may have to check these out!

  5. Your daughter is just gorgeous! I love those colors, too! They’re so poppy. I wish I were young enough to get away with strong colors like that again. =(

    • Amber McAlexander says

      Thanks so much! I think you should go for it, you would look amazing in any of these colors!

  6. Your daughter is such a rock star! I LOVE those colors.

  7. Revlon makes such great lipsticks. That’s what I use!

  8. All colors looks great on you! I love the park setting of your photo shoot. I seldom buy cosmetic products but Revlon is a trusted brand based from what friends have told me and I used a couple of them too.

  9. I love your review and your pics!! I dont mind having to re apply a little bit of lip color throughout the day, but when it comes right off that is ridiculous, so I am glad to know that this Revlon stays put! I usually go with nude shades but the colors look so good on you that I want to try them now!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      It’s nice to have a selection of colors so that you can change it up as you like. 🙂

  10. Catherine S says

    I really like the colors. I don’t wear any makeup, but I will share this with me friends that do.

  11. Jenna Wood says

    I love that these colors have a gel base- it looks like the color wears very naturally. I, too, dislike waxy cosmetics so I will have to check these new Revlon finds out!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      It stayed on all day until she took it off herself. And when she did, it hadn’t stained her lips. So, we both thought that was great.

    • I dislike waxy lipsticks, too, and was thinking the same thing. I love that first one she’s wearing!

  12. As a mommy of three, lipstick isn’t my thing. But when I do get to get out for the night, I love to look my best and need a lipstick that will last all night (since I’ll probably forget to check/reapply). Will definitely be trying out this new line!

  13. The colors look great on you! I think I would try the lacquer.

  14. These look like good lipsticks. I don’t wear a lot of lipstick, but like to find shades that I love. It is great to see a nice big selection of colors!

  15. That lip color looks amazing on you! I am going to have to go out and get some new lipstick, and I love the natural look!

  16. This is a great look to welcome the spring! I’d love to see all the different shades.

  17. Love the staying power, that is a biggie with me. And the first colour looks so amazing on you – looks great!

  18. Bonnie @ wemake7 says

    Those colors are very stunning. I would definitely wear these colors. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  19. I love this look. It’s very fitting because I would take my kids to the park in it.

  20. I love me some lip color and these are so pretty. I love the darker one on you. Very nice.

  21. Both of those colors are amazing and look really good on you. I am really loving that neutral shade. That is one thats right in with my color pallet.

  22. michele d says

    Very pretty colors. I don’t wear many lipsticks but I would with the right colors. Love Revlon!

  23. Forget the lipstick…I love her hair colour, lol! I’m in need of a new lipstick…thanks for the review!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      She got it ombred a few months ago. She changes it up a lot. I think she is going back to brown and getting highlights next. 🙂

    • Amber McAlexander says

      Thanks, I had wanted to ombre my hair for a while! And if in need of new lipstick, you should check out Revlon, they are great!

  24. Revlon is my favorite cosmetic brand and I love those shades. They look great on you!

  25. What great color! Now I’m thinking of a time where I’ll need some lipstick!

  26. I am super shy about wearing lipsticks too but you totally rocked it. I love all of the shades you featured!

  27. I love those colors. My daughters would love this.

  28. You chose gorgeous colors. I have moderate success selecting colors for myself, so I tend to stick with what I know for a long time. I need to mix it up!

  29. Those colors looks great! I will have to try them out!

  30. Wow, now those are some great colors. I love them both… and your daughter is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Those shades are perfect for Summer! I need to pick up a few new one to replace my blah winter colors lol!

  32. Elizabeth O. says

    The colors are amazing! I’ve been using Revlon for as long as I can remember!

  33. I like the brown color you pick.I am big fan of Revlon products and I have some good collection or gifts that was given to me.

  34. These look like some great colors on you. I love the Revlon brand. I usually go with a Muave or Wine color for my lipsticks, never been brave to go with the reds.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      You have dark hair so I bet there will be a shade of red that will look great on you. 🙂

  35. Debbie Denny says

    I don’t wear lipstick often. These colors look awesome.

  36. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have been looking for a lipstick that would look natural on me. I always find it hard to find the right color. I love this shade on you.

  37. Those are both gorgeous colors! I love earthy tones anytime of the year and purple is a great shade for spring.

  38. Penelope Guzman says

    Love the colors, they are so flattering. I tend to have trouble finding one I’ll love, and when I do I buy it forever (or until it’s discontinued).

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Oh I have had that pain before – get a color you love and have it discontinued. Ugh.

  39. oh wow such nice colours, loving them all. I am finding it hard to choose these days too, I wear all especially the dark reds

  40. Wow, so many gorgeous colors. I love finding great beauty products at an affordable price

  41. The eye and lipstick look great on you. It highlights your beauty.

  42. I think that first shade looks so good on you! I love that they are long lasting.

  43. The colors look beautiful on you. I especially love the pop of the red colors. They also look moisturizing.

  44. I seldom wear lipstick, but those colors are pretty! They’re perfect for this season.

  45. Revlon has always been one of my favorite brands. They keep producing quality products! Love the colors you using.

  46. Wow, these colors are great and I am so thankful that they have two different types the lip gloss and the lip stick. I usually wear lip gloss so I am thankful they have such a good selection

  47. I like all the colors you featured on this post, especially the dark red one. I do have some of the issues you talked about with lipstick. I will be sure to try those when I am shopping for lipstick 🙂

  48. Not a huge lipstick fan but perhaps that’s because I am not very good at it! The colors look nice though and I know this isn’t the point but I love your elephant tank top! Thanks!

  49. Looks like you found some great colors. They look very natural and very pretty.

  50. These are pretty colors. I rarely wear lipstick during the day as it tends to wash out my olive skin. I would certainly wear them for a night out on the town.

  51. Bi Kid at the park! I love the shades on you pretty!

  52. I love lipstick I’m a makeup lover and I’d love the second lipstick looks like you’re gorgeous.

  53. I always wear lip gloss in muted/light shades or lip liner and a lipstick with gloss on top. I rarely wear red though. That color looks great on you!

  54. Revlon is actually my favorite lip gloss. I’ve got quite the collection of reds and pinks!

  55. Chene Atkins- Whittington says

    Those are some amazing colors. I still need to find the perfect lipcolor.

  56. I’ve been trying to wear makeup every day now. This post was helpful, because I know what eyeliner and mascara to use, but no clue about lip stuff! Thanks!

  57. I’ve been getting more and more into makeup and trying to find a good shade against my skintone. I love how the lipstick looks on you, maybe I’ll try that one out for myself too.

  58. I love that shade on her! I have the hardest time with lacquers staying on my lips all day

  59. Rebecca Swenor says

    Lip lacquers I have never heard of before but would love to try them. The lips stick and the Lacquer colors you chose look amazing and are perfect colors for you. I would probably go for the same kind of colors for myself. I love the lip sticks are scented and I will have to try them out. Thanks for sharing.

  60. I have gotten quite adventurous with lip color lately too. I only used to wear subtle colors like light pink or earth colors. Now I’m wearing the MAC red even my husband was stunned. 😀

  61. gingermommyrants says

    These are perfect colors for spring and summer. I am going to have to update my makeup for the season.

  62. I love light and subtle colors, especially on fair skinned people like myself. Although I’ve stopped using Revlon products, they used to be my favorite lip gloss for their lasting ability.

  63. These are awesome colors! Perfect for this time of year. I happen to love Revlon too.