Experience A Blast From The Past At Sonic Drive In #sponsored

Experience A Blast From The Past At Sonic Drive In #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

Since 1953, Sonic Drive In has been a favorite place to eat by many Americans. Luckily, we have one located in our small town of Mount Airy {or Mayberry as others might know it}. Locally owned, this Sonic follows the traditions of the original Sonic Drive In vision that includes a nostalgic setting and tasty, high quality food with a spin, literally – as the wait staff is on roller skates!

Experience A Blast From The Past At Sonic Drive In #sponsored

Experience A Blast From The Past At Sonic Drive In

Sonic Drive In offers many delicious food options such as their famous foot long hot dogs, hand made onion rings, tender and juicy boneless wings, and made to order burgers. Sonic also offers a wide variety of slushes, fruit slushes, milk shakes, blasts, malts, and limeades, making it an ideal restaurant choice for practically anyone. Offering deals through out the year on half prices shakes, corn dogs, and burgers, Sonic is definitely a place to take the whole family.

Experience A Blast From The Past At Sonic Drive In #sponsored

Our Favorite Items On The Sonic Drive In Menu

Currently, they are promoting their new boneless wings offered in three different flavors: Buffalo, Barbecue, and Asian. The buffalo is a huge hit in my house, my dad gets them any chance he gets. Although the wings are great, my mother is a fan of the burgers. You can get them made to order, and you can also add specialty toppings such as bacon and jalapenos. My personal favorite is most certainly the mozzarella sticks. I have tried mozzarella sticks from many places, and Sonic’s are the best, hands down. Also for those of you who might be breakfast lovers, Sonic offers breakfast all day and all night including items like toasters, french toast sticks, breakfast burritos, and more.

Experience A Blast From The Past At Sonic Drive In #sponsored

When going out to eat, guest service is always an important factor in the experience. Sonic Drive In strives to serve food alongside the best guest service possible. The “carhops” as they call them, take pride in making a personal connection with the customer. While sitting in your car and enjoying your meal, you will be waited on routinely by servers who will make sure that your drinks never go empty. And If sitting in your car isn’t appealing to you, there are tables located in front of the restaurant where you can enjoy your meal and the lovely weather. After dinner, you can try one of Sonic Drive In’s famous hand mixed milk shakes offered in many, many flavors or one of their new Waffle Cone Sundaes with a topping of M&Ms or Snickers or other tasties!

Experience A Blast From The Past At Sonic Drive In #sponsored

Overall, I would say that Sonic is a wonderful place to take the family in order to enjoy great food and guest service to match. They offer a wide variety of foods and drinks in order to please everyone, and great service is one of their top priorities. I love eating at Sonic and my family and I go every chance we get.

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Have You Been To Sonic? If So, What Is Your Favorite Menu Item?


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  1. Sherry Compton says

    Love their happy hour for drinks…my husband goes for the Cherry Limeades but I’m a chocolate coke girl. They are delicious! I recently tried the boneless buffalo wings – a great addition to Sonic’s varied and wonderful menu.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I love Sonic. There is one in MA, but it’s about an hour from me – totally worth the drive.

  3. I’m in love with Sonic. I love to stop in and grab a dog and a shake. Yummy!

  4. I wish we had one where I live. I haven’t had a good malt in years.

  5. Our closest Sonic is Milwaukee. We stop when we are in that area. We love their food!

  6. I LOVE Sonic drinks! We always get cherry cream slushes!

  7. I have past them in my travels but never stopped in and ate there, I may have to check it out the next time I pass by!

  8. Catherine S says

    We have a Sonic just up the road from us. We go at least once a week for a drink and snack. My teenage son is always asking to go.

  9. We love Sonic! I am obsessed with their Grape Slush with Nerds mixed in!

  10. I grew up in Oklahoma and Sonic was a staple in my life. When I moved to Michigan the did not have them here and it was horrible. They finally got some here and once a month I enjoy my favorite treats.

  11. I love Sonic. We always get their milkshakes when it’s warm outside! Their chili cheese coneys are a great summer time treat too.

  12. Sonic is definitely a great place to experience some fun time. It is really unique that it still untilizes the park & order.

  13. I am actually shocked that despite the fact that there are 2 sonics close to my home, I have never had the food. I am just not a big fast food person even before my vegan lifestyle. I have stopped by the drive thru a couple of times and got their ice. I love their crunchy ice.

  14. There is one one in Detroit and we took friends to visit the area while they were in town. We stopped at Sonic on the way home, and I’d never been. I walked in the door…chatting away, and the employees in there all looked up and rushed me out, hahahha. I’d never been to a place that was just drive-through. It was too chilly to sit outside, so we went next door to Jimi John’s and sat inside. That means I have YET to try Sonic. But I will someday. 🙂

  15. I absolutely love Sonic! Going there today for lunch! I love their milkshakes!

  16. We get down to the Sonic in Milwaukee once in a great while. We will have to explore the menu a bit more since we always get the same thing and it looks like we are missing out on a lot!!

  17. I have only been to Sonic once, but when I did the burger I had was fantastic. I love the retro feel, but I am a rather retro maiden myself.

  18. I haven’t had Sonic in a while. There is one right next to the children’s petting zoo near our house. I have taken my kids there for drinks after we enjoyed the petting zoo.

  19. Obsessed with their slushies!! I love happy hours 1/2 off drinks – the best!

  20. I LOVE Sonic! Their slushies and ice cream are amazing. So yummy!

  21. My son loves sonics for their burgers. I love them for their shakes. YUMMY I am now so hungry

  22. I used to live in the south and our town had a few Sonics. It was my fast food restaurant of choice. Super good, and a huge menu. I loved their cheese curds. Yummy.

  23. The name sounds familiar. I don’t recall if I’ve ever eaten there before. I think possibly, years ago when I went to Texas I may have.

  24. Karen Glatt says

    We have one Sonic not to far from where I live in my town, and I just love the food and drinks. In the Summer, I can get half off Milkshakes and they have the best tasting milkshakes. I need to go there again!!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      We also have half price shakes after a certain hour during the winter at our local Sonic. 🙂