Tips To Alleviate Winter Dry Skin #sponsored #RapidRenewal

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Tips To Alleviate Winter Dry Skin #sponsored

I have really dry skin, especially in the winter time. My skin often gets so dry, that it hurts and can be quite itchy. No one loves to have dry skin and I find myself using all different types of lotion to alleviate the dryness. Having allergies can make choosing lotions difficult as I often find that lotions have strong perfumes that bother me. So, based on my experience, I have compiled some ways to help alleviate winter dry skin.

Tips To Alleviate Winter Dry Skin

1. Stay Hydrated – I find that the less dehydrated I am, the less dry my skin is, too. This makes perfect sense, right?

2. Stay Away From Skin Irritants – Different seasons offer different things that can dry out skin. I find that wool does this to me, and I find it scratchy. So, I avoid it.

3. Avoid Hot Showers – Hot showers are great, but not for my skin. The longer I stay in a hot shower, the scratchier and dryer my skin feels when I get out.

4. Use Body Scrub – Body Scrub can help remove dead skin cells. In the end, you get softer, healthier skin. Again, avoid scents that will bother or irritate your skin. We make outs homemade so that we know what goes in it.

5. Use A Great Lotion – Personally, I love Vaseline Intensive Care Lotions. Two of my personal favorites are Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant with pure cocoa butter and Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe. Both lotions are thick and rich and smell amazing. They leave my skin feeling smooth and moisturized and the Cocoa Radiant scent also makes me smell like I am at the beach – so I especially love that.

6. Check Out Some Reviews – Learn about skincare products before you commit to a purchase. You can read a lot of reviews about skincare products at Skin Care In Review.

Tips To Alleviate Winter Dry Skin #sponsored

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When I use Vaseline Intensive Care Lotions, I can tell a difference immediately. I like to use the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant on my feet, elbows and hands, especially, as they can get really dry. Best of all, Family Dollar has Vaseline products at a very affordable price that you can even get for a $1 off with this coupon.

6 Tips To Alleviate Winter Dry Skin #sponsored

Even my daughter knows how much I love Vaseline products.

Tips To Alleviate Winter Dry Skin #sponsored

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How Do You Prevent Winter Dry Skin?


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I have used Vaseline for years. I love how well it works.

  2. We use a lot of Vaseline lotion in our house. It’s one of the few brands we’ve found that can actually help my husband’s dry skin.

  3. Cheryl Abdelnour says:
  4. I need to check these out as the regular Vaseline lotion just doesn’t cut it for me during winter. I’d love to not feel like an alligator for half of the year.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      My favorite is that Cocoa Radiant of all of theirs. I definitely recommend trying that one. 🙂

  5. You had me at $1.00 off. They don’t call me Coupon Mamacita for nothing. Thanks for the coupon! =D

  6. What a great deal!! I hate dry skin in the winter its the worst especially when its snowing.

  7. I bought some of the lip therapy and I love it. That cocoa scent sounds like just my kind of skin therapy!

  8. that whole “Stay Away From Skin Irritants” is a big pitfall for me. For some reason my family just won’t accept that washing dishes is a skin irritant therefore I shouldn’t have to do them. lol.
    It is so nice to know I have quality lotion to use afterwards since washing dishes really DOES irriate my skin. lol.

  9. Great tips. Ive used There lotions for years. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I have never had issues with dry skin until the last couple of Winters and now I truly know how painful and irritating it can be! Those are all great tips I’ll have to keep in mind 🙂

    *reaches for glass of water*

  11. Vaseline is the perfect lotion for the winter months. I get such dry skin but Vaseline lotions help immensely.

  12. Lisa Bristol says:

    I have loved using Vaseline for years. It is great for dry skin.

  13. I remember my Mama using plain old Vaseline on her hands. And now I use the lotion. Love it

  14. Great tips. The winters are so hard on our skin.

  15. Great tips, my skin is already showing signs of Winter and it’s just begun! Boo!

  16. I always make sure I have Vaseline in stock when I’m going into cold weather. It really is the best stuff for dry skin.

  17. These are great tips. I get really dry skin in winter so I am going to have to try these products

  18. I’ve been noticing my skin getting a little dry. I appreciate the tips and hopefully I can get on top of it with drinking more water and turning the heat down on my showers.

  19. These are great tips! Especially choosing a great lotion. We enjoy vaseline products in our home.

  20. These are a great line of skin care to share with everyone. This brand nreally knows skin and does well with creating fabulous skincare product lines.

  21. I need to remember to drink more water. I have used Vaseline Intensive Care lotion before and it works wonders on dry skin.

  22. Thanks so much for these tips, my skin is already so dry!

  23. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Vaseline products are awesome for dry skin. I could use some about now.